Solved Error 0x8007045D the request could not be performed because of an IO device error

error 0x8007045d
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hi guys welcome to my channel today I just started doing a video on an arrow that I came across and actually it was a bit of a pain when I came across that either but I just managed to shake it out the way to sort it out so anyway so I thought of sharing that arrow with you guys and you might come across as well because its something that is its a nominate I guess um its to do with copying files from USB or SD card to your laptop or any other thing and came up with this Adam saying that um this is the era ever 0 X 870 45d Im saying that the request could not be performed because of an ice by your device era anyway I I didnt know what that error was but I managed to figure out a way to copy my files um there were some video files I wanted to copy and from sdcard um so what Im gonna do is Im going to show you now how to do that well first of all um just to just before you make any alterations in your system you need to make sure you can copy those files

in a safe mode so safe mode is booting your or starting up your computer on a safe mode um and trying to copy those same files here laptop and Oh desktop or whatever so if if you were able successfully um copy the files which means its basically to do with a third-party application that youve installed and its not letting you its coming up with that error like not letting you copy those files so the solution is just trying to copy in a safe mode and if you dis copy so this is a solution for those who dont know how to and boot or start up your computer on the safe mode and you can click on the link thats just coming up in the screen right now or I find the link in the description area once you finished watching this video um so how know what Im going to do is Im going to show you how I did it first you need to go click on stack and on the search area you need to type MLS CEO and FRG dot exe and then select that so Im just going to type that for you so its going to make it easier

so type that in the search area on the Start menu and theyll come up with the screen with this when you hit enter so its a system configuration usually its me when you come when you do that you it will be on a normal startup right so that sounds going to be but Ive done the changes and seen a selective startup when all you do is click on select a start up and take load startup sis the items you know the Lord startup items you put up Ill take it and then go back to this tab services then tick hide all Microsoft services you know take this and then click on the disable all so now you can see all all the services have been disabled and what you need to do is justly you need to you need to press apply and say okay so now once you say okay its gonna prompt you for a risk that you have to do the restart for your computers startup on a clean boot so once its in a clean boot you can try copying your files and a chair if it should actually copy all the files successfully once in once its in a

plain book what Im gonna do is Im gonna restart now so lets restart you so they go guys uh the windows is back so now lets start copying the files um Im gonna open the SD card then locate the files so these are some of those files that I need to copy what Im going to do is Im going to cut actually cut those and paste pasting space them on any way you want what Im gonna do is Im just gonna place them on the desktop so once once all these files have been copied you actually need to put your computer or laptop back to the state it was in the configuration area so Im going to go through that in a while as soon as I spin this as soon as the copying is done so you can see everything has been copied without any problem this time there was no error so actually then that was a secret of damn in there getting getting those files copied so now what were looking for is we need to put the computer back to normal state so what we need to do is we need to go back again to the same thing which

CEO and the PI G dot exe and then open the system configurations so as you can see youre still here thats why its letting you copy all those files now we need to do switch back to what these you need to switch back to normal startup and in the services area its already there is no taxi everything has been enabled and so got no problems so but I put all you need to do is just click on startup selection and the start of selection normal startup and then apply once you hit apply and okay its going to ask you to restart your machine again which means now are you were in a clean put now youre going to go back to the normal boot and youll be able to operate as normally so right um thank you thank you so much guys for watching my video I hope you guys be able to benefit out of my video if you guys have any any questions or anything pertaining to this you can now they can leave your questions in the comment section and I will be Ill try my best to get back to you as soon as possible and thanks for watching guys kiss

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