“The Child Who Is Not Embraced By The Village Will Burn It Down To Feel Its Warmth”

the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth
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my friends so I saw a animation show the other day online and Ill just show you it quickly it said the child who was not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth and its an African proverb when I heard that it really resonated with me because its something that you see over and over again today here in countries that are affected by Western imperialism and war where you have people joining various groups because theyre so fed up of their country being destroyed by Western imperialism and after a while they seem they lose all their humanity and theyre theyre looking for some connection because their country or their communities have been destroyed and theyre so angry about Western imperialism and occupation occupation of their country and so theyre desperate and theyre there theyre tired of their religion if indeed they have a religion or whether they just think that theyre following a religion which is unfortunately Mohave ism is a distortion of Islam and so there are people who follow that they barely know anything about the Quran but anyway whether they know whether if whatever theyre doing theyre looking for some connection and I think about this often because I you know we and you know there are lots of examples of people who lost their connection theres also examples of you know there are a lot of men who dont know how to be because they theyre told that they this this is mixed messages are saying with women theres mixed messages about being being tough still and not being up to show emotion and so forth and then they seek out and depending on what community community or country they belong to they seek out some meaning in groups and even if that means they seek out meaning and say white supremacist groups which fit into the belief system or that they want to blame a certain group for their and that often its punching down on minority groups they want to blame certain groups for instead of looking to you know the power structures and governments and the politicians who are not doing what theyre supposed to be doing which is basically serving the public so they instead of them looking to those as the culprits they turn on people that are vulnerable this happens all over the place you know the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to fill its wants now Im not making excuses for men who do this or Im not making excuses for anybody who is perpetrating violence against different groups but but there is a lot of displacement today with people no matter and Im not even just Im not just talking about men Im talking about and Im not talking about victims of Western imperialism Im just talking in general because of you know capitalism will always be a problem because its always going to be exploitative thats the nature of capitalism and neoliberalism is always going to be a problem and weve all been you know communities have been being atomized due to neoliberalism this you know social media even though its brought people together is also taking people apart where people tend to focus on certain interests and they forget about everything else and the mainstream media if youve read or see sorry if youve seen that recent on contact with Chris Hedges where he interviews Matt Taibbi who talks about how the mainstream media he takes it further than an Chomsky talking about manufacturing of consent he he talks about how theyve made it almost like a worldwide wrestling match where theres a body and the goodie but they select who is the body like if its somebody whos been somebody who is say communist or socialist that theyve been sort of injured or killed or whatever they dont show any interest in that because that goes against their business model and if theyre you know but but they might show interest in someone who has killed that is part of their tribe so to speak or part of the system you know capitalist system or the imperialist system and and he is um is Elia she likes to come in and visit um so so you know thats thats the thats the thing you know the mainstream media now its been setting up people that you should hate the mainstream media has been setting up people that you should hate and you know deciding who we should hate which is usually vulnerable groups and and he wrote you know sort of help holds up you know sort of a pedestal those that should not be held up on a pedestal thats you know some imperialist war mongers and and all that kind of thing so you know its its sort of like and its actually ended up with people being only hearing the opinions that are sort of their own of something that that doesnt challenge them so he was talking about that and of course that reinforces this this separation of all of us really and that instead of looking looking at the power structures and the structural racism and all of that and heterosexism and all of that we start a lot of us start turning on one another you know how it is when you you know when one can feel irritated sometimes you can take it out on somebody that has nothing to do with that with your irritation and unfortunately thats what a lot of people do when they when they feel like theyre being tracked bias the system where theyre poor or or theyre black or theyre living in a situation that is they cannot get out of which is what a lot of neoliberalism has brought us now extreme poverty and inequality in capitalism the course has brought extreme inequality and imperialism because its inextricably linked with capitalism imperialism is so when you get people who when you get them a lot of people who are feeling disaffected and theyll turn on theyll turn on instead of turning up instead of turning to the the structures of power and the state they end up turning on one another anyway this is a sort of this is what we have now and and its only going to get worse from now on until we probably and I believe until we have some sort of a socialist society because capitalism just doesnt work so and and its just its its an ecocide happening right now so um and I when I was watching shes looking for something to do when I was watching I was watching Russell Brand hes a comedian also a writer social activist like I guess you could call him and he was talking about he has a YouTube channel and he was talking about how he was talking about anxiety and fear and something he said which Ill share with you before I actually

