South Park The Fractured But Whole DLC | Mint Berry Crunch and Final Girl

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smells like dead pirate fonts I know what youre thinking hes gonna tell me not to go down that road well youre on if youre smart youll get back on that DLC bus and go back where you came Ill tell you one thing you dont want to go down that road hey say that is a camp down that rock place where kids walk and talk all funny-like like they lost their marbles or something go down that road and theres a chance you might lose your marbles too still gonna go down that road huh well it was nice knowing you well you cant I was beginning to think no one would show up I guess everyone else is pity looks like its just the two of us professor chaos you came to help too wow thats pretty unexpected I mean I guess billions arent all that bad no Im still pretty bad I just wanted to try my new super villain lightning simulator pretty cool huh Wow that was most amazing here since Id never seen it wasnt that cool he didnt even have lightning it is I your old pal mintberry crunch I picked up your distress call from the berry mines of my home planet Ive come to offer my assistance awesome well now that we have a team lets get to business as of Oh 600 this morning on a second day of camp all the counselors mysteriously went missing the mystery of the missing camp counselors fear not Lynch berry crunch is on the job great lets go inside the camp and look around for Scooby clips from the looks of it the counselors were renovating the shower room and they all disappeared its not like them to walk away from a camp activity without finishing something must have happened that is quite mysterious be suspect something dastardly is implied no my feet are fine but Ill come help it look for clues in the forest Hey I think I just blew down there dont with the evidence yeah Im pretty good at finding clues well solve this mystery new kid or my name isnt Nick berry crunch this must be worth a burial the FTP cancer they pinched me well what does this have to do with the missing counselors good question maybe we should ask those boxes perfect hell defeat the monsters and will stand right here just because you had a doesnt mean you can beat up monsters all right youre protected by mentioning it and that dub monster is covered in Barry may seem scary get those monsters but hope be careful you dont look so happy get to the cabin you aint getting away this time honey you move with a sense of urgency uncommon among you know oh look at you sugar listen baby Im gonna break every bone in your body with my booty there we need to get back out of here or you gotta admit your bid cant wait to eat them up Im gonna break every bone in your body with my booty baby we gotta get out of the way Im all ripped up and ready youll reach my greatest wish the hammer up there you cant hold out more even slow down the blue tag honey I cant hide from this boot a honey this is dark fuck I was gonna kill you fast but now I got some other ideas get over here sugar we can still do this Superfriends this time we did okay booty shake that is on the story rock Hey want to see my hammer cast me good ringing si Senor I love a strong worker butters get ahold of yourself were gonna make it out of here my alien powers have little effect on the enemy I must be weak from my intergalactic travels your planet calls it jet lag but hope its up to you you must look within your butt and find the strength to save us up no pictures you cant hide were trapped in a cabin in the woods just like the chick in every horror movie always win the monster you can we know youre in there maybe we just need to find the right combination of wills determination and some cool improvised flick maybe thats the key oh gee come on little kids let me hit that should do it but get over here alright now you must channel the survival power of the final girl in every horror movie ever oh my god butthole the survival power of the sack the fuck up butters okay get out there and kick some monster butt kicks a monster butt oh gosh oh we gotta get out here kick some ass hell naw aint fighting no final girl with their lucky surviving ass thats my kryptonite baby Im outta here okay but hope why dont you see how your final girl powers work on these monsters yeah cuz were next if you dont put something together from those tools you get it in which up get hurt for lovely we got a bleeder theyre really bleeding every way tally all right but hope lets see what you got Wow the final girl can move again after selecting a target wrap and then you choose your victims knock that direction damn kids are gonna get me nightmares after this Im gonna crawl under your bed its Idol girls national they vomit blood anteclo just be happy if not your play ever wonder if there are monsters on other planets you dont belong here somethings a little off with these Muncie lets get up you guys are crazy here comes a crunch that really satisfies hes in space here oh I got nothing everyone try to keep up Im having monster issues whered you learn to do that from knowing master from the Learning Annex it I got at angle is how you know its working youre gonna wish look Im sorry youre covered in baby you cant hurt mine is he prints so cheeky what doesnt kill me makes me really fucking angry are you doing this enemy down Im gonna fry where did you hide the missing cabinet with the hes not a real master its just a mask first the counselors go missing now people wearing masks or tried to scare us away from camp what the heck is going on hey scooby-doo whoa your body style reminds me of the girl that doesnt die at the end of horror movies good work but Im afraid this is only the beginning dr. Timothy did you find Eevee this is more serious than we thought to me meet me in the mess hall theres something you all need to see what episode Westland congratulations buddy you earned the super smooth summer camp marry bitch you can admit badges for doing all sorts of helpful things around kid its fun productive at the same time pretty cool eh its a great honor now go out there and come up theres a lot of blood around here I didnt know camp counselor was such a dangerous job weve gotta find those missing cameras but hope I found one of the counselors Im afraid hes dead oh you sure hes dead maybe good sleeping no hes super dead Ive hooked him with a stick come on this is totally fake someones just trying to scare us first big boxes and now a fake body if this was a real body then this would be a beehive up and this would be real bless this is definitely real blood real blood you need

