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who is luffys mom
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hey everybody checking 101 here and on todays episode we will be discussing another one of the big ones a question that has plagued not just one piece fans for a long time but I dare say a question that has plagued humanity as a whole since the time that weve climbed out of the primordial ooze figured out fire and the wheel and how to sharpen a stick to hunt the gazelle down on the epic plains of Africa the question is drumroll please who did dragon bone to make Luffy yeah I know I know its a hard question hard question to answer particularly for Dragon you know its hard because okay perhaps a more eloquent way to put that is who is luffys mother alright maybe thats a little bit more better a better way to phrase it you know a little bit more PG whose Luffys mom alright and of course this has been something thats been theorized and debated for a while pretty much ever since well ever since the beginning of the story really but it really got kicked into high gear when dragon was revealed like this is monkey dee dragon hes Luffys father so the fandom of course went away all right well all to the Deccan mateys we need to figure out who his mom is now its the dad so we got to know about the mom at some point in the story um and you know I think I find myself in that camp I think theres a camp of people that say well since Oda went out of his way to explain who Luffys dad is obviously were gonna find out about the mom theres been debate whether or not the mom is still alive but even if she isnt I would still like to know about who she is now Im not Im not in the idea that we have to know about all of the straw hats parents like all of their biological parents theres people that are out there that are still going on about how you know whos mommys real parents we need to find out about that I dont think we do really Belle Amir was her stepmother and I think thats you know good enough there we dont need another backstory with with Nami there and I think its all because of Sanjay Sanjay is the one that started all this where we find out about Sanjays long-lost parents that we didnt know anything about up to this point but are now a big part of the story you know and I think theres even people that because wahh know is coming up next theyre like okay well in wanna were gonna find out about Zorros long-lost parents that we didnt know anything about but now were a big part of the story I feel like that would just be rehashing way too quick on Otis part like alright this arc was all about Sanjays long-lost parents and now the very next arc that the straw hats find themselves in is all gonna be about zoros long-lost parents and were just gonna keep going down the line I dont subscribe to that I really dont think we need to know about all of the straw hats biological parents although I am a little bit I will admit I am kind of curious about the parents that raised Frankie its just you have to be just inherently but I dont think were gonna find out about them but in the case with Luffy I feel like thats an exception because his dad was already revealed Frankies parents we know nothing about either one of them nah meas biological parents same deal all right Robin but hey by the way you know she her mom was revealed so Robins dad Im kind of curious about that where that might be going but as for Luffys mom just to give you the quick answer we just dont know who she is and its something that oda has referenced before that has actually occurred twice from what my research has really shown me that oda has directly referenced Luffys parents one time in an SBS that well get to and another time in an interview that he conducted where he directly mentioned Luffys mother and thats gonna be kind of that was the one that really drove the fandom into high gear you know like you know like shift into sixth gear you know because this is gonna be a big one but Ill tell you something even in that interview that Oda gave and he was discussing luffys mom he was kind of like there was like a hesitant tone where he was like I dont really know if Im gonna do anything with it yet and let me tell you something I would be fine if its like she passed away a long time ago you know and shes not gonna appear in the actual present storyline you know this isnt like Naruto where you know Narutos mother Kushina became like a really prevalent force for you know teaching Naruto about the nine tailed fox because she was the previous jinchuriki and she was like appearing in spirit form to Naruto you know I dont think its gonna go down that road with Luffy and his mom or anything like that from what we can see Luffy doesnt even really care much about his dad you know hes very non interested in who dragon really is at all you know even when seeing his face for the first time he was like thats my dad I dont look at anything like him huh you know it didnt seem like he was shocked if the appearance of dragon but he wasnt like daddy you know it wasnt like that so thats not what were gonna get later down the line but I would still want a flashback with you know the circumstances around Luffys birth I think as the main character of the story I think we need to see that we got that with Naruto we got that with bleach you know that the main character is birth you know the circumstances for how their parents met you know and just like were the story where the legend began essentially Luffys story started you know what kind of person she was