[SOLVED]Eclipse: Java was started but returned exit code=13 and exit code=1

java was started by returned exit code=13
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hows it going guys this is my mom come over th to fire a sow and in this video Im going to help you to fix an error for eclipse so okay so youve downloaded your eclipse program and as soon as you run the setup that is Eclipse IDE exe boom this code appears and I know youre pretty frustrated from this because

even I could not solve this by seeing forums and stuff so what youre going to need to do is open the eclipse I and i eclipse that I and I with anything and text editor okay now once you have this open you need to type in here – vm and hit enter oops sorry yeah vm and hit enter and next what

youre going to need to do is open up your computer go to c drive and the place or the directory where your jdk is installed in my case its the default one for 64-bit you can see its here go to bin and yep thats pretty much it you need to copy this thing and the address bars you can see you can

just click here and then ctrl + C to copy and now paste this here and then a backslash and then type in Java Im sorry I mean Joe of w/e XD okay so thats pretty much it and this will also fix your error for exit Gold equal to 1 because that happens when you paste this same thing down here okay so

you need to prop paste it below Open File and above VM mark VM args okay now save this thing and now as soon as youre on your Eclipse setup here you are then you can start programming and paying in hello world sir Bestival mr. flack for that and make sure to LIKE and subscribe to make me happy that said thanks for watching

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