THE SMILING TITAN EXPLAINED! (Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin)

who is the smiling titan
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welcome back guys goes on here for anime uproar today Im going to tell you everything you need to know about one of the most important Titans in attack on Titan the smiling Titan the Titan that appeared at the beginning of the show and change lives of our main characters forever the smiling Titan a Terrans our protagonists own mother before his eyes and sparked his thirst for revenge which has for the most part driven the story ever since before we get into it I want to thank you guys for the unbelievable support you have shown dear God these last few weeks have been insane and so thanks you guys and of course girls who have been liking and commenting on these videos it really means a lot and if youre new to the channel be sure to subscribe because we have plenty of attack on Titan videos on this channel and many more on the way as always in order to explain the smiling Titan its identity and everything else you need to know about it I will need to draw on the manga so beyond this point there will be among us spoilers proceed with extreme caution be prepared to get your mind blown all right if youre still with me and psyched to get going smash that like button and lets get into it Detroit entity was smiling Titan is Deena Jaeger formerly known as Deena Fritz shes the first wife of Gregor Erins father and the mother of Zeke Jaeger Aarons half-brother and the current possessor of the Beast Titan so yeah shes kind of a big deal yes she is a small woman with a petite frame even though she is relatively short she has large eyes she has fair skin and blonde hair she usually has a worried expression on her face in contrast to her human form her time form is constantly grinning a big wide smile which is why we call it the smiling Titan the Titan is also quite large despite deena stature this is probably due to the fact that she has royal blood Zeke is 17 metres tall in his Titan form as opposed to Aaron and Reiner who are 15 metres tall in addition when rod Reese who also has royal blood became a Titan he became a previously unseen 120 metres tall Titan he was so big in fact that he couldnt even stand up without the support of the wall so it does seem like royal blood does usually meaning that youre going to be an above-average sides Titan now that we have the basics out of the way lets get into some history about a hundred years ago the king of the LDN Empire fled the main continent because he wanted peace and move his capital to the island of paradise this king is known as 145th king or the first king of the walls he had the coordinate or the power of the founding Titan if you want to learn everything you need to know about this power make sure to check out Mike worden explained video among other things the coordinate allowed him to control Titans this power was what kept the LD an empire intact but after he left Marlay with the other LD ends now called island dwellers Marlay took over using the constant feuding of the remaining LD and houses to their advantage in this way marley took control of seven of the nine titan powers which they used to maintain order meanwhile the first can use the founding titan power which could only be used with full capacity by members of the royal family to create the three walls by using tens of millions of colossus titans and their hardening abilities however he abandoned all the LD ins outside of the walls now living in the Marlay controlled

continent this is where we get to Deena Deena Fritz was a member of the royal family but she belongs to a branch that didnt want to abandon the LD n people in DL Dean cause in Marlay she along with her family kept her identity secret and lived in the lab areal internment camp there they waited in hiding hoping that the LD ins would regain power and their true status would be recognized once more it is the owl also known as Ehren Kruger who sends Deena to the LD and restorationist where she meets and falls in love with Grisha Yeager she is the one that explains to the restorationist how the founding titan was taken by the first king two parodies she also explains that the founding titan power is the key that will allow that to control all the other Titans and restore LD and rule she says that the first king retreated behind the walls because he refused to fight anymore this is when Grisha declares that they will reclaim the founding Titan and restore the true LD in monarchy the one that stayed and didnt abandon their people Deena is so touched by his words that she hugs him and begins to cry arms a year later Grisha and Deena get married and have a child they named Zeke it is clear that Deena loves the child very much and both her and Grisha see this royal blooded baby as the key to restoring el dia they finally get their chance when the Marlon government brings about a new program so that they can finally infiltrate parodies not only is the power of the signing time waiting behind king Fritzs walls but the island itself has many resources that the Malayan government knows that dont need in the future they realize that technology is quickly progressing and that the power of the Titans will not be absolute for long since the Malayan government needs Albion to use the 7 Titan powers that they have in their possessions they decide to recruit ldm children who are between five and seven years old in order to incentivize the LD and people to cooperate the government proclaims that the chosen warriors and their families will get honorary Marlin citizenship which would mean a better standard of living and hopefully less unwarranted cruelty and violence Grisha and Deena see this as an opportunity for the algae and restorationist and agreed to play Zeek into the government program so that he can be an LDN spy however to their surprise the boy betrays his parents Deena along with Grisha is sent to the island of paradise as punishment where Aldeans are injected with a titin serum and turned into mindless man-eating Titans were doomed to roam the island for eternity or at least until they are killed by captain Levi Deena is brought next to Grisha before she is injected with the titan serum and pushed off the sea wall she tells him not to worry and that no matter what she becomes she will find him Richard tries to tell everyone that shes of royal blood and should not be killed he knows that LD ends with royal blood are very valuable to the Marlins because once acquired they can control the fating titan power but the owl who is revealed to be airing Krueger shuts him up Aaron later tells him that becoming a mindless Titan is probably preferable to the marlane government forcing her to bear children to inherit the founding titan power for the rest of her life then sergeant major gross a very fitting name injects Adina with a titin serum and she is thrown off the sea wall as a traumatized and horrified Grisha watches his wife get turned into this Eiling tighten this is also the first time that we as readers realized that

