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hey guys! its Casey, and today were gonna try and identify the u.a. traitor! spoilers up to chapter 176 of the manga. so the idea of a traitor was first introduced in chapter 83 because of two main incidents. first the league of villains usj implying knowledge of u.a.s schedule. second the league of villains attack u.a.s training camp with the Wild Wild Pussycats, also implying inside knowledge about the inner workings of U.A. It stated that only the teachers, students from class 1a and 1b, and the pussycats themselves knew the geographic location of the training camp. immediately we rule out midoriya and bakugou since Midoriya is the narrator and bakugou behaved uncooperatively when captured against his world by the league of villains. so we can assume neither them is passing information to league of villains. we can also rule out the Pussycats because they wouldnt logically have known such a specific detail about U.A.s schedule to be able to help plan the usj attack. I also ruled out most of Class B because from a writing standpoint it just doesnt make much sense to have any of them as a traitor, with the exception of perhaps Monoma, Kendou, or Tetsutetsu because the others arent memorable or important. now if I was a character in-world, obviously I couldnt rule Class B kids out because of that, but because Im a reader outside who would be disappointed if the writer decided one of those very minor characters was the traitor, I can rule them out that way. basically if it would be a major letdown if that character ended up being the traitor, I ruled them out immediately. obviously this is a matter of opinion to some degree, as is everything in this video, but that method left me with only blood king and Monoma from Class B. so what I have on screen here is a compilation of all the suspects for the U.A. traitor. logically it would make more sense for one of the staff members to be the traitor just because theyre more likely to be out on the streets running into and making deals with the league of villains without worrying as much about their personal safety. plus the students didnt even know they were going to USJ before they got there. so lets go through the UA staff first. we can eliminate a few people right off the bat, like all might and principal Nezu. I think its fairly obvious why all might isnt the traitor, or at least isnt intentionally the traitor, more on that later, and we saw Nezu contemplating the identity of the traitor while alone in his office. if he was the traitor, he wouldnt be wondering who it was. I also didnt even consider some of the other teachers such as snipe, cementoss, ectoplasm, and lunch rush because I felt, similarly to most of the Class B kids, that it would be disappointing to readers if any of them ended up being the traitor. next we can eliminate 13. we know he wasnt the traitor because the League of Villains showed up at usj expecting all might to be there when 13 knew beforehand that all might wouldnt be there. shortly before the attack all might has to sit out from the class due to straining himself with hero work. it is an unplanned absence so it isnt recorded on paper anywhere, shown when Aizawa shows up at usJ and asks 13 where all might is. Unlike Aizawa, 13 knew that all might wasnt going to be in class that day. if 13 was the traitor, he would have contacted the league of villains before they or class a arrived and told them not to show up to kill a guy who wasnt there. so we know its not 13. after eliminating all might, nezu, and 13 however, we cant rule anyone out for sure. so lets talk about aizawa first. theres no hard evidence that Aizawa couldnt possibly be the U.A. spy and itd be convenient for the league of villains if they managed to get him on their side since he avoids the public eye. hes up close and personal with students and all might and hes made privy to a lot of secret info about class a fairly quickly as its homeroom teacher. however it seems unlikely to me that Aizawa would be the traitor for several reasons. firstly he cares way too much about his students to be able to harm them. even in the usj attack itself he nearly dies in order to protect his students and puts on a brave face in order to comfort them. we seen in the final exam arc how much he cares about Yaoyorozus self confidence. in the manga Aizawa defends Bakugou from reporters and sacrifices his own safety for Midoriyas. none of these are things he necessarily has to do but he does them anyway. Aizawa is

a character who does everything based on logic, but his brand of logic puts his students very high on his list of priorities. while its possible that his attitude towards the students is another one of his logical ruses, he has no reason to put on such a convincing facade. no one would call him out if he didnt. thats why I dont think Aizawa is the traitor. next well chat briefly about recovery girl, midnight, and blood King. all three are fairly minor characters without any motives we know about for betraying U.A. additionally recovery girl isnt a teacher so it doesnt seem like shes very involved whenever theyre planning here of course activities; I dont believe shes ever seen at the table where all the teachers sit around to plan things. at this time we have no reason to believe recovery girl, midnight or blood King are traitors, so Ive ruled them all out. now present mic. so we dont know much about a possible motive for present mic either, but out of the teachers hed be my number one suspect for the traitor. the reason is that hes the one who originally introduced the idea that there might be a traitor, but thats quite a logical leap considering the world theyre living in. all kinds of quirks exist