The 3 Basic Types of Employees – Systemize Your Business Ep. 6

each employee or customer who uses a computer in a large business is which kind of user?
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– [Narrator] The King of High-Ticket Sales. Worlds Highest-Paid Consultant. Media Celebrity. Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx Speaker. International Best-Selling Author. Dan Lok. You have what I call mercenaries, mercenaries. So lets say when you conduct an interview with a potential employee. Now very often after the interview you ask them do you have any questions for me? Right, at the end of interview and you ask them, a potential employee, do you have any questions for me? And they would say sometime no, now if they asking questions like, well, do I get overtime, and when, how they get a raise. And how many hours do I have to work? Their asking money type questions. How much money can I make, their mercenaries. It means they work for money. It means they work for money. Nothing wrong with that. If your hiring mercenaries, like mercenaries are great for sales positions. Cause theyre driven by money. So mercenaries, awesome for sales, let them have it. They are like hungry, they make stuff happen, they close sales, yeah good. And the second type of employee is what I call a grunt. A grunt, a grunt is just… Doing my thing, they wanna do the minimum, and just get paid, go home, thats about it, mediocre. So a grunt, if you ask them, do you have any questions for me? They will be asking questions, well how many vacations do I get? Do I get holiday pay? How many hours do I have to work? And you ask them I kinda dont want part time. No I dont want full time, I just kinda want part time. Thats a grunt, okay its a grunt. And theres a place for grunt in business. Im not saying everybody. So but knowing thats a grunt just by the way they ask you questions. cause you can see, thats what drives them. Mercenaries driven by money, greed, right. Grunt is driven by comfort, security. I just want to do enough, bare minimum. And then you have what I call a patriot, a patriot. A patriot after the interview and you ask do you have any questions for me? The patriot will say, Im interested in your training program. Im interested in your team, and your culture, and whats your vision for the company? And if I was to rise up and want to take on more responsibility, what does that look like? You know what, Ive also done some research for a company, I think I have some ideas I want to contribute. Or I know youre hiring for this position, but I think I could actually help you in this area. Theyre giving you ideas, thats a patriot. Because they are driven my mission. Theyre not driven by money,

theyre not driven by minimum amount of work, theyre driven by mission. They join the company because they can see your company thats going places, they want to be a part of that. Thats very very different. Very very different. So as an entrepreneur you want to have mercenaries doing sales. With all the roles, especially operation, important management roles you want to have patriots. Because those people is the ones that understands your value, and your vision, and your mission, and they gonna make that happen. Theyre thinking about your business when your not thinking about your business. And that usually is something that you can not teach them. It starts with their upbringing. It starts with their childhood or how their parents are. My job is not to change them from mercenaries or grunt. How many of you try that? Try to turn a grunt into a patriot. Alright, that shit does not work. Its a sure fire way to drive yourself insane. Theyre a grunt. You either use them for what they do, but dont try to change them into a patriot. Higher a patriot day one. Talk with them, go through different scenarios. Let me give you, would you want a kick ass interview tip? Hello. – [Crowd] Yes. – Thats the response, Im gonna give it to you. Do you want a kick ass interview tip? – [Crowd] Yes. – Okay thats better. Sometimes what I do, when I interview someone whos in key position. key position, a directors position, I would give them what I call a difference test. To see if they have difference. And the way I do it is, I would get them to do stuff thats out of the norm. Let me give an example, well you know, we are gonna have this interview, meet me 5 AM in downtown. What the fuck. If they make excuses, I cant do it, this and that. I dont want you. Because how you do anything is how you do everything. If I ask you to do something kinda out of norm, go the extra mile, day one, I havent even hired you yet, you give me excuse. Imagine what happens after you hire them. Same, its the same. Human beings are interesting. They say na I dont want to do that. Now, heres the thing, I would say meet me at 5 AM in downtown. Sure Ill be there. Actually you know what lets not do that, lets meet me 9 AM at this place. Its a test. Not showing up 5 AM downtown, its a test. Another thing I would sometimes as them to do is, you know what when you showed up, why dont you get me the sports section from the Vancouver

