The Great Gatsby: Wilson and Michaelis

who is michaelis in the great gatsby
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jeez jeez you know a couple months ago my wife came back from the city and she had a bruise face and a swollen nose ha ha ha ha George how long have you been married George would you

sit still and answer my question how long have you been married 12 years and did you ever have any kids did you ever have any children George go to church George if you havent been in a while

a long time do you want me to call a priest I dont belong to what George certainly into church didnt you get married in the church I was a long time ago checking that drawer why just check

it hey which drawer over there this I found out the other day my wife tried telling me about it but I knew something was funny wife bought this found the wrapped in paper towel George this means nothing

could have just then he killed her who did I have a way of finding out youre more of a Georgian what you talkin he murdered her was an accident George I know I know it was not an accident

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