and they also noted after the usj attack that there were individuals with unregistered works such as Kurogiri and Shigaraki. there are many different quirks that could have accounted for the League of villains knowledge, for example clairvoyance or telepathy. the League of villains source of information could even be a simple bug planted in nezus office or hacking the U.A. system or wiretapping Nezus phone. espionage like that could be facilitated with any number of quirks. a quirk like shinsous could turn someone into the traitor against their will. but present mic is so sure theres possibly traitor among them even though there are a lot of other possibilities to explore before going there. while it is good to explore the possibility as soon as possible, by not suggesting anything else hes pretty much jumping the gun. perhaps the reason he suggested it so readily and so unhesitatingly is because he knows theres a traitor. but we still didnt talk about the students yet. so even though the students didnt know they were going to usj until they got there that doesnt put them in the clear. because of the aforementioned possibility of hackers and other unaccounted for quirks, its possible that the League of villains didnt even need a traitors help to plan the usj attack. so as I mentioned before I already ruled out most of Class B because they havent had any spotlight moments and therefore, unless theyre given a spotlight moment or two between now and the reveal of the traitors identity, it would be sloppy writing for any of them to be the traitor. an interesting traitor character is usually written so that he or she is right under the readers nose the whole time but has a reasonable amount of attention so that we start to become invested in them. using that logic, I also eliminated any Class A students who havent really had a character moment that connected them with the audience. again, matter of opinion to a degree, but I ruled out Ojiro, Koda, shouji, satou, sero, jirou, and Hagakure for this reason. we know yaoyorozu isnt the traitor because she made a tracking device to locate the enemy when Bakugou was captured. no one would have faulted her for not doing it; it was completely her own suggestion that she do it. if she was the traitor she wouldnt have bothered helping the heroes. we can also assume that Todoroki and Kirishima arent the traitors because theyre the ones who initiated the bakugou rescue operation. while its possible that it was either Todoroki or kirishimas idea and the other followed along, since most of the class was against it, there would be a perfectly valid reason not to want to go through with the operation. if either was the traitor they could have dropped the idea or shot it down when the other brought it up on the pretense that they agreed with the rest of the class. Todoroki has the added actions in his favor that he was super helpful to the heroes during the usj attack, even saving all might at one point— actions he could have avoided without arousing suspicion, but which he chose to do anyway. we can also assume that Tokoyami isnt the traitor since the league of villains express interest in capturing him during the training camp. its possible they wanted to “capture” him in order to exchange information with him, but theres no reason they couldnt contact him later when its tactically easier and doesnt require dangerous interaction with out-of-control dark shadow. plus since they already knew the location of the

camp that implies that they had contact with their spy before the attack anyway. we can also assume that iida isnt the traitor because he went to get help during the usj attack. we see him run for help even after he leaves the building and no one is watching. if he wasnt genuinely looking for help he could have slowed down after leaving usJ, but he didnt. He also doesnt go straight to get all might. if he was with the league of villains he would want to fetch all might instead of the other teachers so that they could carry out their plan and hed have a perfectly good excuse for doing so— overconfidence in all might that most of the characters still carried at that point in the story. additionally iida is so earnest about his love and admiration for his brother, shown when he acts rashly during a stain arc that its unlikely hed do something as dishonest and slimy as spying on U.A. when he considers his idols so noble and heroic. the only other two students who are absolutely not traitors are Midoriya and bakugou, so after eliminating less prominent characters well have to speculate the rest of the students loyalties based on their personalities. so lets start ruling out some more students! Mineta is mostly intended for comic relief so I think it would be pretty boring if he ended up being the traitor, but the main reason hes probably not the traitor is that hes generally a coward. considering how easily frightened he is hes not the type to do anything thatll put him in harms way. plus he was present during the usj attack and was terrified. if he knew about the attack and was going to be that scared anyway he could have just stayed home sick or went to recovery girls office before the attack. his behavior implies that he didnt know the attack was coming. while that could be an act, were shown his thought process during the attack as Asui jumps away, taking him and Midoriya to safety. hes inspired by midoriyas heroism and pushes himself to throw more sticky balls as a result. if he was actually a villain he wouldnt have behaved that way and no one would have questioned it, chalking it up to his cowardliness. Ashido is probably not the traitor because shes shown to have a heroic nature even when no one is watching. we see Kirishimas flashbacks