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got it we got to a lot of people with people smash the subscribe button if youre new here I dont know whats gonna happen in this vlog literally anything could happen at any moment I drove to the top of a mountain here because Im bored as shit thats true I drove up here to the top of this this mountain because I thought itd be like tranquil and like peaceful and shit you know get a little Sunday meditation you know get away from all the bullshit in Los Angeles its currently Sunday Mothers Day which means that I have to go hang out with Tana because shes shes a mother were pregnant if were having kids this car honestly is like sexy like I literally just like look at this car like I want to smash my car Im mainly recording thats just so I can watch it back it gives me pleasure to watch cars go fast I dont know am I weird probably I also want to smash my car okay sorry Oh sick dude Oh sick x-games mode sick bro huh anyways thats what I do for fun sometimes hey guys I wanted me to like do something cool like they want me to drive fast my car Sunday Funday Im sorry but the person you called has a voice mailbox that has not been set up yet good bye fuck she usually picks up on the second time I call her Parker Parker see all the cool cars come up here Im telling you guys its late bro the real Ohio douchebags do this type of shit bro its horsepower but wherever you are in the world good morning good afternoon good night I hope you have or are going to have an amazing day positivity breed success stay positive out there people and lets get this written babe its Mothers Day I know and Im literally pregnant with your kids too like whats up ima come pick you up okay Ill make myself look like me you always look good address smooth alright well I almost gave up on the game

cuz I never come on the driveway Ive been making our daddys back hey guys Im taking Tanna on a date I dont know ro I need help do I wear this like Ive kind of looked like a high like douchebag like what I dont know where Im going I dont have a plan you should love yourself though what do I wear guys I got it already got it Im gonna go naked duh hey keep it up over there re team sent uncut your editing house a house of your what hang out with my Wang out like I dont think its really that serious but oh is that trippy oh thats weird look it thats weird thats like inception team 10 uncut seriously is coming soon though guys right you know should I give them a little check in the little preview check him a little preview right guys should I give them a preview Im just gonna give you a little like a little something a little something juicy theres so much footage though oh my god heres something heres a little preview so much tea already weird like one day into everyone be yeah everyone thats crazy were not everyone thats like yeah everyone not potentially yeah I know and then I told them I said dude I was like really were looking for people who are gonna like challenge themselves like not come in here and like meltdown and that was like really honest with them this is boba you can like suck these and like shoot them watch watch Grayson the Easton and I used to do this the gist bova not the spritzer hey dont you dont you fucking Sprints me bro all right bro Ill be back hi guys we got to pick up something first oh yeah oh yeah predictable but still look you theres something else too do you guys know where the pregnancy tests are screw you re you mean that much to me leave us hugging off-camera you did it this view youve made it like you really made it tennis you took ten thousand black

I was born this is great Im filming our iPhone do you ever g7x battery that I could borrow do you two couples oh my god where do you want what should we do maybe plan Fahrenheit are like good mmm the doctor like I want to see like what fun things I can find around your house its a segment its a segment things to find at Annas house Oh I find this oh my gosh everyday bro sports bras and underwear Pendred I call back sighs Jake fall go get that shit what oh yeah thats cool I think these are gonna come in handy did you take the pregnancy test oh yeah and should I do you think it should be a different like you already have you know wheres Michael is great for this one I really owe ya yeah that happened today we got into a lot of beef with tannaz ex today well mainly me Jake was on the phone today with me for like an hour just giggling to himself like barely fucking talking to me being like coolican a story Im just a troll Im just a troll the back kiss pretty still is your ex it has pictures that say it were gonna get married here and then hes trying to talk shit to me like Brad what happened bro what happened Brad you said something to Brabham idioms I think me I you would never say I love that aggression for you yeah you I said I love that aggression from you I loved it it was like he was like Brad quit looking like Justin Bieber and go mow the lawn bro you saw your ex it has pictures that say it were gonna get married here he probably us to go live with his parents back in Canada yeah yeah is that you waving at them no mow the lawn Brad Brad go mow the lawn Brad did you empty the dishwasher today Brett were gonna get in the car and drive you get you have a G you dont even just have an ax battery tannaz letting me

use it at her camera cuz mines dead okay off camera just now I was like I have an SD card and Jake was like do you want to ask this do you I just really want to tell you smooth shit well I think your roommates are it oh my god theyre naked in there guys how was it good when she lets you use her camera well be right back theres a live representation of Tanner running my Twitter couples that vlog together actually thats not true what is the funniest possible thing I could be Im Justin Bieber who takes me I do okay what do I say Oh cuz Justin Bieber looks like Brad Wow hey man its me Jake Paul my girlfriend tanomo Joe is so much hotter than your girlfriend Hailee Bieber like hate to break it to you cuz then hes gonna see me like that like man hey fuck you where are we going like what are we doing with our lives this is supposed to be a date okay fuck okay Im gonna Im gonna damn doesnt Bieber and figure it out and thank you for your help bye Omari please email recruit a team Tennessee Im literally balancing this camera on the Syrian real the vlog oh my god Jakes rich you get it you know you know heres a father like you know gee thanks okay hey man its me actual jig ball and not cinemas oh were in the recruiting process 1410 and are considering you dot we are in need of three swipe up story post promoting me Jake Paul and my girlfriend Tana mojo who isnt writing this as well please email please email recruit at team ten official calm if youre interested thanks – Jake you can just have my passive you want to put your touch ID in here my god but then you have to put your touch ID online you know it has to be a good thing yeah and thats your vlog then you have to equalize the delay I love Texas honestly steam yeah I love that were both equally sauce I

Im like no but its fine its fine I like it it keeps things interesting I think Im not gonna bleep this vlog oh my god holy shit Im really changed this is a big moment it really is ready should we say fuck on the count of three one two three fuck sorry mom oh my god Pam if youre watching this in Ohio happy Mothers Day I fucking love you should I Drive really fast and like be really loud obnoxious my fast car yeah well maybe just like okay so oh shit you know what babe it doesnt matter where we go we can have fun wherever we are Danny through the park or some dinner alright were on a date is that why theres like the way it looks I just like you for you janna on a date we are pregnant sorry last two dates before Im pregnant again ten is going P so I got a cookie Im gonna college I seen one Tannen out of the bathroom let it be like four years do this smell is really really hard to put off the take off yeah oh shoot this is my wife or me my girlfriend Jana Jana this is my girlfriend Tana and two years ago we met at a veggie grill aunt Anna shes my side chick and I honestly love it Im falling for you youre falling for me oh my god its so real yeah mmm I love this for us thank you so much I was gonna I was gonna pay for all the comments we have kind of been like oh my god its like seriously it was a dope conversation guys I smash that subscribe button go get your myself answered that call backslash take Paul $10 Ts $20.00 hoodies whats go with it I will see you guys for another vlog in a couple of days stay sexy wait wait wait theres one more thing I want to tell you before you go I need you to watch the next video guys this is even better than the last one just click right here love you

jake paul, the results are in, team 10, tana mongeau pregnant, tana mongeau jake paul, the paul family, jake paul the results are in, its every day bro, jake…
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