The Best Car for Someone in a Wheelchair?! – Our new Tesla Model X!

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[Zack] Alright, Im ready. You ready? Okay… [Cambry] Three, two, one…blastoff. [Cambry] Nature everywhere. Really cool. [Zack] That is amazing. So there are a lot of cars out there. A huge variety. And all of them are good for different things. [Cambry] And theres a lot of cars out there that are great for people with physical limitations like myself. Some are better than others, but pretty much any car can be adapted for a wheelchair user. But there are not very many cars that dont require you to go to the gas station. And if youre a wheelchair user, you know thats a big deal. Im talking big deal. And Ill show you in a second why that is. [Zack] Full disclosure: since this technology is new, its is ridiculously expensive right now. But like with any piece of tech, the price is going to drop over the next couple years. And its just good to know that it currently exists. [Cambry] One way to get a price break on technology is buying it used. [Zack] We bought this Tesla Model X used from Dan, from the YouTube Channel Whats Inside. And it has some features that are awesome for everyone, but more so for Cambry. And well show you what those are. [Cambry] Lets get started. [Intro] [Zack] So this is the Tesla Model X. The SUV version, all-electric, and is super incredibly fast. The Model X has a range of 280 miles, which is about the same as a tank of gas in a normal car. Its got a lot of personality with the Falcon doors. And I think its going to fit Cambry pretty well. Its got automatic doors which is great. [Cambry] With my last car, I never used the back hatch because I wasnt able to reach it once it was up to bring it back down. So with the Tesla, you can open it with the fob, and close it with the fob, or your app on your phone. Which makes my life a lot easier. [Zack] Cambry, you want to show us how to get inside? [Cambry] Yes. [Zack] So you might not thing that going to a gas station is a very big deal, but when youre in a wheelchair its a totally different ball game. [Cambry] You have to transfer the wheelchair and yourself in and out of the car twice. Its like going to the gym just to get gas. [Zack] So getting an electric car avoids the gas station altogether. But even though we get to avoid the gas station, Cambry still has to get in and out of the car. And no matter what car we get, the process is going to be basically the same. [Cambry] So I put my feet in first…or my legs in. And then I grab onto the steering wheel. Its locked at this point. I put one hand on my cushion and then I rotate in. And then I have to take this apart…when Im by myself. [Zack] When Im with her, I help her out and then put the chair in the back. The back seats fold down and theres enough room for her wheelchair. [Cambry] You can tell this is quite the process, so imagine doing this at the gas station multiple times in a row. [Zack] The wheels come off easy enough. Then she can take the wheels and put them in the back seat right next to one of the pilot seats in the middle. [Cambry] And then Ive got to make some space to pick up this guy. And then I place it on the passenger seat next to me. There you have it. [Zack] So you can see why avoiding the gas station is a good thing.

Not only does she have to disassemble her chair, but reassemble it when she gets back out twice for the gas station. So having an electric vehicle that she can just plug in when she gets home is pretty awesome. So since Cambrys chair is made of metal, we added some protection. Some clear plastic protection right here along the side walls, so when she brings her chair into the frame it doesnt scratch anything. As well as we have a seat cover on this seat as well as the center console and a screen protector on the display. So if anything taps the display or the seat… [Cambry] Or the door. [Zack] …or the door, everythings always protected. We had our buddies over at Luxe Auto Spa, the same people who wrapped Dans Tesla gray, applied those special protection features for us. I think theyve done a pretty good job. Weve had this car for about 2 weeks now and theres been no damage to the actual car. You might have heard that Teslas have something called autopilot, and you might think that with autopilot someone with a disability can just jump in and start driving, but thats not the case yet. Full autonomous driving is coming in the future, but for right now, Cambry needs hand controls to operate the vehicle. [Cambry] Okay, this car is already pretty well adapted to me, like we didnt have to make very many modifications. But something that I will always have to make modifications on is the hand control. Since my legs dont work, my hand controls do the job. So this part, if you push forward, applied pressure to the brake. And then if you rock it back, it electronically controls the acceleration. Pretty cool. One of my favorite features is when you apply pressure to the brake, the door closes. [Zack] Nice. [Cambry] And then I dont have to reach for it. Quick side note, one of my favorite features, and I know that there are a few cars out there that have this, but the steering wheel heats up. And I am always cold, so it is maybe my favorite feature of this car. My hands are nice and toasty. [Zack] Yeah this has a lot of features that make life easier for everyone in general, but I think my favorite is that its quicker than most sports cars. Especially since Dan splurged a little when he bought it and got the P100D which means this is the “fast” Model X. And Cambry has been fast. Shes launched it a couple times in ludicrous mode. But shes never done it herself personally. So this will be the first time. Are you ready? [Cambry] Are you ready for this? [Zack] I guess that is the question. Yeah, I think Im ready. [Cambry] Three…two…one…blastoff. [Zack] Oh my gosh! [Cambry] I feel like my eyes are shaking! [Cambry] Three…two…one…blastoff. [Zack] Oh my gosh! [Cambry] I feel like my eyes are shaking! [Zack] I feel like you got to 30 miles an hour and stopped. [Laughter] [Cambry] That scared me! Thats like losing control! [Zack] Seat belts tighten up every time too. Oh that was fun. You can feel like the blood rush to the back of your head cuz the acceleration is just so intense. [Cambry] I think my eyes are shaking like this. [Zack] Thats crazy. We had a friend in the car once and hes like man, my blood forgot how to circulate which is like the perfect example or the perfect analogy of what happens when this thing accelerates. [Cambry] Perfect description for sure. [Zack] That was fun. [Zack] How was it? [Cambry] I just want to keep driving these trails. [Zack] Its super pretty out right now. [Cambry] And there

