The Symbolism of Dolphus Raymond in To Kill a Mockingbird: Podcast

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right pick another picture we going for okay so I had in mind this the the lovely little story which I dont think that the plot doesnt need of is it remember the guys name whos who pretends to be drunk because he has a black wife and hes gone off to live Dolph his ring is old for a man oh yes and so gems astonished to find out his collar in theirs now think about the trial why do you

think Harper Lee puts that incident in the book just the plot would happen exactly the same way without him at all yeah so Y Z then he must be symbolic I think it links things really into this notion of appearance and reality yes I think it probably links into Atticuss sort of max same about you never know a man until you walk around in his shoes yes I think it links things to the context of the fact that

interracial marriage broccoli marriage was still illegal in many southern state it possibly links them to the fact that I think its about the notion of women but I think hes further than that because if youve got money and you had property you could vote in some states in the 1780 1792 years but it wasnt until the 1920s wearing all black all women yes you know white or black could vote but I think hes voting by living his life

the way he wants to yes outside of the system and its almost like hes ironically satirizing the situation by doing something to make it seem it seems to them yes he is me is it an image of hope that make him society tolerates him because they think hes drunk but they allow him to transgress all those rules about white and black I think so and I think theres theres moments of even with even with the heat the ules

lived off the generosity of Macon yeah in their slum housing outside of the rules poaching one yeah shouldnt etc there is a level of tolerance there that makes you think yeah maybe Ill be different it doesnt and in fact even the killing of Tom Robinson is based on the fact that its my yellow isnt it that she actually wants the contact yeah with Tom Robinson you know she is willing to cross that that divide okay pick another pick

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