The Wanderers Identity – Revealed! (kinda) – War of the Spark Spoilers

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so everyone seems to think the wanderer is elspeth the logic being that they have similar clothing and and similar abilities yeah that logic certainly checks our isnt at all strained against the briefing were presenting as well and their white cards so theres some similarities I guess so what that everyone stacks up to suggest that it could be else but I can take it seriously no its not Alice left guys come on thats fucking dumb thats fucking dumb theres literally like Excel target creature powerful or greater I mean shes only had one effect that he works like that preventing damage like none of her abilities and other planes what could have done that at all thats just not a thing that was done she had an emblem that made things a destructor when she came life which is similar but its the same the same ballpark of white abilities think about it you fucks so what I thought I would do is give you some other theories around what the wanderer could be and please

take this seriously cuz Im being very serious about these okay Im being very serious for the first of my theories I want to draw attention to the fact that she is human and she probably likes eggs now offer you a nice egg in this Bryant I wonder what may well be Danny DeVito and I mean literally beat yolks thatd be silly I mean Danny DeVitos character at Frank Reynolds from the American sitcom Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia she has a monster saw that goes in a Magnum sheath I bet shes a human she probably likes eggs and and hopes active and damaged thing could be a strong constitution which frankly no Stephanie does because hes a drug addict and alcoholic and he cuts his toenails with the steak knife okay okay so if youre not convinced for that one I mean it is a bit of a stretch but I think you can see the similarities Ive got another one for you okay Danny DeVito but not literally down to view Oh more his

portrayal of the penguin in Tim Burtons 1992 action superhero film Batman Returns now as you can see hes quite paling that movie and he has a hat and he eats fish and Im sure the wonder at some point in their wandering has at some fish okay okay I can see that some of you may not see where Im going with this and you might think Im stretching a little bit but I mean its probably more fucking like you later than being elspeth lets be honest okay okay next up next theory next theory Danny DeVito but not literally Aaron DeVito Danny DeVito in the 1996 family movie Mathilda he plays mr. wormwood who has a hat gets glued to his head and he says things like this which could be a reference to the ability but once youve killed the big thing youre now on the big one on there now small do you see do you see also in that movie not only is he mr. wormwood but hes also the rate of the

movie a double identity much like The Wanderer okay Ive got another one Ive got another one for you Danny DeVito but not a literary Garavito most of his character Vincent Benedict in the 1988 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie twins and then of you know but the wanderer cant actually travel between planes without fear of wandering randomly to a plane that didnt mean to go to his part then law as explained the very good spoiler video by the tellurian community college we got to sport a card I wonder whats liking spoiler cards from Wizards these days the thing is hes got a strong bond with the Arnold Schwarzenegger character his twin whos called Julius Benedict mysteries that every time the one who loses focus they travel towards their twin Arnold Schwartzman Julius Benedict how poignant how relatable to anyone whos got a twin that looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger so you probably think these are pretty barf action a bit of a stretch how about Danny DeVito but not literally downloaded dbo but more his character in as

know its literally down to vo because hes in the Billy ocean video for the song when theyre going gets tough the tough gets going which I believe was for some movie IMDB says that Jewel of the Nile so hes actually in hes in the song video as an actor but he was in moon he is a character but perhaps hes just this is just this one here this one here Danny DeVito yeah I died of it youre here in a video see him in the white suit yeah hes doing a dance moves and stuff and hes going for it fuck a lot better vo so the parallels here mainly is the suitor hes wearing its white and the Wonder is white and part of her gear is white no I said thats all Ive got no not not convinced um thats all Ive got but dont worry thats just a theory a magic the gathering war of the spark wanderer Theory have another ring to it I would either look in his majestic face you

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