to sing vibration from psychic trouble in some areas of the cap obstacle occasion fear bones all right which are as spooky around him look butthole to cancel it let me help you take off those lamps what making that berry crunch queasy this camping pocket dummy Ive got something in my front pocket for you theres a dream for all that blood once we think youre you you really bring out the worst in me way too much of my own blood baths bring the action Im starting to lose my fondness for children which by the shears of justice Im gonna tell you for no real reason I heard the campground needed the odds are increasingly you know just trying to be a monster in a human world eep-eep Im going to bury you villains Im gonna get you good luck fetching best York beer make me stronger Barry just film it dont fare now thats what I call a nice clean victim detected quick yes we saved the counselor know we can have to thank you what whos in here oh my god I just flashed my dick to a bunch of little kids oh no this is so horrible yeah now were never gonna have camp well lets keep looking we only need one living counselor for the campus stay open but youre gonna go down that road again huh Im going hoarse telling you not to go down outro but you just keep going down now rock there you go again I told you you shouldnt have gone down that road oh look who it is its that kid who likes going down wrong you might think crying wolf here but you definitely dont want to go down this road they say it leads to an Indian burial ground and not the kind its meant for dropping off flowers no song find an Indian burial ground thats haunted by the spirits of dead Native American who hate being called Indians some say they hate it so much that they kill anybody whose ancestors wasnt originally born here thats not it though when you die they resurrect you so they can kill you again just for fun pretty sick right hows that raw looking to you now yeah like I was saying sometimes it aint took you going down the road its the road going down you all right we should probably some more crack some people say Im a guest into crackers but I think better clear up soon damn Indians dont appreciate folks dying on their sacred ground real disrespectful to be real specific theyll be confused and half-life steal and attack up for free part unless you cleanse him of course lots of monsters down this road tonight long usual its true what they say breakfast really is the most important meal of the day shouldve skipped breakfast thats what happens when you die on sacred ground lets mess with some physics reijis this is our camp dammit fuck your camp I just have to beat up two more kids to get my kid beating patch not easy being one of the good guys competition Oh weekend were doing the world dont feel my rap again prepare for Maxim okay they just keep coming back just cuz Im a monster doesnt mean you gotta treat me like one I definitely want to open casket kill him Im breaking it I got a victorious ready to puddle enemies that muk muk Blackfeet honking man get remember this game Boyd is the day you got strong worker okay now what oh yeah I was gonna kill you fast but now I got some other ideas Andean barrel grounds a lot different during the day nice spot to visit gilben is getting in the way of my murder lets take things back you kind of look worse for the wear buddies boy some serious havoc is about to be tweaked Im gonna bathe in your blood and then take on selfie and move son of a bitch another dead counselor well come on lets go wait please fighting maybe maybe some of that magic Indian burial ground er can resurrect me too maybe if you sprinkle it over my body itll save me oh my god get some of that dirt butthole reached up time to save camp hariya butthole the life of Lake Titicaca is at stake I think its working I think I think no that resurrection dirts only a combat mechanic nice try though theyre not we lost the battle but the war is not over hes right theres still time : it seems like everywhere you go folks keep on dying little fishy if you ask me new cake Im getting a reading of heightened emotions coming from inside the cans in the location a really nice backpack we got here these counselors have some good shit I bet theres trail mix in their room trail mix a flashlight maybe a whistle hey but hope this ones not maybe theres a clue to whos behind all this climb on those dogs and see hey man you hired us to just share a budget go back to jail you know what youre crazy I didnt know we were gonna work for somebody so twist evil you cant leave now my plan is almost complete go back out there and do what I fucking paid you to do Ill call your brother and Tom you made me get naked and watch Kevin specialist fucking sicko mimsey I am hot mimsey I thought I told you to just high up the camp Jasmine side a box just like you said I tied him up real good so they couldnt escape just like in that movie saw suck you fucking eyes huh I didnt want you to kill them Nagi you didnt sorry boss that doesnt matter as long as we get lake tardicaca shut down so I never have to come to camp again no Mumma sticks and make sure that asshole Jimmy doesnt screw things yet okay boss I hit the boathouse cave right here in the cabin no ones ever gonna find that last counselor they fit in that Mickey meet me at the docks by the canoes later we have one more loose end to tie up the kid Jimmy Choos hey Brady you want to play the game or do you just want to be known as a smoke cheating bitch the rest hear that Jimmy Jude okay so I guess you just want to Tom Brady your way through the whole game whats the matter cant do it on your head Jimmy Choos its fun for you Tom Brady Jimmy Jimmy Choos Im not gonna hurt you I just want to play off and throw you in the water its the last Hilton and shes a fine good work vitals now hes gonna chance to save the Cape what are you waiting for take care of it oh my god its naked butthole did you see anything in that cabin any clues to whats going on here nope butthole doesnt know anything counselor and the authorities would shut down the cake no more canoe races marshmallows and unisex showers my nightmare was finally over Oh No Nathans been possessed by evil spirits using him to shut down the case we have to stop him you cant stop me I spent all