like because Luffy doesnt really take after dragon all that much if were being honest I mean he does in the sense of hes a pirate thats you know starting a war basically challenging the world governments reign and changing the peoples perspective you know even though if Luffy is not directly trying to do that he is succeeding at that of course dragon became a revolutionary not a pirate but dragon was somebody that also is confronting the way the world is set up and trying to shake it down to its core so theyre similar in that respect but just in terms of like their appearance their personality dragon is much more stoic much more serious you know in the Funimation dubs voice hes basically Batman if you havent heard dragons English dub voice its its Batman its great okay you know but in Luffy is of course much more live hes a special kid yeah yeah no hes much more out there and expressive and his emotions and everything like that dragons much more reserved and that kind of stuff so they dont really they dont really click all that well in terms of like personalities so perhaps Luffy got some of his personality from his mother does that be something else interesting to look at was his mother a member of the Dee clan we know dragon is a Dee but you know gol D Roger was will of Dee and also pork SD Rouge and then they you know got together and had ace so you know two DS could make another dBase okay that cannot be taken in any other way got it not a single other way you could take

that but anyway yeah so lets go into discussing the stuff that Oda actually said about Luffys parents and then lets go into some fan theories and Ill tell you what I think and then we could spend the rest you could go in the comments below and leave your two cents about that but just to give you right at the gate my opinion on the matter I dont think Luffys mother is any character that has been named in the story yet thats my stance on it Ill expand on that a little bit more but any named character weve already been introduced to in the story I dont accept the fact that they could be luffys mother okay so lets first get into the sps so this was an SBS that was posed in volume 44 also known as the volume featuring Robyns awesome booty so thats thats one of the first volumes I ever purchased so this is an SBS question he got Otis sensei Ive got a serious question Otis not that great at answering serious questions a lot of times it just evolves to boobs arent you ever going to draw Luffys father and this is from mr. unni who was a 16 year old and all oda response to that and keep in mind this is volume 44 this is at the climax of the antes lobby arc his father I already drew him hell be in the next volume look forward to it and of course in the next volume volume 45 Luffys father dragon did make an appearance as GARP explained you know dragon to luffy and who he is and head of the revolutionaries and everything like that alright now that might seem like a very straightforward question however theres a few things to keep in mind here this what I just read from was the official english translation of the tonka bond this is the viz media publication alright and its it just says specifically Ive got a serious question arent you ever gonna draw a luffys father theres been other versions of this Ive seen you know popping up online with different translations subtle translation differences but very important ones the most common one is this Oda sensei I have a serious question will you ever draw Luffys parents so not just referencing Luffys father but both of his parents and then Oda responds to it with his parents well I think youll be pleased in the next volume get excited now I believe that was from the one piece wiki I in fact I know that one was from the one piece wiki so thats something that thats a big deal because he didnt just say parent I mean didnt say say father he said parents so that were to imply that Oda is going to put not just dragon in the next volume 45 but also Luffys mom and that also sprung some theories whenever dragon was revealed at the white island the white land you see other revolutionaries in the background as dragons there so people start picking out the the revolutionaries in the background is like well if Luffys dad is a revolutionary then his mom might be a revolutionary too she might be in the background we dont know and hey Oda has certainly done this kind of stuff before perfect example look at Rayleigh Rayleigh first appeared in buggys flashback way back in the orange town arc in like volume 2 of the story back then nobody thought this guy was gonna be important hes just some random dude and buggies flashback yelling at him later on down the story turns out no that was the first mate now Israeli that is a very important character in the one-piece story that was the guy that was responsible for teaching Luffy hockey and everything this is a big deal ok right Rayleigh big deal by the way if you want to buy this shirt theres a link below but yeah so Oda has certainly done that before introduced characters kind of in the background theres a little bit that character has an interesting design dont know their name dont know what they what their abilities are or what their story is they might not even have any lines of dialogue theyre just back there hes also done this with shanks his crew hes done this with white beard screw he did this with um the the spade pirates who are like aces previous pirate crew like theres people in the background that might appear later on is like a big deal so with that being said