This Dodge Demon Has Been Drag Raced Over 600 Times in One Year

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so we know we dont need to be crazy to feel it but I just so we gonna drop it down to about 65 then we go to lunch yall ready yo whats up everybody is stepping here from watts of fame and we are back for another video man this one is gonna be pretty cool because Im gonna have the opportunity to drive the dodge demon hi little bit to it lets go so the question might be yo Steph will you act man you want to move again Jay Dallas Texas man thats right you know whos in Dallas the one in only the one it only is in Dallas Texas the most infamous demon out there and its right outside Im talking about the soul snatcher baby thats right demonology I so here we are man we are inside the dodge demon so Im gonna need a quick tutorial tutorial its very different than my health care in the sense of already its automatic transmissions so as already I start out the difference for me right now Im looking at it we aint going on with battleships everything is on street you just want to shift gears oh no were not there right now so we gonna take office often easy okay Eco mode it looks like powers that you go how much most power is that Eco mode is 400 homes so tell me man what they required to do or the rear wheel conversion on this car the real conversion is is just simple matter of fact if you go to Carl outracing calm yeah they have a rear-wheel conversion that you can put on there and you just change think one of the little toe arms in there now you can put a 15-inch wheel on your gun what about the brakes if you have to do anything to the brake yeah well that comes into conversion it gives you a different rotor as well as a different caliber how much weight did you save my – uh you know the main reason was really not the weight savings but you do get a weak signals I say total total weight savings is about Oh 50 pounds 25 pounds off of each wheel not only do you drag raise your guard but this car currently

has 17,000 miles on it you know I got it to use it man I mean you know when you see life and death around you all the time but you realize one day you need to go I wanna maybe got it enjoyed my things set back in Japan for next semester all right I mean I can see that man and they got Im really surprised to see like how I mean youve had the bar for what now youre yeah well Im coming on to you now miss a little over you youve only had the car little over here yes man you driving this damn car like is a regular whatever yeah if this is the collector vehicle if how many passes would you say at the drag strip have you had on a soul snatcher you know we stopped counting at about 600 passes see ya right now Robin and the setup thats on his car as you saw from the beauty montage is that this car is currently running with the skinnies okay then we need ice pick hey anyway Ill travel with the frontrunners and drive is regular I will feel a difference now am I about to go Bernie his car into a corner absolutely not but the driving were lucky straight road I can see how people drive real with money bar but you were telling me that only specific foreigners do you use to drive around Janna Nesta Mickey Thompson straighter RS front runner because it hos the load of the car it is it is a radial and it can hold up you know like I said it can hold the weight of the door you can drive right Oh boys my first time ever droppin a demon and not although it feels similar to the Hellcat is very different yeah yeah I mean its different you know I had a Hellcat in he just to be when you the difference is the acceleration in nerds the way in transmission yeah the speech like I feel like rocking like a like this economy as pretty no the paddles and train be responsive to the suspension I mean not the transmission is like oh yes its a different trismus it is like rocking like this quit I must say men dodges I did a really good job with

this demon and somebody like you who actually uses it the way you use man dodge me the cut the jack run and maybe because you reject me good God dont get back with yall in like two seconds a little bit more comfortable in my seat you know make sure I feel alright and then Im gonna give it the Beast coming up three alright alright we battle we back in a minute so what I got to do to get it in drag mode just double double tap there Sarge double tap thats on to you is that a shortcut you set up as a shortcut yall everything drag mode on power 8:08 transmission the phase game on so the our condition is no longer available to shoot it down oh my god the steering is so spin wow its different up so it feels like a different car bro like the transmission everything I mean the suspension I feel the difference is a year okay theres a massive difference the hellcat its different you feel the difference this is a massive so we know we dont need to be crazy to feel it drop down to about 65 yall ready Oh spinning and 65 oh that whoa oh thats it god boy this is the fast call bed this is a bet why people say anything they can roll all right so listen guys those of you that ima tell yall what to do right now you wanna pray somebody you wanna do an interactive you dont even have the captions these transmissions are actually really smart theyre intelligent so they know what you want to do what you gotta prep it so lets say you fathers lets say you about the little countdown all you got to do is 3G with the drop dont sit and wait for the wine hit it on a tool just like at the drag strip as those lights are coming down right Herman wind is level on a turn like let also the same thing is if you go from a roll three to one match the gas on one because its gonna have to downshift time so you want to counter them now another technique that they have that I use for breweries I dont roll away those trees yeah you roll race at the track

I so know so theres a couple of different techniques on years one I used that another technique I use is I ride the brake build a boost okay so you mash the gas and rock you hold a brake mash together yeah and let it push through and let it build a boost up just him and they shoot off pseudo baby feel all right though men and lessen this cold outside god it is cold outside the temperature right now is 36 DC so this is where I come over here it is on 53 you wouldnt slow as hell thats why these cars make so much power so efficiently it is not guilty Todd ladies and gentlemen God okay a demon is a demon plain and simple Wow and I was good you dont matter take a lot to beat the demon and a lot of people dont realize that this is a stock car that came from the factory with a race PC you – Brian and if youre gonna beat Im not saying they cant be beat hell innovate to be right its gonna take a lot you wouldnt have to really know what youre doing right so up to next I did see a second is so freakin fast this cause phasmid I love it I freaking love it love look now gotta do this yall see this call raising countless videos on the track and thats really them to keep it I just wanted to give for those of us who dont visit attract as much on what this cars like to drive on the street on what this cars like to actually you know accelerate a little bit so you know just as a recap man suspension fully adjustable from comfort all the way up to snap your neck transmission same thing power level theres just always powerful even on eco mode it was still pretty powerful so I mean I dont know what else to tell you those besides man its just a fun car god I love it and I know yall do too yo man the craziest thing happen I just got off the highway we on an exit ramp a pickup truck pulls up next to us and what happened he said it was so the car without somebody rolling up turbo Buicks ready and

home so a man I guess I guess that when you got over 600 passes you dont beat up on some people huh oh man I got a plethora Souls oh hey man whats your win ratio your win-loss ratio like youre going still I saw a spot where I shot okay your win-loss ratio man what is it what would you say man Oh Terry 10 races 10 to 1 Tendo yeah Im gonna say I will now no I say I probably read about about probably a 9 out of 10 races that I rode all right as a factory call ever beat you and a dodge demon in the soul snatch and the soul in the souls that should know I did race brutes from the Irish brute some drag down with the demon I was wrong it was only oh yeah I saw that video I thought it odd if I click that video right now hes on him driving another dodge demon down in Florida there was only a mode it wasnt come on man I was on limo didnt happen it didnt have to drag suspension oh god everything about the demon is the drags bitch and if you really look at that race he only worn by zero seven seven of a second so you said you think that if you wear this all snatcher if I was in it if I was in a demon with proper drag suspension I would have to be you wouldnt pay the kitchen you were to clean them up yeah alright well yall yall heard him man yall heard it here anyway guys Amen this video man has been absolutely a blast to make for yall man Im really enjoying myself driving the soul snatcher this is a privilege and an honor cuz to be honest with yall Im Im quite the fan of my boy demon Im a fan of you motherf er thats why we work together so well man its that its that mutual respect that we have for one another that allows us to do this so anyway guys man Im here with you boy technology you know what he buildeth snatching soul lessons and its your boy step in from mod to Fame and in this dodge demon aka the soul snatcher the one and only we out we out

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