The Dalai Lama on why reincarnation is not important

which actor is a devout buddhist who has studied with the dalai lama?
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so long sentient beings remain I will remain in order to serve so thats my daily prayer everybody draws their spirituality there thats million millions of people who are knowing their strengths dont you think there is a need for the 15th that I am up to carry on you know the message of peace my own right see concern my concern me the nest not my concern no Buddhist recognition no nagarjuna sri ganesha but they are teaching what Hosea remain so the teaching is important then the musician I feel sometimes in the Lama institution in Tibet basing some perishable fuel

system goodra its given so much look Middle East King sometimes to see they carry is it a princess possibility the regime and then political now today some sub country released something like that the King sir what the final authority so some and IV some vanish filter system reconditioned something very important in participation then what does the energy should be there the world is not into monsters Shri Ganesha should be there no even one child Express said convince Li what was life then people may 11 so this is realization of such as possible but no certain institution say yeah 2,000 years this is

order of buddhadharma isnt those authentic institution of computer Darcy Scylla insertion then another incision and data recognition in sushi so another the incision read then put the thermal also read in Tibet with those big Narsingh institution rigorous study in order to become a scholar or tenders for at least 20 30 years study so these such big monastry I think they really then hundreds so like demo monastic in Tibet usually support second denied an introvert so I kill Tibet today the whole Buddhist world I think we have sufficient knowledge about the time because of this institution not some individual funny you

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