SSL Certificate Error Fix [Tutorial]

error in file(file, “rt”) : cannot open the connection
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you hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here another quick tutorial in todays the twirl my show you guys how to hopefully resolve if youre getting air this is the identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified so if again this issue theres a couple different clauses for it first one is probably that the digital certificate has already been expired or the time in which it was issued for in the certificate might not match the time thats on your local computer settings or your security level is also set to high if youre using internet explorer which I dont know how many people really are but I just want to cover that in this tutorial as well so the first thing I would personally suggest for be to open up the Start menu just left on the start point one time type in Internet Options bestman should come back with internet options here left click on

that option one time and then go ahead and love hope on the Enhanced tab and then you want to go ahead and underneath the security section so just scroll down here you want to go make sure if theres box this is a check for publishers certificate revocation this wall is checked for server certificate revocation you want to uncheck both of these just temporarily or permanently I mean really depends on how often you come across this issue your moment to just temporarily do it and then try and access a web page and see if it resolves a problem so then once its done on off when applying okay you can just read the instructions you can always go online and look up exactly what that does but if youre just having an issue where theres one specific website you can try and just do it and see that was the root cause of it another thing you could try so you know I

we didnt have to close out of Internet Options but Im gonna go back into it again so again in turn options this time were gonna head over to the security tab for security level for the zone if it sets a high I would suggest moving it to medium high so thats it one more thing you can try and then do apply okay as well as if you select trusted sites so if you left click on that tab or that bun and then left click on sites right next to trusted sites if you click on this button right here you can go ahead and insert the website you want to allow to be trusted so if you have a particular website so if you go over lets say and you want to copy the URL out of the address so lets say I went to Google and I copy that address I get this pasted right in here and then just off

quite add and then you go guys you mean an exemption for it so if you just click on close at this point and were begging the trusted sites you can see Google is currently in here yeah that was just an example website but if youre having an issue with multiple web sites you might want to consider doing one of the first steps I showed but if its specific website this message when if theyre trusted sites will probably be very useful for you so once youre done click on close apply and okay restart your computer and hopefully that has resolved your issue another thing would be to try and check your date and time settings so if your time in your bottom right corner or wherever your time and clock is on your desktop its not matching but the actual time is you might need to adjust your time settings so if youre going to start a menu type in date and thats

date and time settings none off click on that if youre on Windows 7 or Windows 8 you might have to go through the control panel but I mean its a pretty straightforward process you just wanna make sure your time is correct here and if its not were gonna make sure its that time automatically turned on preferably so my time is actually gonna be corrected here by just flipping it off and then on again as well as if you wanted to set it manually you just turn it to the off position and then youd be able to actually change the date and time by clicking on its Change button change it to the correct date and time left click on change and hopefully that would be about it so again I threw up this brief tutorial was able to help you guys out and as always thank you for watching and I do look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye

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