are like homes on the side of these roads that Im sure they cant get to in the winter, but super cool. And its just like mind blowing how many colors are still out there. Like a lot of the leaves have fallen, but its still just like nature…everywhere. Its really cool. Hi Bertha. Hi. So when I take my hand off the accelerator, the car takes that energy of slowing down and puts it back into the battery. So essentially we could gain more miles by going downhill and using that energy. [Zack] So one of the reasons we chose the Model X over the Model S or the Model 3 was because it has slightly better off road capabilities, and it can tow things which Cambrys pretty interested in. [Cambry] The thing I like about it is you can change the suspension height so it can be low for me to transfer in and out, but then it can also be raised when were off-roading. [Zack] So obviously buying a Tesla is fairly expensive at the moment. The price is going to drop with time. And if you do end up buying a Tesla, the best way to do it is with a Tesla owners code. Yeah you can walk into a dealership and just buy a Tesla outright, but if you have this code you get an extra 1,000 miles of free supercharging. A thousand miles for you and a thousand miles to the person whose code youre using, which would be me and Cambry. Supercharging is what we would use on long road trips. It fills the Tesla battery super quickly with power. We can fill a large chunk of the battery in just 30 to 45 minutes. A lot of people might think that you have to use the superchargers, but in reality, most people, including us, have a little charging station installed in our garage. The superchargers spread out across the United States are mostly just for long road trips. So one thing that bugs us both quite a bit is one, when theres no parking because someone takes the handicap spot. Or two… [Cambry] Someone parks right next to my car and I cant open the door wide enough to get in. [Zack] She needs a lot of space. One cool thing with the Tesla is that it has the summon feature, but its also now, with just this update, its a smart summon. Which means that she can park anywhere and she can call the car to her from across the parking lot. Were going to try it out. So right now Cambrys parked in an impossible location. Theres no way she can get into the drivers seat, but since she has the app on her phone with the smart summon, she can now summon the car. And it knows theres a car next to it, and its going to come find Cambry. [Cambry] I cant believe it did it with a car next to it. [Zack] What do you think about that? [Cambry] Yep. I approve. [Zack] Were on the freeway right now and Cambry has never tried out autopilot in her Model X yet. So were going to do it for the first time. So Cambry, when youre driving and theres that gray steering wheel up in the corner, it means that the car has identified the lanes in the road and its ready to assist you with driving or self driving. So on the steering wheel on that far side, theres a tiny little knob that if you click it towards you twice it will go into autopilot mode. [Cambry] And itll keep the same speed. [Zack] Itll keep the same speed and distance from the cars in front of you. [Cambry] Okay,

just tap it twice? [Zack] Click it towards you twice, yeah. [Cambry] Okay. Are we sure? Okay. [Zack] There you go. Now the car is driving by itself, staying within the lines. [Cambry] This makes me anxious. [Zack] And now the steering wheel is blue, meaning that the car is driving itself. And about ever 60 seconds or so there will be a little flashing light that pops up saying take control of the steering wheel for a second. So you just have to nudge it to prove that youre still awake and listening. Dan and I made a video about what happens if you fall asleep while autopilots engaged. So Ill leave a link for that down in the description. Its pretty cool. Cambry, what are your thoughts about autopilot? [Cambry] Um, initially its nerve-racking cuz I didnt quite trust it. But I still dont trust it 100%, Ill still keep my eyes on the road. But it allows for a little bit more freedom of my hands to do something else like grab the window. Roll it up or down. Grab my drink real quick. Fix my seat belt Adjust something for like the speed of the windshield wipers. It just gives me a little bit more freedom because my hands are always occupied if Im doing it all all the time. [Zack] And the best thing about all of this is that the autopilot capabilities are just going to keep on getting better and better. Right now the autopilot can navigate us while were on the freeway, but soon, in the next year or two, itll be able to take us from our house to our destination without us actually needing to drive ourselves. [Cambry] Crazy. [Zack] So as this car is passing us on the side, we can see that the Tesla has recognized it and knows its position. It recognizes the other cars with all the cameras positioned outside of the vehicle and thats what helps us drive safely. So Cambry, now that you dont have to control your vehicle with your hands, what are you going to do with them while youre driving from now on? [Cambry] Im still a responsible driver. Im not going to be putting on makeup or anything. Im going to rest my hands. [Zack] All the charging stalls are full and there are so many Teslas just sitting and waiting to plug in. Alright, theres Dan. Open the door for him. And its opening up. Convenient. [Dan] I miss this car! It looks so good. Its been a while. How long has it been since Ive been in this car, like 3 or 4 weeks you guys have had this now? [Zack] Yeah its been a little bit. I think the real reason you sold the Tesla to Cambry was because its more of a feminine vehicle… [Dan] Oh is it? [Zack] …and you were scared about racing my truck. [Dan] See, Im okay with the race. I dont know if thats a thing, but Ill let you go with that. [Zack] Thats the real reason. So there we have it. We have the old owner in the backseat and the new owner in the front seat And I think were going to have a lot of fun with it. So if you want to watch Dans video on why he sold his Tesla, Ill leave a link for that right here. Hit that subscribe button if you havent already. And come hang out with Cambry and I on our Instagrams. Well leave a link for those down in the description. And remember how we finish it off? [Dan] I miss this car. Is that how we finish it? [Laughter] [Cambry] Thanks for watching. Well see you around? [Zack] Perfect. [Cambry] Yesss. [Zack] Nice.

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