talk about what he says some I must say that you know it doesnt always win when with with the way the world is and how many disenfranchised people there are and so forth we dont always have to end up turning on the more vulnerable of us you know for example in in Venezuela with all the crippling US sanctions that are happening Venezuelans are actually you know because they want to keep the Bolivarian revolution going they all turn to one another to support one another and that would be something that would be a great outcome for these the more oppressive things that are happening today if we all turn to one another instead of turning away from one another and trying to blame people around us and thats where learning about mmt comes in – because Im not going to go into why that is but you should check that out because that if you have an understanding of a sovereign economy that will really benefit you and also reduce some of this blaming groups for taking away your money oh you know via taxes and all this sort of thing theres myth that federal tax is fun spending it and that somehow people and that somehow people are the groups that a disenfranchised are taking away our money or something that sort of thing so Im not going to go into that but just look for the hashtag learn mmt and check that out so but you know the Venezuelans are all banding together and this can be a good outcome before extreme this extreme sort of inverted totalitarianism really thats happening in the United States and which is starting to happen around the world and for those of you who are not familiar with that term inverted totalitarianism shes determined to come in here and and get my attention so if you see the camera shaking you know that all air is here trying to get my attention anyway so inverted totalitarianism was a word a term invented by Sheldon Walden showing Wolin and its in it says its its different from classical forms of totalitarianism it does not find its expression in a dangerous or charismatic leader but in the faceless and the anonymity of the corporate state our invaded totalitarian outward fealty to the facade of electoral politics the Constitution civil liberties freedom of the press the independence of the judiciary and the iconography traditions and language of the American patriotism but it has effectively seized all the mechanisms of power to render the citizen impotent and thats true because as you can see from from havent forgotten about talking about Russell Brand in his video if youre an anxiety this is all related but you know this is the sort thing that we have going now inverted totalitarianism in the United States gives all the impressions of sort of democracy and all of that and that we have some sort of power but in fact its really the its own you know the state is own really by undirected by corporations and thats happening slowly in Australia and now that we once again have a right-wing government Scott Morrison here in Australia thats only going to get worse so this is sort of like going to just accelerate that and eventually well all all sort of countries will you know probably have this inverted totalitarianism so you know this is why you know we have to turn to one another and support one another and this sort of punching this kind of dissing identity politics which that when presented this idea of identity politics is exploited by you know institutions like the Democratic Party who exploit it so that they can use different people as bait like you know Alexandria Acacio Cortes and Kamala Harris people different people women of color and all this kind of thing they exploit identity politics its not really identity politics it takes in everybody who anybody who is in a minority group has every right to organize and its very important to do so so you know when you hear people sort of blaming identity politics for the reason the left is you know the left the real left is kind of in a mess and thats not really fair because identity politics in itself is actually fine as long as those that are promoting a certain certain rights for a certain group also recognize the struggles of other groups and realize that it is a class struggle ultimately its a class struggle and that we we and you know we cant get lost in our own sort of our own minority groups and thinking that and not not being aware of what the of the greater issue which is class struggle and thats where I would critique that was where I would critique criticize identity politics in that Ive seen it myself you know with certain groups who are totally focused on their and they cannot and that they dont sort of acknowledge other other peoples struggles very much if at all so thats thats a problem but you know I just thought Id throw that in there because Ive noticed that a lot of people and people who consider themselves on the left are blaming identity politics even though what is presented to us as identity politics but the democratic party in the u.s. is really just an exploitation of that its completely shallow and false and its really just using different groups as bait to bring people into that awful party that awful war mongering corporate-owned party so anyway Im digressing so Ill go back to Russell Brand and this video I saw of him which is related to that image I showed you in the beginning he was talking about fear and anxiety at the end of the video he said I would say that many of the problems we have today is from having lost contact with the indigenous and native way in which we are supposed to live in communities with one another with tribal connections to one another with purpose and meaning which would once have been derived from our requirements to survive now happily removed or at least reappropriation in the need to work need to earn money indirect obligation to duties rather than to forage hunt gather etc and remember Im vegan so Im not talking about hunting animals or anything this is more about the idea of you know community and being in communities so rather than to forage hunt gather etc that our bodies and minds were cultivated in and conceived in created in so I suppose the spiritual solution must be to do as best we can to recreate our native traditions I dont think hes actually meaning literally creating native traditions through gratitude service connections to others I hope thats the answer because I dont want to live my life in continual anxiety looking for temporary solutions so I hope thats true so thats Russell Brand

