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It doesnt matter where I am, I hear melody and see melody in everything and I try my best to use my life experiences to put that into my music. All the sounds I create come from physical or natural elements. So they are already in the purest form. Its just a matter of clever arrangement after that cause I truly believe there is no wrong way to make music. [TRAIN PASSING] I lay the beat down first. The best is always first. I need to feel a vibe, and then I will lay melody on top and then from the melody, the vibe of the music and all that. Ill write lyrics to it that speak to me. [RHYTHMIC BREATHING] Right, so we got this, sounds nasty! Sounds nasty! It can take 10 minutes or

a week. [TAPPING ON BOTTLE] If anyone has battled a fear before, they know how difficult it is to get over. After facing the most vicious of demons in my life, I found this new self-belief and power that I didnt know I had. It literally saved my life. Sickick is a relatable character because everybody faces a fear. Fear itself can be conquered if you have the right mentality, and so anybody whos following Sickick can actually see that this is somebody whos constantly facing fears or is doing something that is challenging himself. My entire goal in life is to create a movement of people that are completely fearless and dont – are not afraid of success and becoming the best they can possibly be. Command over your social media is everything now. I

did this video, I released it on social media. It blew up. I recorded me singing an audio on one phone, I let go and started looping and then I recorded a harmony on this other phone, let go and started looping. And if you know anything about Snapchat, when you bring your fingers down on the screen, it cuts off the audio. So I used that as a chopping mechanism. My dream as Sickick has always been to look out into a crowd of a 100,000 people, all of them are wearing Sickick masks and they all have their hands up in the air and theyve all forgotten about their lifes problems. I knew a show had to take place that would be an annual show that would build and grow as the years came.

Thats happening right now. The fact that I had the chance to open up for a talented artist like Drake is very rare to say after only a few years of dedicated work. It was my first time performing in front of a huge mainstream crowd. I knew from the way that I looked, most of them would be, like, “What is this?” They wouldnt understand me right away. [CROWD SCREAMING] ALYSSA: He came onto the stage and the entire crowd had no idea what they were getting themselves into, this guy with a mask. Most artists, when they come out, theyll just start off the mic singing or theyll do that, but he actually went ahead and did something completely different. I took the mic that was on stage and I placed it in front

speaker to create feedback and even the sound guy was, like, “What the f**k are you doing right now?” ALYSSA: All of sudden, he started playing a beat and then he started layering that music… …and then the beat dropped. The crowd lost their minds and it went from, like, “Who the f**k is this?” to “Who the f*****k is this?!” I got over fear and that became a huge building block in my life. Then I was able to put something else on top of that and before I knew it, I had this tower of personality and confidence and just fearlessness, this whole tower that represented who I am. That, to me, is my life and I cant wait to see where it goes. Whose music deserves to be shared with the world? Email [email protected]

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