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hey guys its ro welcome back to my channel I got so many requests from you all to make a meet my boyfriend or like a boyfriend tag video and Im so excited cuz this is the first time that Im doing this I would like you to meet you may be very familiar with this face cuz not only is this handsome man my manager but he is also afraid hey guys most requested video of 2018 was who is your boyfriend so might a Kay husky in addition to being my manager well what else does you do well when ro and I first met I had a gaming youtube channel that was top 100 on YouTube yes I did that for a long time super fun I would commentate eSports events all over the country and then I moved to LA built a gaming branch of a company and I started managing people and Rosana was one of them and shes the only one who listened to me so I was really into that and she still wasnt supposed to say Im the only one who listened its true its true you said I was very coachable ro is very very coachable which is great I think it comes from your team sports days so its good she listens to me sometimes well its cuz I really respected and value your opinion do you do a good job you may not know this about yourself or you may already but he knows how to grow a business but I like how you do it I really admire people in business who have like strong ethics and morals they do it the right way well she makes it easy once I got to know ro a little bit I was like well this is this is a no brainer so all of my social media handles are at cus key so it makes it really really easy Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube I think Im most active on Instagram right now and maybe Ill be active on YouTube again if if people request it are you Im so excited I was so proud of you to actually start posting photos again I was like yes yes yes yes so Im a little excited a little bit follow subscribe heart like all of at Husky social medias because whos a great sport for doing this video with me okay so before I start and get into these questions I kind of wanted to share our story of how we met is this our love story I mean it might be I think it was one of the most natural like forming relationships Ive ever had in my life and I think it was really I dont know really cute I really really really really really a lot really so we met nine years ago and we worked together for about that long too because when we met it was not romantic it was not love at first sight that was not the vibes I was putting out where he was putting out Mikes very very professional in fact so professional that when we were working together for over a year hmm I didnt even know if you liked me as a person because you were so stoic I never even knew like where I stood with you so Row is a part of a lot of the projects I was working on and I dont like to ask people out until I know a little bit about them I dont really jump into the pool all at once if its super cold I slowly tiptoe in Im the cold pool probably not the best example thats terrible point is I like to take my time I get to know someone first I would say that we both moved slowly when it comes to love and we both were not in a mindset to date so we work together a really long time and then we gradually started to get closer and then things change so heres the question might be asked questions Mike Lawrence is when did it change for me after work hed be there for a long time I realize hey I kind of like this girl she made a paleontology dinosaur joke for me Im kind of geeky and stuff I was like way thats I kind of like this so wait theres for you as the day I made a dinosaur joke thats not you sweep me off my feet you wait a year and then you make a dinosaur paleontology joke that girl who just told a dinosaur joke shes the one you were so professional you we never flirted with each other it was all business and ever since you love letters like that know that we were spending so much time together it just very good friends because we work together so much some days we were working 16 hours and I really enjoyed your company we really worked well together and then I

think what clicked for me is over time I realized hey this guy who Im hanging out with for 16 hours a day mm-hmm Im just grinding Im not only really enjoy his company but at the end of the day when I go home and sleep I would actually miss your company and I was like how you do that like please keep talking about if you wanna throw I just thought how rare is that to find someone who you work with and spend that much time with that is true and then you miss them another question that we get asked a lot is how is it working with your significant other cuz Mikes my manager and Im talent so how does that work and in my opinion Ill go first and then you could go okay Im curious to hear this in my opinion we work really well because were both we do workaholics we love working so I think that like our goals and our drives are the same thing I think it works because we start out working together yeah and we have similar goals and similar things that we love so we kind of went into it with all that in mind and so everything we do kind of makes sense because it just meshes together now lets get into these questions I hope you guys enjoyed our love story this question is from Mark SW and it is how did you two meet so the very first time we laid eyes on each other well where did we meet we met at a gaming convention nine years ago it was Anaheim Convention Center thats where VidCon is every year we randomly sat next to each other mm-hmm there was a huge sea crowd of people and I was sitting down and theres empty seats and Mike and his whole team you have like a whole I ask what yeah we were rolling around you you sat right next to it weak so at this event I would meet several thousand people because I worked at that event and I sat next to row by a douchebag mister steal yo girl now again it wasnt love at first sight but I did see she had french fries and that was love at first sight he was staring not at me he wasnt stereo he was staring at my food and I could see you just staring at my French I was like you look like a snack cuz he literally our food and I was like would you like my fries and you were like yes complete stranger I know it does rich I know the flight thing is to not to say no oh no Im okay I was so hungry I really scooped all the fries out and ate them immediately and then after that we exchange contact information and started to work together yeah Mike invited me to be in a bunch of his projects that he was filming and just kind of grew from there next question from Rupert the baker hey I like it already long have you been together oh this is tricky because we dont officially have an anniversary because we did just start dating really gradually yeah weve known each other for nine years yeah and weve worked together for about nine years and weve been dating I mean at least six years well you never asked me out like you never asked me on a date theres no like a fit thats why we dont have an anniversary we never went on like a first date because I feel like everything was so natural over time yeah what was our first date theres a question though to me I think we had to me our first date is when you took me a cheesecake factory for the first time I mean to me it was to me it was I was like this is a great date things are going well I havent messed this up come to find out later I dont think it was actually a date cuz were gonna group and apparently that doesnt you know doesnt count okay you guys if youre watching this video does it count as a date its a date if I invite you out to somewhere Ive never been before to lunch with all of my friends everything a big group and we hang out whoo I got a juicy question for you huh do you mean this question comes from Liv Avery on Twitter and it is where have you been hiding him for so long well we never made the decision to hide our relationship like add events like VidCon or on tour like homing ham my hands were being a normal couple so we never hit it ever we were just us but we also on the other hand we never like advertised it and we never really put out there we never bought yeah a billboard that says were dating no I