we get this image that I found and this image also has a different translation of that whole thing where this one says I have a serious question wont you draw Luffys parents and ODIs response to it is his parents theyve already been drawn and theyll appear in the next volume okay Im starting to think that this one might have been changed up a little bit just to get more height for this theory because this person is obviously trying to like point out like oh well both of Luffys parents are appearing so I have I have just read off to you three different translations of this SBS now I cant speak Japanese I cant read Japanese so I cant look at this and like look at the Raws of the the Japanese SBS and be like okay this word definitely means father not parents or he definitely said just the father or not both of them I cant do that so if someone else wants to go out there and do that I would be eternally grateful because theres three different translations here but going back to this image again lets just look at it below we have the image the one at the bottom yell is from chapter 593 this was post marine 4 this is when dragon was speaking with Yvonne cough over like the white transponder snail but these characters also appear in the chapter in volume 45 that Oh dimensions so this was already referenced okay theyre just that once again like I said theyre characters that appear like volumes and volumes between each other but they have the same design so Oda might actually explain who these people are later on now keep in mind a member of the Revolutionary Army is Yvonne cough who has the capabilities of you know changing peoples genders so thats also something were gonna get to later people think that oh it might be a male character but might be gender flip so thats I dont like that idea you know I just dont think I was gonna go that route with it because Ivanka had a flashback involving dragon where they were discussing dragons family after luffy explained to Ivanka of who his dad was Yvonne cob you know freaked out and then remembered a moment when Yvonne cough and dragon were eyeball to go and you know Yvonne Cobb brings up you know I always notice that you keep staring off to the east dragon and dragons just like really I never noticed in Yvonne Cobbs lag mmm is that some kind of family instinct do you have family back in the East perhaps hmm and the Dragons of course just showed up no one asked you blah blah blah so that would imply that Yvonne cough didnt have like didnt directly know Luffys mother and if luffys mother was a revolutionary youd think that Yvonne cough would definitely have known Luffys mother so that seems to imply its more of like a Roger kind of thing Roger you know met Rouge off on some Island I believe it was in the West Blue was in the West blue of the south blue one of the two and then had sex with her and then Roger left and then thats when ace was born you know 20 months later you know it wasnt like rue was part of dread of Roger ship or anything

like that thats thats not how it went down so uh its possible that the same thing kind of happened with dragon also I was trying to break down the ages here you know like how old dragon is and we just dont know we know Luffys age hes 19 now and we know GARP sage hes 78 so you know GARP his dragons father we know GARP would have been 59 when luffy was born so if you run the numbers there if dragon was in like his uh III think dragon kind of looks like hes in his 50s maybe very late 40s early 50s and thats possible if if GARP was like in his early 20s when dragon was born then that would put you know dragons somewhere around his early mid 50s something like that and that would make sense of course you know calculating the age for the father doesnt make any sense you know dragon could have been like in his 30s he could have been like 35 and his wife could have been 25 you know so you cant really calculate it out that much theyre figuring out like how old luffys mom would be I would say given luffy being 19 his mother would have to be at least in her early 40s at you know at bare minimum there I dont think Oda is gonna explain like oh yeah Luffys mother gave birth to him when she was like 15 or 16 or anything like that I think I was gonna kind of stay away from that cuz then you have you think about big mom you know big moms whole thing is she has like 85 kids and ODE is like oh yeah she started giving birth when she was 20 I think Oda kind of played it safe with that one we dont want to have a character its like yeah yeah she started having she started popping kids out when she was like 15 I think that would have been a little weird to be like really like a be mid teenage years kind of weird to have a character let you know so its like all at 20:20 thats when big mom started having babies and maybe like other characters hes gonna keep that general rule maybe not maybe not but Im just saying but for my personal opinion Im gonna say that the English translation is correct in the fact that Oda just specified the father was going to appear and that would be dragon not referring to the mother there now with that being said there is another interview that Oda did this wasnt in an SBS or anything this was like an actual like like a like a voice interview he did and the question he was asked tear was by John irons uh what is Luffys mother like was she beautiful what happened to her did she die when luffy was a baby alright so kind of a loaded question theyre kind of a lot to unpack but oda responds with um I think shes a life Im still thinking