[SOLVED] SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing

syntaxerror: unexpected eof while parsing
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now I run my dot P vine and then I get seen together unexpected e Oh F, 12 thousand nine six so yo F mean and of fun it means that enough fun here with errors so this error happened because you see that I have this end equal to and then I open a bracket but I forget to

close it so I need to close it like this so the error should be so but I still get it so its the same to fairness like this so I open one and open twice and then I close one it closed only one I forgot to close these partners so I need to close it you know so

if I run it again it should be no error at all so so make sure that when you open something you dont forget it closing if you open up our earnest dont forget to close it okay if youre not close it I dont we just continue to search the search search search for tech inside the pattern is

an T at this end of file and it didnt find the close partners thats why it produces an error ei o FF but if you close it yes it will stop here so the error will not happen in the program we run properly yes so go back to like look at your code and see if you forget

to close something open something and forget it closer yes thats it oh you bet him not to leave but enough that me always have something to get oh oh you dress up so happy looking so fancy because its old chip on my shoulder oh but when I realized if he fought me in the streets asking me to come

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