[SOLVED] ‘pip’ is not recognized – with subtitle

pip is not recognized
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me: type pip in command prompt. And you get this, pip is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. And today, were going to solve it (pip error). Now, search for python (pythons installation

directory) And you will see python like this (an icon with python logo). right click on it –> open file location open file location again, and you will get into the directory where you install Python. right here, python.exe when

you get here, click on Scripts. And here, copy the directory (file location). And then (after youve copied), right click on This PC –> Properties –> Advanced system settings make sure youre in Advanced tap, –> Environment Variables… right here,

you will see path. But if you dont see it you can create New… one. But if you already have it, click on Edit… –> and click on New then, past what we have copied. okay… okay OK After you

do this (solved the problem) lets test it again. Open CMD. Type pip again. Let check the version, pip 9.0.1 Now, weve already install pip (already solved the problem!!) Thanks, for watching:) If this help, dont forget to subscribe (my channel)

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