the smiling Titan who killed Aarons mother and started him down the path of revenge was actually grishas first wifes and insane twist indeed and this is why some people have said that the smiling Titan killed Aarons mother out of revenge because she married her husband but this is unlikely because she is in a mindless state and she wouldnt actually have a way of knowing that Grisha whos absent at this point Mary Carla Aarons mother nevertheless it is quite the coincidence in addition to showing up after the Colossus Titan breaches she got Sheena district in wall Maria Dinas Titan also shows up five years later when Reiner along with vessels is attempting to kidnap Aaron and a mirror after urlan and Mekas a rescue Aaron and begin to retreat the armored Titan starts throwing Titans at them which causes Mikasa and Aaron to fall Hannes tries to pay is that to the Yeager family by killing a smiling Titan and saving Eren and Mikasa but he is killed in the process and devoured by the smiling Titan the smiling Titan that reaches out for Aaron who punches his hand this activates the power of the coordinate or founding Titan power within Aaron among other things the founding Titan allows the possessor to control Titan after making contact with vinas Titan suddenly Eren is able to control the surrounding Titans and sends them to kill Deana the only reason Aaron is finally able to activate the dormant power of the founding Titan inside him is because Dena is a royal blood the Titans rip her to shreds and devour her and thus the deaths of his mother and Hannes are finally avenged however Aaron Sweet Revenge does not turn out to be as satisfying as he expected especially after we find out that Titans arent actually evil they are members of the same LDN race who have been turned into man-eating Titans against their wills and are now suffering through an endless nightmare as amir called it as you can see Dena Fritz turns out to be one of the most important characters in attack on Titan she is grishas first wife who brings the LD and restorationist important historical documents and knowledge of the founding Titan she gives birth to Zeek who went on to become the strongest Titan shifter and one of the major antagonists of the show if you want to know more about Zeke and the beast Titan be sure to check out the beast Titan explained video and also our friend Knox tacos video where he goes into why the Beast Titan is such a great villain Dinahs Titan also eats our protagonists mother which sparks Erins thirst for revenge she brings out Aarons dormant powers and indirectly helps our protagonist get to the truth behind the Titans in the world outside the walls Deana first is importance in the world of attack on Titan cannot be denied anyways guys there it is everything you need to know about the smiling Titan aka Dina Fritz thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video dont forget to smash that like button and tell me what you think about Dina and her character in the comments section below as always feel free to make suggestions for future videos in the comment section and if you havent already be sure to subscribe for more attack on Titan videos I want to take a moment to thank our patrons shot off a lovely tsundere Gilgamesh third strikes a NATO Christian floor Urbano for never 9/15 AKA girl bro AMS and original ink thank you guys so much for helping to make all this possible if you also want to see more videos like this one consider supporting us on patreon link in the description and as always until next time see us space cowboys

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