hard about this laughs but if she does appear in the story then shell be a very tough looking woman and strict theres no way that shes a beautiful mother shes got this typical middle-aged womans permed hair now look part of this makes me wonder whether or not Oda has a Im sure hes thought about it before but I dont know if hes ever put a lot of thought into it this the way hes expressing it there seems to be like I dont know I dont know if Im gonna introduce her in the story or not Im kind of on the you know border of that I might have not to put a lot of thought into it I might have you know considered like a basic design for her but nothing like all that nothing Ive really put a lot of thought into essentially you know and this would actually be something really interesting if it was like a character in the background on ball to go like one of these characters that we see like right here that that girl with the feather in her hat Oda could have been like alright Ill draw someone in the background that might be Luffys mom and if I decide to go that way with the story then Ill include her and know like oh oh wow yeah she was drawn all the way back then but we didnt find out until now that it was actually Luffys mother the whole time and then itll seem like foreshadowing or he could just leave it as it is or design like like oh no thats not luffys mom thats just another character I just came up with so it might be like alright Im gonna play the field and see where Im gonna go with this um the idea of luffys mother being very strict like a tough kind of woman I mean it would make sense if she was a revolutionary but like I said you know if she was a revolutionary why wouldnt Ivanka Ive already know about her you know why wouldnt all the revolutionaries know about her I mean even if even if dragon never told anyone who she really was the fact that shes fouling around with a revolution in her Army and shes a big part of this organization you kind of want to make sure the people that are your that are you know in your Revolutionary Army are on the up-and-up that are dedicated to the cause there arent like secret spies or anything so background checks are probably a must it would just be weird and Yvonne Cobb was a high ranking members so its very weird that Ivanka wouldnt know so I dont think luffys mom is like a revolutionary like right now palling around with dragon you know ball to go there base was kind of they had to vacate it because of Blackbeard but III dont think shes a revolutionary with dragon at the moment but but yeah her being like a tough kind of woman though I dont know because like I guess then Luffy really takes after GARP because dragon isnt really like Luffy personality-wise the description Oda just gave about like the potential for Luffys mother isnt like Luffy really in any way so I guess Luffy just the you know it skips a generation and Luffy takes more after garbs personality I suppose and GARP is the one that raised him I mean its kind of interesting but I think you can kind of figure out where it went like you know dragon and his wife meet up and they have Luffy know his wife gives birth to Luffy and perhaps GARP because he was upset with how dragon turned out GARP kind of just like took luffy away or maybe dragons like I i cant raise this child or we cant raise this child theres some reason for you know im leading this revolutionary or dragon just left him with garbey you know garb didnt even have a choice in the matter like garb like dammit why do people keep leaving me their kids you know first roger and now my own son dammit im not a frickin daycare okay and and of course you know GARP you know trains luffy up when he was a kid you know tough love sort of thing maybe taking it to a lecture like theres debates now whether its acceptable to like hit your kid like like spanking is acceptable or something garb kind of took that to the next level throwing luffy and like a jungle for too easily all right luffy if you get eaten by a tiger you lose if you survive youll win you know and all this other stuff he did to luffy when he was a child that really toughened him up of course GARP eventually dropped him off at d Dons place in the

mountains along with ace and then thats where luffy like thats the part of the flashback that were aware of and for all intents and purposes the dawn is basically Luffys mom I mean if were just being like how he grew up and who was like the strong female like the matriarch in his air you know that in his eyes that would be dead-on even though luffy didnt really did really listen to did on all that much that was basically Luffys mom and and you know when luffy and ace left she was in tears so you know you got kind of feel for her there but as for Luffys biological mother you know I I would like her to be kind of goofy and silly I kind of like with luffys personality I found this piece of fan art today when I was looking when I was doing research for this video and I think this is just hilarious you know garb I mean I mean I dragon is this really serious revolutionary dude and Luffys mom is the one thats just like yeah lets do this crazy stuff you know and then like you know holding baby Luffy and stuff like that would be hilarious and I know thats the exact opposite of what Oda just stated in the interview but you never know with Oda you just never know he could decide to change it up he could have been he could have been playing with us in that interview he could have just been like oh yeah yeah luffys mom totally gonna be a serious no-nonsense not a very