think about that maybe we should advertise it like I want to be honest brand building is advertising what if its my Christmas present were a couple and everything nobody cares people draw Weiner on my face dont play a weiner on my face put on MySpace Mike hows a bear had to meet anyway so you can put on this forehead you use put a big theres a longer face big weenie marriage marriage right this one my mom what is going on here are you a fast moving hustle I know its weve only known each other nine years were only business partners own a home together a done never get married in the first decade you dont marry someone in the first decade exactly my face is no yours are 30 next question children question mark were not doing that right how long until you think about your children Im doing a dating video slow it down my boyfriend weve been dating for one month children I like double decades really ducks this Molly drinking her drinks thats one of the questions one the boyfriend tag when we go out to a restaurant okay what drink do I order I have a funny story one time we were at a double date with Matt Pat and Steph I went to the bathroom for literally two minutes I come back row has ordered five drinks there was a arch of drinks in front of her there was five drinks it was whatever this way this is the first time five different drinks I think you had ice water of course you had like a chai tea you had I I think in ice tea a coffee and a mimosa it was five drinks so what drink do I order there is a minimum of three every time I go out easily cuz I like to taste everyones menus Im a foodie so I love tasting like the different house cafe lattes and blends I like you order a lot of things its very unique and very endearing Oh another question is what are each others quirks do I go first or do you go first I mean please go first one of your quirks is that youre a minimalist hmm I dont like to have a lot of clutter I dont like to have a lot of stuff and everything I have I like to be it has a purpose as a use function Im very functional so getting gifts for you was a little tricky because you dont tend to like me like were sentimental kind of like food fluffy so a lot knickknacks around you like function functional so so thats kind of quirky cuz not everybody is a minimalist Im a little bit more sentimental but I really am really clean and organized I think thats why we like live together really well and that can ties into the quirk that I have for you which is you will always make the bed always no matter what the situation is we will be at a hotel and we are running behind it we need to go and Rose may be like oh I got a big bed and she gets it like perfect so I think thats something thats really and quirky my fault though its ingrained in reasons I was little we made the bed every morning almost like it was very militant so I still today its just a daily habit that I cant break even when Im on vacation and I know that theres room service I know that they do it I just its engrained in my brain its I dont even think about it just like Im on autopilot I guess I didnt work very well since were being so honest with each other about our quirks another one of ROS quirks is she is not very modest I dont mean in a bad way at all but she is just a very free spirit and very open my theatre days because we had to do really quick you know chain wardrobe changes in and out literally between two scenes when I was doing grease I played the character sandy I would just run backstage stand there and four people would just strip the clothes off me undress me and then redress me and the outfits are so different for her if it was a 20 second costume change not always in a theater play at that very moment but I feel like sometimes ro feels that way and I find it hilarious is one of the things you manage as my manager yeah like does ro have clothes on yeah lets me close the door before the outfit we were you just walking around sweater and do a photo shoot I was like sure speaking of clothing nobody leaves their socks everywhere guilty I would say its quirky because its uniquely just his socks and its not a knowing thing is just gonna make funny and I didnt realize