and that turn in his video about anxiety and fear and and I Ive often thought that and Ive had numerous discussions over the years about this the lack the lack of community like even here where I live and really you know where where we are in some ways cut off from like-minded people in that you know that we dont really well firstly we dont really know who our neighbors are except for maybe really close neighbors nearby and and some we have things in common with and others not so much but we have we all communicate with each other when theres times like the bush fires in the beginning of the year which were very scary and if you followed my channel you know what I mean by that so you know thats the sort of thing that people would have done in the in the old days you know when they didnt have TV and even radio or any sort of communication they had to come and keep in contact with each other and support one another and if they if there was a some sort of disaster that happened everybody would band together because its in me its in the best interest of the community and you know you get to trust one another even if you dont really have that much in common with each other you you get to trust each other because youve been in one in other spaces you know what its like when people are working in the same sort of a organization and they get they come in at m– in the morning and they see each other every day and even though you may not have much in common with those people you get to kind of trust them because after many months of seeing each other every day just being in these in these spaces with each other on your were just animals you get to you get to know people and you get to trust people in one way or another or not trust people you sort of you know you know its this this visit being in the physical space which is what a lot of us dont have anymore and the only time I probably experience sort of community is you know we we try and where we are we try and sort of cultivate a sort of nice feelings towards neighbors and vice versa know by sort of offering to do stuff you know if we go down to pick up something from town or or if something wrong happens you know if it was some he goes away and they need somebody to check out and look after their place you know check keep an eye on it or in cases like the fires you know where we were all we didnt have to literally go across to our neighbors and talk to them because we had SMS you know we had to Mia text each other but we were basically keeping in contact of if there was going to be embers starting to come across the river and start you know real problems over on our side of the river because there was really serious fire since has mania this year in the beginning of this year so we were able to do that and thats sort of something that has been kind of lost you know is this sort of people dont really know in many ways who theyre living next to anymore and they dont really they dont really entirely trust anybody because theyve never really been in physical spaces with them and seen them often and that can be of course just because people are constantly tracted you know an intro that theres this impermanence of people living in areas because of neoliberalism people keep having to change jobs or find some sort of job or you know its and its kind of in some ways destroyed community I could go into that more but thats all Ill say about that but its like so we dont really have those connections with people anymore and we dont really even know who were living next door to most of the time particularly if you live in urban areas and you live in a building a finding community now on online and have been for some time and so theyre all grouping together in these virtual communities but theyre not really the same you know its not really the same being in a virtual community because theyre really just usernames on a board or usernames on a page or a group and you dont have that important sort of physical interaction and seeing peoples expressions and their behaviors and thats why theres a lot of that well one of the reasons theres a lot of rudeness online is because people dont theres no accountability ability and people can just be you know anonymous uses basically anyway theres a lot of people looking for connection online and I have to say because we dont have as much like-minded people say in our area you know we also derive a sort of support in a way just by being a part of say people who are on the Left who want to end Wars and you know want to end imperialism and want to you know em social inequality and all that kind of thing we you know I find social support online just by not not literally talking to people for just the fact that they have those same sort of attitudes and same sort of values but you know thats not the same in some ways its very important to me of course but its not the same as say physically having some friend or friends you know I have I have a few friends that are sort of like that but I dont see them very much because they live in another part of you know they live you know a couple of hours away or whatever an hour and a half away so I dont get to see them so much but we all need to have some sort of community in a way and thats why so many people are looking to communities online because thats in some ways being lost um and thats thats really bad in some ways and but then of course the online is really great for realizing theres a lot of people who have felt really isolated in the way they are for example say trans people have been able to connect online they felt like they were the only person who was trans in their area or something or in this state and then they meet other people who have you know who have stories to tell about that and have experiences at the same time all that kind of things so online is very is very important as well but nothing in some ways beats this sort of like a physical community I

