Towed Watersports 6.2

a skier is being towed behind a boat. who has responsibility for avoiding other boats and hazards?
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on the navigable waters of New York State any vessel towing a water skier parasail or other similar device must have on board in addition to the operator an observer who is specifically in charge of watching out for the person

being towed the observer must be at least 10 years of age similarly water skiing and other towed activities are limited to the hours between sunrise and sunset provided that visibility is not reduced as of 2002 anyone towed by a

vessel must wear a securely fastened u.s. Coast Guard approved personal floatation device this includes those on water skis inner tubes parasails and inflatable devices the high-impact rated type 3 special purpose device is the preferred PFD for these activities never

use a fully inflatable PFD when engaging in towed activities always remember that a skier is considered a passenger and must be counted against the maximum passengers allowed on board your vessel exceeding that number will be interpreted as reckless operation you

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