I did this until is pointed out because as soon as the workday is over the first thing that comes off is the socks right lets take him right off but then I I did I realize I sleeve them in very peculiar places yeah you took it too far one time I opened the cupboard get like cereal and Mike socks are in the cupboard by the food I wish this was an exaggeration I think what happened you just like were taking them off and you put them in there I have a higher kind of a one-track mind and so I got home first thing it comes off as the shoes second thing that happens is you eat your cereal and I apparently I had the socks in my hand and you cant have cereal maybe your hand is full so I apparently put them in the cupboard yeah I think I put em in the fridge one time – same story I think its to get the milk so its always cereal related I feel like so if you invite Mike over to your house you may get some random socks Rell have you seen my socks you may seem like my boob if youre friends with me long enough it may just happen it has happened I think were ready for not quite okay yes Oh Mike heres a question what is my Starbucks order I already know yours is a strawberry acai professor I mean this is lets just see okay this is wait but I have to okay so theres the cold drink and then well this this is the hot drink you always get okay which is the chai tea latte Judy are you been doing filthy lately because you have a lot of energy two shots of espresso yeah thats two that and then you for your cold drink you used to do iced tea but now you also like the cappuccino lainte the coffee one yeah the coffee Frappuccino white oh yeah and you get coconut openness which you used to do almond milk okay points for you I I didnt know you were paying attention oh how old is he younger than me 19 no 21 what was your first impression of me the first time we talked I realize youre very sweet and youre very open and youre very honest but in a good way wait thats really sweet my first impression of you was Northwest vibes I know I couldnt put my finger on it man you knew though right I just you knew really felt cuz Im from Seattle oh I should thats one of the questions Im not supposed to tell you that I mean I think I know what your problem I know you do I figured it out secrets out were not a new couple were new to the Internet no were not a new couple you know where I found mine or your friend I have met her parents yes we have met each others parents they stay here for the holidays I have lived with your parents yes traditional tag question is here um whats my favorite restaurant oh I think theres two I think your favorite restaurant based purely on taste in food and deliciousness Im a foodie so the same parts about it everywhere you you know me I think I do its Felix which is an Italian restaurant and its so good again that Pat took us there for the first time with Stephanie yeah double date there ah and after they its probably my favorite restaurant too Im gonna say something different this was not the same and he also loved crossroads which is a vegan restaurant yes but they make everything not like it tastes like it has meat in its so crazy and amazing so I think those are probably your two so talented yeah yep nailed it its so good I know you like those restaurants as well I do but I know your true love with my other lover you love those burritos I do youll sneak a Taco Bell run like hell go the grocery store like no no Ill get the eggs I got a little longer than it should I think my favorite part is every time you get an inkling youll call me and literally like checking out and Im like trying to manage both things at once without her knowing and then Ill get her nachos the nachos but for like sit-down restaurant Felix is so good incredible we have a diet and we dont have a reservation there did you mean on your date thank you made me a date no did not make me a date dude might wake me youd be empty so thats how much we like Felix its pretty that would also be one of her quirks and we add that when he looks really grumpy or like when he looks were gonna stop why and shes literally [Laughter] [Laughter] okay Im gonna

this into a game can you get the point theyre so festive thats sweet and you got answer these quick – Im gonna give you a point if you get a bunch of points I like cook dinner for your so what do we argue about the most I would say when we have bad communication it can cause arguments yeah I think thats the only time we argue is when we either dont communicate like in business like I dont tell you that I had already done it if you dont tell me that you had already did it anyway both do some things – dont waste time communication is key give me occasions great okay you get a point who wears the pants in the relationship I would definitely say we both wear wear the pants yep we have a lot of pants Im here in this airlock all the T going on yeah there they are dirty I know Im will blur it out if Im watching TV what am I watching any new show on Netflix Rose actually seen every Netflix original yeah what is one food I dont like hazelnut flavor artificial hazelnut Deena liking creamers and stuff like that she cannot handle it what were all right I can measure your foot its about a four in the ladies what would I eat every day if I could Im gonna say pizza for both of us if we gotta do something other than pizza maybe fall for you yeah definitely what is my eye color no cheese weve been together long enough I know that theyre purple no theyre brown whats my eye color its also great yeah its like a blueberry its really cool I dont know anyone else who has blue grey eyes new tag question what is my favorite fancy designer I dont have a lot of designer clothes but what is my favorite fancy designer if I could get something from a fancy fancy design oh who would I go to what would be the number one go-to designer that I would want to wear I mean you love your Chanel purse I dont know if thats is that your favorite I would say Chanel if I had to correct ding ding hey who is my best friend oh this is hard I have a lot of girlfriends the thing you love being in a group so even if we get invited theyre like yeah you can bring your press1 your significant other youre like well how about my +10 yeah so I dont know if you have a favorite best friend if I could live anywhere where would it be not including California I was gonna say you love Los Angeles I who love I love California cuz you can literally do anything here if you want desert mm-hmm you get desert if you want to be on the beach and go the beach if you want to go snowboarding you drive three hours and youre it has it all I have loved Southern California so if we didnt include California dont include California where would it be I think itd be one of two for me where would I New York yeah I think you love New York City we visit there all the time and its such a fun place to visit and I think for relaxing Hawaii ding-ding points for my points for work I feel like it was a trick question theres two answers but I knew it go again so that does it for the me my boyfriend boyfriend tag video I really hope you guys enjoyed this video this is it was so fun this is amazing I loved it Ive never done a video like this and Im just so excited that you guys wanted to see this video and get to know Mike ake a husky you may remember his intro from back of the day was he was the skiers thats out you live with some action and were gonna be kissing these things another thing anyways a big thank you to you guys for suggesting this video and a big thank you to Mike thank you this was amazing it was so fun doing this video with me again imma be putting his links down below in the description all of his social media hes got some new social media it is at Husky on everything and also if you would like to show some support for this channel dont forget to give this video a thumbs up if you like this kind of video and dont forget to subscribe and it will ring the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video alright thanks again you guys bye-bye ah I will see you guys next time tear impersonation of me and Ill see you guys next time do your intro do your intro Ive loved it for me everyone this is here back with some more Starbucks drinks Starbucks action mm-hmm help me Mackinac no B

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