really feel like that and I really agree with Russell Brand in that um and you know as he said service is a really important thing you know like that saying if you want to be happy you know benefit others you know if you sort of if were always just so thinking about ourselves and how how unhappy we are and how we dont have this and dont have that if were not grateful for what we have then we you know weve become discontented and but if were grateful for what we have even if its even if its not much if we feel grateful what we havent if we try and be of service to others and benefit others then that certainly makes can make one happier and it also creates a trust and all of that so you know thats a really really important thing anyway but you can tell by the number of suicides that are happening in the world how many people and theres many I mean I think every up every eight minutes or something somebody kills themselves or every ten minutes in the world someone kills themselves and theres all sorts of reasons for that of course but you know I really think that part of it is just not feeling like they belong not feeling like they are connected to anybody and feeling isolated and also you know poverty and and feeling victimized and all of that kind of thing leads to that and you know so this the child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth even the people who are in power um you know I cant say that anybody who is happy oppressing like for example ribbit Rupert Murdoch who seems to take delight in sort of putting his foot on the throats of unemployed people or or different ethnic groups or Muslims or whatever I cant say that anybody here really is like that is in any way truly happy they might think theyre happy and they might take great delight in doing that in some ways but inside how happy can you be if thats how you if thats how you sort of derive some sort of feeling of satisfaction to feeling satisfaction at the expense of others term the victimization of others so you know I dont know how people like that became that way I think actually having power over time Robs people of their empathy you know that up thats saying absolute power corrupts absolutely I think that thats in some ways true and I think that a lot of these people in power they eventually its just just too easy to affect the lives of many many people and I think after a while they dont see the they didnt see people everyday people as as real people they see them as just statistics and consumers and they dont see them that way and I think in some ways some people who have this source a bit of a psychopathic or sociopathic whatever it is bent end up sort of like they end up going for those positions of power and then ending up at exploiting and harming other people so but you know dozens of it thats thats another example of you know I didnt know that they are incapable of of empathy incapable of of empathy towards others and then you know so they end up you know they end up persecuting people theres all kinds of I think examples of you know those who are not embraced I dont know thats probably not the best example but I think theres a lot of examples of that African proverb today in the world and theres all sorts of ways that we burn burn it down to fill fill its warmth when we feel isolated or rejected and so forth growing up in a certain minority group I understand also you know the isolation of that being I wouldnt I dont really like to label myself particularly much but I guess you would say that I was same-sex attracted and still AM of course but its like I grew up in the 60s and it was really not even mentioned then but I knew I knew at a certain point not to ever mention it not to talk about it not to act on any sort of feelings towards other people of the same sex and and you know thats the sort of an isolation that happens and you know not that I felt like I wanted to start attacking other groups or but you know sort of but its like with some people you know if theyre if theyre vilified if theyre rejected if theyre bullied and and you know Ive been I have I wasnt necessary bullied at school because I wasnt really out at school because it wasnt safe I knew that there was something there must mean something wrong with it even though I actually didnt feel theres anything wrong with me but I knew that there must be something wrong with it because it nobody seemed to be like me or talking about it or and eventually when I got to be in my teens I realized that that wasnt there was something there must be something wrong with it and thats the thing when you know if youre in minority groups you can the thats thats a sort of an isolation so you gravitate initially to groups that are like you to people that are like you to feel support and not feel alone people dont always have that in the countries that they live in because some are extremely homophobic or whatever theyre their heterosexist sticks to the extreme and so that isnt always evolved it wasnt so bad in Australia but it wasnt good and you know theres all sorts of ways that people are excluded and like an example of them say the you know the Columbine massacre in the late 90s there was a transcript of one of the one of the people who one of the boys who was killing people the killing of students in the Columbine massacre he said to this one of these kind of you know jocks I guess you could call them you know sports sort of sport kind of guys who had actually been persecuting this the shooter you know persecuting the guy who was killing people it at school he turns of that guy and pointed the gun at him and he said you know that you used to call me a faggot and all this kind of thing and he was that you know basically even in that moment of all this sort of where they were murdering children murdering students students that really had nothing to do with with their persecution you know him feeling isolated or whatever Im sorry Ive forgotten this like theyd shoot his name the guy who was doing the shooting it doesnt