beautiful kind of lady very stern sort of person thats gonna be Goofys mom and then he could flip it on its side but like actually no Luffys moms gonna be this really goofy character you know just kind of not not really lying to us but just kind of like you know I want you to be surprised I dont wanna tell you everything Im gonna do you know and Im sure thats a question that maybe Oda wasnt prepared for maybe I dont know the circumstances of that interview I dont know if he knew the questions or anything and he might have just come up with that is like oh no no or maybe he prepared himself you know like people are gonna ask me about luffys mom Im sure hes gotten that aunt that question before plenty of time so he kind of came up with like uh-oh you know its gonna be like this you never know um as for a couple of other fan theories Maki know being luffys mother because Maki know was another kind of very strong female influence in luffys life growing up at a fuchsia village before garb you know took him to live with the Don Makino was kind of like his motherly figure she was very kind i I dont think thats the case though I would like to not think that Makino is luffys mom I think thats too obvious of a choice there people have thrown out people have thrown out theories involving crocodile and if youve never heard of this theory before the crocodile is luffys mom theory youre probably sitting there right now like way huh Gagas luffys all right I have a seven problems with that you know like you know the basic gist of it and Ive already referenced this in my crocodiles secret video that I did is you know crocodile used to be a woman and Ivanka have changed his gender and thats the whole thing involving Luffys mother you know I I just credit that theory entirely and I even mentioned it in the video you know like so Luffy just beat the ever-loving shit out of his mom at alabasta and it was just like no no no no emotion involving that no one ever knew the case it was and then later on and impelled down it just doesnt make any sense to me at all like beyond that you could say oh they well crocodile has black hair and Luffy has black hair and they have scars and they both wanted to be Pirate King and and the age is crocodiles like 44 and its like okay well hes 44 dragon maybe been late 40s early 50s something like that then its possible but what why am I even entertaining this I think thats just superficial stuff crocodiles not Luffys mom Luffy did not come out of crocodiles but getting to the end here who do I think Luffys mother is I think Luffys mother has never been revealed yet and that shes shes deceased thats what I personally believe I think luffys mother is is no longer alive and thats involving the you know the the interview that Oda did you know he directly contradicts that well not directly cuz he said luffys mom I think shes still alive you know she thinks still alive so that means that Oda might be still on the cuff about whether or not she is gonna be still alive um you know I think there could be a very powerful flash back there with luffys mother like like I said earlier finding out about his birth and everything but I dont think I just dont see it being like you know Luffy stumbles upon his mom someday and its like this really tearful reunion or anything IIIi dont know if that would really work with the story with Luffys family that his luffys family is very weird okay um you know if if Luffys mother is still alive I dont think shes a revolutionary I believe that she might be somewhere out there in the world but you know she would be maybe in the east as well but Luffy never ran into her I just its just so many things that make me think that just not around anymore and were am I gonna get a story involving her what kind of person she was will get her appearance and her name the same that we did with Rouge but her presence is not really all that important to the story like not the same way that like Kushina was to in in the Naruto storyline I dont think Luffys mothers gonna be that important I would like to think that she would be a rather beautiful lady you know and Oda was just messing with us there but maybe thats just wishful thinking and I know that might be kind of a cop-out at the end of this video like you say well worry what are you thinking I think that we have never seen her before and that she is dead like well dad dang it like hey I didnt title this video I know whose luffys mom is or this is what teching thinks Lupes mom is the video was just supposed to be in general discussing Luffys mom different theories Ive seen on the Internet SBS questions translations interviews what do you guys think comment below thats what this was its honestly a question Ive never really thought of all that my like Im like well Ive thought about it but Ive never liked sat down and been like okay whose Luffys mom I gotta crack the case on this cuz I never really viewed it as a part of the story thats gonna be all that important but who knows Oda might spit it on its head someday next time we see dragon maybe when he gathers all the members of the like the leaders of the Revolutionary Army together there will be his wife you know and therell be some explanation on how Yvonne Cobb just didnt know you know or why how it was kept a secret for so long who knows but thats thats my personal thought I think shes no longer with us but what do you guys think comment all that good shit thanks for watching everybody this will be talking 101 signing out later

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