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how does inertia affect a person who is not wearing a seatbelt during a collision?
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a routine traffic stop in a small German city this time police arent booking motorists for speeding rather theyre clamping down on people for not wearing their seat belts officer Jurgen Ursula has have about 12 tickets in 25 minutes this man was at the bank this woman at friends boat traveling short distances this woman says she usually buckles up today she was distracted by visiting grandkids they see before complete the excuses are many and varied some Im smelling infinitely organ Ursula says its amazing what people come up with anything can airbag is protection enough OS – suits but are they right just how much protection does an airbag provide we ask the safety experts at Germanys Auto Club the ADAC on todays league League conducts around 550 crash tests every year he has a strong opinion about airbags it audio he says its a total misconception that airbags can replace seat belts and airbags is only triggered by a certain force get s up and I give this Indust google help off thats clearly shown in our first crash test at 30 kilometers an hour the impact isnt hard enough to release the airbag passengers wearing seatbelts can probably escape with a few scrapes and bruises its a different story for those who arent strapped in clutz giving Irishmans Leias league link says without an air bag or seat belts both driver and passengers are totally unprotected the head and chest hit the steering wheel and windshield the knee and thigh hit the dash thank God even a collision at slow speeds can result in a serious injury and an airbag is no help at all if it doesnt inflate the police controls show that motorists disregard the dangers the psyche beside Solis manions rocks Ted says hes shocked by the statistics around 40% of stop vehicles theory people who arent wearing seatbelts often the drivers or one of their children Vida

fats like fuel Dinah stuck in the net enjoyed most of those cut would rather not comment on camera many feel as though they havent done anything wrong but what happens when an airbag is activated at a higher speed and it replaces safety belt here in Opel aster is being prepared for a collision at 64 kilometres an hour the speed for the Euro NCAP safety tests the Astra has passed it with flying colors achieving the highest safety rating but the tests were all conducted with fasten seatbelts what about just an airbag its all over in a fraction of a second as expected the Astras cockpit holds firm inside the airbags were triggered but the passengers are far from okay just enough info andreas giggling says theyve certainly suffered serious to critical injuries the lower extremities heads crashing together the drivers chest hitting the steering wheel all life-threatening injuries with them the head hitting the windshield can cause extreme neck trauma and when the accident is over there still contact between driver and passenger during the rebound and alone can be fatal to cope contact Susan Fargo and by Fire Island air can to listen with an air bag but without a safety belt the collision was potentially fatal the same crash test at 64 kilometres an hour has a much different result when all occupants are strapped in most likely theyd sustained only light injuries once a secret Auckland highest league link says the difference is like night and day the seat belt is the number one lifesaver in combination with an air bag the risks of injury are even lower because an airbag disperses the energy but he stresses on its own and airbag is not sufficient to protect a driver or passenger Cayenne fell outside into a cotton so the humble seat belt can save lives at every speed especially in city traffic its the only insurance against serious harm

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