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a nurse is providing teaching to a client who has a new prescription for psyllium
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so mrs. Brown youll be going home with ibuprofen for your like pain have you heard of this before okay the other name for it is advil motrin and how about that sounds familiar okay this is to treat inflammation fever and in your case pain some potential side effects are stomach pain diarrhea constipation or ringing in the ears some urgent side effects are chest pain shortness of breath weakness or bleeding a coughing up blood now this is a medication card that Ill be giving you to take home itll have all this information on there but for now can you discuss what Ive given you so far as if I was a family member and you were teaching me yes okay so Im gonna be going home with medication ibuprofen and this is gonna be for my leg pain and some side effects that I might feel is maybe upset stomach or vomiting and if and when I feel chest pain Im short of breath that I should go to emergency room right so youre gonna be taking as you can see here it says the dose 600 milligrams for pain as you need it

so if youre not in pain dont take this medication but do not exceed more than four doses a day and thats also written on your bottle so youll never forget okay and then special instructions with this medication er take it with a full glass of water and meals no do not take it on an empty stomach to prevent the stomach pain okay this little med card is gonna go on your care folder should always have it with you so can you discuss the last portion of what I just said to you can you teach it back to me yes so Im gonna be taking 600 milligrams and I just have to make sure that if when I take this that I have something miss stomach or I have food and water and to make sure that I only take it when I need it and I shouldnt have more than four doses a day and its all written here and are the rest of the stuff that you told me okay great any other questions No thank you very much okay youre welcome Ill put this in your care folder okay all right

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