matter but you know theyre loaded a lot of the students that he killed were had nothing to do with his isolation or his persecution this particular you know jock who you know they used to wear on those baseball caps around apparently so they were actually wanting to kill those people first and nobody stood up they said you know everybody use some you know with the everybody I forget they asked them they asked everybody in the cafeteria the ones that were these sports guys you know to so stand up and they didnt stand up so then they said okay well well just and basically decided to sort of kill everybody and these were the guys the the sports guys the jocks who were the ones that were sort of persecuting them at school or at least one of them at school and so thats when he said to that guy he didnt end up shooting that guy who was actually had been calling them faggot and everything he left him alive he didnt shoot him which is a very interesting thing and Im not sure why maybe he decided that was the app so he had the absolute power at that point and that he was choosing he was going to let that guy remember that he had the power to kill him and he didnt at that time it was a very odd thing so but you know thats thats an example of somebody who was people didnt notice that he or didnt act on it enough or didnt act on it at all and he ended up you know it ended up in a tragedy of killing a whole lot of innocent people so anyway theres a lot of people that are disaffected today and its only going to get worse theres a lot of people feeling isolated and thats only going to get worse unless we start you know sort of trying to build communities and stuff and thats what Russell Brand is saying Ive been thinking about that for a while with and we try to build some kind of community where we are in this rural area which I think we have in some ways and also theres a cafe nearby where theres two gay guys who own the cap theyre married and they try to build a community in that cafe there are sort of all these different ways and they have its a really great community down at this BS cafe and theres all sorts of ways that we can build community and it doesnt have to be around certain interests necessarily but just sort of where we show care and love to others so that people dont feel isolated and they dont feel like you know that thats so important particularly in this day and age where were heading towards this sort of invert inverted totalitarianism or the lords and serfs sort of a situation and before capitalism falls in a heap if ever it does its going to only get worse and worse and so you know thats something that we have to try and avoid is people just feeling so isolated that they kill themselves or so isolated that they want to kill other people which unfortunately in a patriarchal society a lot of men particularly white men young white men tend to to go that way and or they kill their whole families or they kill their partners you know theres something does for another thats for another video but thats a whole other sort of really unfortunate thing that you know patriarchy has brought us and you know if I did a very job a very good job acting sort of sort of pulling that together but I I just when I saw that image I just thought god thats so sad it it just resonates with me you see a time and time again people joining groups that its not so good that theyre in those groups and theres violence associated with it and then taking out that violence punching down on minority groups and all that kind of thing the sort of its a kind of looking for meaning in things that arent so good and looking for for you know kinship because they dont know where to go and so they end up getting together with in toxic situations and why do they seek out these toxic situations where theres violence and where theres attacking of other groups like these white supremacists white nationalist groups theres various explanations for that but I mean at a really base level theres there are there are people looking for a group that where they have they feel like theyre a part of that group I mean its really sad that its that kind of group and that its you know that theres sort of these values of racists things and racism and homophobia and transphobia and all of that but still its something that they feel a part of and but we have to provide well firstly we have to encourage children to empathy empathetic with one another and be sensitive and not see that as some threatening thing that oh no youre trying to turn boys into girls and all that nonsense empathy and care and love is a human thing its not a gendered thing as some its not a male/female but this BS of masculinity and femininity which it just sort of constructs we have to encourage children to care about others and that includes non-human animals by being big and stop persecuting the vulnerable and when we when we absolutely dont need to these are all things that we can start doing and stop playing into these ridiculous gendered things that boys are taught then they have to show no emotion and yadda-yadda and elevating that in some ways is oh hes so hes so strong because he doesnt he he doesnt show any emotion he doesnt really hes not fearful and all this nonsense all that kind of thing we have to get beyond that and start being a society that is that values human qualities and you know you know sort of care and compassion and justice and equality and all of that and then maybe we might have a chance and even if we are going to go extinct through this climate in crisis thats happening now at least by that stage we can be something better than what we have been in the past anyway thats all I wanted wanted to say so thanks so much for watching please click the subscribe button if you like the content and please click notification spell if you want to see received up updates and click the like button if you like content and please leave comments I always enjoy your comments and thank you so much for your support and thanks so much for watching my names Trisha Robert see what shes made signals from here till next time bye for now

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