allowance money on the best drug addicted criminals money could buy meet my minion a hundred bonus but killing me Im gonna make you feel real proper ready but your dirty tricks wont work this time Jimmy fight that evil spirit Nathan lets save camp to get the water and no one is wearing a life jacket boxset marshmallows are made from spider eggs where they tasted hes in space here oh this kind of horseplay is really not allowed on the pier itll all be over soon man children please youre right Jimmys gonna get hurt hes gonna get hurt youre not the father me lady youre Brandis youre gonna love this one for the new teams not gonna win this one Jim Jim I promise you you guys wouldnt last a second in which a fire this is the kind of close partnership Ive come to expect from the blue team Im gonna do a real good job just fine boss tough break my hope when Im done oh this will be perfect night dry but Im covered in it time out time out bad news Jimmy we brought headgear meaning where the phones are conmigo Patronus happened I fight Im gonna get you guys good thats time I love to eat children all the cats are thought you and add her Jimmy bickerman what doesnt kill you makes you fake its you want to hear this ought to do the trick but there you go theyre original you can take these only supposed to remove the head what youre gonna do in a world without catchy and now to freshen things up with the intense flavor of cant kill this kid just when we shut down camper got so much fun monsters are real you puke Im gonna fry your like super fast monster healings gonna kick in any minute now everyone try to keep up thank you so much where are the other counselors are they okay they all died brutal and tragic deaths but as long as youre alive we can still save the campus seven hooray thats right because nothing on this planet can stop lake titicaca from being open all summer long you what are you doing here I followed your big trail across the galaxy crunch Im waiting for the perfect time to start the perfect time for this place we shall settle our differences another time Im busy right now helping my friend save this counselor so their summer camp will be sat down counselor for once come together oh no theres no telling what that evil alien will do to her shes our only chance at staying at camp we have to save her again damn it I knew you were going to save it ah crappy bow I need your help first my powers weak I need sons its to replenish them retrieve note from the mess hall and bring it to me all right keep it up Thank You butthole your ass powers were the key to getting up youve taken everything from you I dont think were the main bad guys anymore shut up Mindy Wow well weird being a minion you were always the minion Minji whats a minion because your primitive saw blade technology you dont see how brave these kids are makes me wish I went down more rods when I was younger I mean this is a nice plan if you think you can read crunch but I want me to feed it so easily I dont pay no nevermind to regular monsters myself but when they gods are gonna milk on it well thats a monster you dont want to be around just wanted to share my love of the outdoors with children oh this milk is making you thirsty whered you learn to do that but knowing that from the learning Eddie I got yes human female Im gonna eat you up I brought up baseball and everybody Im going to take you back home with me Im really sorry guys that alien is a super big asshole working on it the longer this takes the song here youre gonna get yeah dr. Timothy certainly hasnt told you about nations I leave you crunchy very gentle herbs the five time to get through the next five minutes I think this is awful the rest of your birthdays are conflict resolution technique looks like that alien used the wheelchair kids mind to read your character sheet and find out what your crept and I lost then he projected the image of that kryptonite on to the male keeper doozies yeah all sorts of strange things happening down this road seems like a waste of a good hammer second in which ya its too bad your kryptonite was it something like the tango is how you know its working okay thats not even fair youre freaking the room crunch how the hell are we gonna defeat this guy just keep aiming on him and leave them missing to me hope you werent counting on that ultimate attack cuz youre gonna have to charge it all the way back on its true what they say breakfast really is the most important meal of the day dr. Kennedys brain this is pretty we did it we saved the last counselor again wait I think I get it now I survived because Im like the final girl at the end of every horror movie the one that lives in the first movie but dies violently in the zebu well I guess I better get ready for camp come on boys lets go roast some marshmallows geez whats her problem she didnt even think hey why did that guy so much anyway I dont know thats our guitar and his parents used to be slaves in my familys bury mines on our home planet until he escaped oh wait a second your family owned his family sure how else do you think we picked all those rotten berries cotton berries so he was a slave yes and thats why they hated us for our freedom but with your help Id beat him like a runaway slave and now hes dead so hes like a slave master well one of our beloved characters has a dark facet of his past that conflicts with contemporary moral standards but also has an interesting complexity to us now you really dont want to go down that road keep it up nice work isnt camp great thanks for saving camp new kid but the fun isnt open you can still earn badges check your map you want to know the best thing about Quantico kagome no school yeah a lot of folks out here died in strange ways thats for sure never know where you might find a spirit my parents dont even let me watch scary movies and now Im in one wow that alien really fun of my mind sorry about that new kid I got a photo you didnt but hope you are in every badge in record time I think you might like camp almost as much as I do just kidding no one loves camp as much as me you

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