Sun. Okay, thats kinda weird, but yeah get me that. Now thats what happen when they showed up, some of them will not have the sports section of the Vancouver Sun. It means what? – [Audience Member] No attention to details. – No attention to details, not coachable. I dont have to work with them for one minute, I know their not coachable. I just said purposely, bring me that. Or if they say, why do you need that? Why do you need sports? Dont you have a cell phone? If thats the attitude that you get, guess what, when you hire them, when you ask them to do stuff, its the same attitude that youll get. Okay, so lets say that they showed up and say, hey you know, Dan heres the sports section of the Vancouver Sun. Awesome, their coachable right? Thats not the one you want to hire. Why, because it means that they only do what theyre asked to do. For a key position I need someone who can think. Who would go the extra mile. I dont want you to just do what I ask you to do. Ill need you do extra. So if someone shows up, Ive had experience, someone shows up, Ill tell you different scenario. One candidate shows up with the Vancouver Sun sports section also the Province sports section, just in case I might need it. Hmm, thats interesting. They see that that person goes the extra mile. Just to be, cover all the bases. I have another candidate shows up Vancouver Sun, Province, she actually memorized all the scores. She thought I was gonna test her. (laughter) I have another candidate showed up with the sports section, and also a summary on the excel spreadsheet. (chatting) Isnt that interesting. I didnt ask them to do that. Thats what you want to do. You didnt ask them to do that, and they did it. Guess what, when you hire them, when you work together, they will do the same thing, they will do the same thing. And then when I sit down with them, Ill role play with you, its really interesting. So I would sit down with the person, and they would bring me, imagine this is the sports section. Yes, okay. So Ive had scenario where I sit over here, and the candidate sit over here. They say hey Dan heres the sports section. I say great, I sit, I put newspaper. I say please have a seat, Ill be right back. And she was like… Well he asked me to sit down, so… What does that tell me? She does do what I told her to do, but chances are after I hire her, she do stuff behind my back,

not there. She just did it. This is pretty common sense, and say you know what, thats a newspaper, thats a lousy idea, let me pick it up and put it here. She could have done that, but no, like hmm. Hopefully nobody looked. So how you do anything is how you do everything. Through that interview process theres so many thing that I dont have to read their fucking resume. Really, its not important. I do a few of these difference test, it tells me an awful lot about who they are. I dont care what they say. There are people who sound pretty good in interviews. Like they sound like theyre awesome, right? You interview them. Why do you think theyre so good at interviews? – [Crowd] (answering) – Thats all they fucking do. Theyre not doing their job, theyre good at doing interviews. Thats why they sound perfect, they say the right thing and all. you dont want those people. I want people, show me the habits. And I would ask all kinds of questions, and some of them, you know the typical interview questions. But I asked a lot of question, and its like hmm, I say what kind of ice cream do you like? I ask crazy things like that. And if theyre like, (stammering) green tea. Why the hesitation? I just asked a simple question. Like what are you hiding from me? Whats there to be scared of? Right, if they say, oh yeah vanilla. Oh cool, I like vanilla too. So as Im talking with them, Im testing them and asking them questions. This simple interview technique, Im telling you if you use it, itll save you so much money. So much money. just little test. Is that good, yes? Yeah, try it out, try it out. Ask them to do some, youll be surprised how people behave. And thats why most of them are not cut out to be on your team. Youve been watching my videos for some time now and you might be wondering, Dan, how do I go to the next level? Or how could I be mentored by you? Heres what I want you to do, my very first assignment to see if you qualify, I want you to go to to download a copy of my book. You cant even do that, I cant be your mentor. The second step is after you download my book I want you to read it, and you also get an invitation to register for one of my upcoming webinars. I warned yo to register and show up for that webinar. During the webinar I go through all the details of how you can possibly be mentored by me. Go there right now,

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