about her that she jumped in to help some of her classmates who were being questioned by a villain when she didnt have to. because she seemed so earnest about heroism before even getting into U.A. it doesnt seem like shed be the traitor, and we dont know anything about her backstory that might imply she could be blackmailed or bribed. plus shes not the most intelligent character either, and while its possible shes only pretending not to be too smart, its not as likely as someone else being the traitor. I believe theres a fairly popular theory that Kaminari is the traitor, but I personally would be pretty surprised if that ended up being true for the simple reason that Kaminari has barely done anything so far. while he does have one or two interesting spotlight moments, mainly in a provisional license exam, hes often used for comic relief, similar to Mineta. and if we do look at Kaminaris one moment in the provisional hero license exam, whats he doing? talking about how his friends deserve respect and how Shishikura shouldnt diss them, as it says in this particular translation, which would be an unnecessary display of loyalty if he were the traitor. once again, its not something that he would be faulted for if he didnt do it. like ashido, we dont know much about his backstory that might show he could possibly be blackmailed or bribed. theres also a prominent theory that Uraraka could be the traitor, but I would also be surprised if that ended up being true because shes so bubbly and earnest in personality its difficult to see her as a traitor. while that would be the perfect cover-up, shes also somewhat oblivious and straightforward in conversation shown when she asked iida straight-out if he was a rich boy and Midoriya thinks shes too direct about it. its generally pretty rude to ask someone if theyre rich so directly but the possibility that this might offend anyone doesnt even occur to her, and she continues the conversation with earnesty. she also has trouble hiding a crush on midoriya. its so obvious even all the other characters can tell. if she cant even hide a crush it doesnt seem likely that shed be able to hide the fact that shes a traitor from everyone. its possible its an act but it seems even more unlikely than the other possible acts because shes so embarrassed every time someone points

it out, and she also runs through a mall alone thinking about how she wishes she didnt have an embarrassing crush. if it was an act she wouldnt have to run away when she and midoriya were alone since he doesnt get it anyway. and that moment in the mall when Shigaraki has midoriya in his grasp, she doesnt recognize shigaraki; she seems genuinely frightened by the situation. the only thing I can see that might make uraraka the traitor is that shes motivated by money because of a love for a family and a desire to care for them. if the league of villains bribed her with a comfortable life for her family perhaps shed take it, or if they blackmailed her and threatened to harm her parents she might do what they want her to do. however, again, shes not great at hiding her feelings so I dont think shes a traitor even though she might go to shady lengths to provide for her family. ok now were getting into characters I think could actually be the traitor— Monoma, Aoyama and Asui. now Monama is also more of a comic relief character than anything else without an obvious motive, and it wouldnt make for a shocking reveal if he were the traitor instead of a more major character. however, he was far away from the usj attack so his physical safety would be guaranteed during the attack. he was also the only class b student who failed his final exam and therefore was the only student who needed supplementary lessons and was safe with blood king, away from most of the action during the league of villains attack on the training camp. considering that everyone else in his class passed, its weird that Manon would be the only one to fail considering he seems decently intelligent based on his strategy during the Sports festival, and fairly capable based on his final placement. not the strongest but probably not the weakest in his class either. its possible that he failed on purpose in order to avoid the danger of going to the training camp where the villains would attack, since the original plan was that anyone who failed the final exam wouldnt be able to go at all. however again the reveal if he is the traitor might seem kind of silly if hes not given a serious cool moment. next up aoyama. hes also a very minor character without an obvious motive and has an awkward personality that could account for any of the odd behavior hes been exhibiting lately in his increased panel time, like spelling things of cheese and stuff. it might also be a silly reveal of he ends up being the traitor. however hes one of my prime suspects for the traitor because hes gradually getting closer to his classmates. unlike the other characters, it takes aoyama some time to make any friends among his classmates, behavior that could simply be due to a social awkwardness but could also be because he was purposely distancing himself from them, because its easier to betray a stranger than your friends. in fact we learned in a recent chapter that Aoyama has eaten alone in the classroom all year. during the usj attack Aoyama is nowhere to be seen. though he is the one who draws attention to this fact after the attack, his hilarious answer is bound to be ignored and brushed away. he also hides during most of a training camp attack. while he does jump in to help at the last moment with his navel laser, it could be because hes feeling more and more close to his classmates and is finding himself genuinely caring about them. the Look on his face suggests internal conflict about getting involved which could very well just be him fearing for safety, but it could also be him having a deeper internal monologue about his loyalties. as the arcs go on, such as in the provisional license exam and now the school festival arc, Aoyama is gradually making more friends and becoming closer with his classmates. we also learned a little of his backstory that his quirk doesnt suit his body. we dont know what kind of consequences this has had in his life but we do know that its caused him to feel insecure and inferior— easy prey for the League of villains promising him things. we know hes drawn to people who understand him since hes drawn to midoriya due to their similarities, so why not a villain claiming that they get him? because he was so conceited in the beginning as a defense mechanism, why wouldnt he prioritize himself and whatever reward the league give him over the safety of strangers? next we have Asui. so far shes the one with the most suspicious disposition in my opinion. shes always very calm and doesnt express herself much; her face is fairly blank most of

the time. she claims that she says whatever shes thinking, but shes talking about being blunt, not impulsive. she doesnt seem like the type who would have trouble keeping a secret. shes also stated to be a well-rounded student and would be an asset to the league of villains if they could get her to join them. we know she has a family so blackmails a viable option. she hasnt done anything suspicious so far but her actions could be interpreted as possibly helping the league. shes the first one to point out that Midoriyas quirk is similar to all mights, which is an interesting comparison to make, especially considering no one else had thought of it because of how it damages midoriya. she watches him carefully as he reacts but doesnt give any of her own feelings away. during the bakugou rescue arc, shes against rescuing bakugou is very harsh about it. while its possible she really does agree with the rest of the class that it makes them no better than the villains and its in line with her usual bluntness, its a lot harsher than what the other students said. she apologizes later and claims that its because shes so sorry about it and thinks she was wrong, but her absence from the room King game could have actually been her questioning her decision to betray her friends in the first place. While Asui we did help midoriya and mineta escape during the usj attack, the goal of the villains was to kill all might, not the students, so it wouldnt have been strange to do so. during the training camp and the overhaul arc asui didnt do much. while it could just be because shes a side character it may also be because she wasnt trying that hard to stop the evil plans being carried out. while asui doesnt do anything that proves shes a spy, she also doesnt do anything to prove shes not and doesnt have a personality that seems to suggest otherwise either. so I know Ive depended a lot in this video on the idea of characters performing unnecessary actions that imply loyalty to UA as support that they arent the traitor, but considering their age and that most of the characters dont seem sociopathic I assume that they wouldnt be conniving and unempathetic enough to create such a convincing facade that they would do things that are unnecessary or contrary to the goals of the league of villains when no one would suspect them for not doing them. it takes an extra measure of manipulativeness to actually do things to prove its not them before theyve even been accused, rather than simply avoiding doing anything suspicious. while its possible that any of them might have that quality in them, it doesnt seem as likely as a character without unnecessary acts of helpfulness being the traitor. Ive also seen a theory floating around the internet that toga could potentially be the spy if league of villains captures someone and is able to supply her with a steady supply of the captives blood. while its a really interesting idea, I dont think Toga could pull it off for a few reasons. firstly shed have to replace a character who is really easy to impersonate and be able to do it well enough to trick their loved ones. its not very realistic that she could impersonate someone well enough that no one would suspect somethings off unless that person has a similar personality to her or was very mysterious to people in the first place. while its possible shes just really good at acting since she was able to replace Cammie for a day or two and no one thought anything was amiss, generally toga has a very loud, hyper, impulsive personality that would be difficult to hide for a long period of time. secondly shed have to replicate their Quirk for class activities or hero work which as far as we know she cant do. so in conclusion the traitor, if there is one, is most likely present mic or Asui or perhaps Aoyama or monoma. As I said earlier I think its pretty careless of them to assume theres a traitor without exploring other possibilities considering the world theyre living in, but considering that characters who are stated to be really smart like Nezu also conclude that theres a traitor, Ill chalk that up to oversight on the authors part and assume theres a traitor. plus to hype it like this and not follow through on it would be disappointing to readers and I assume the author is going to include a traitor because of that. Let me know what you think in the comments, though; Im curious what you all think! so thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed! if you liked the video dont forget to like it and subscribe if you want to see more similar content! bye!

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