Save time with Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

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hi this is Richard burn at free tech for teachers calm in this video were going to take a look at using the auto text expander for Google Chrome this is a great extension they can help you save a ton of time when youre responding to email or filling out the same type of form

frequently so lets go ahead and get started here and you can see I already have it at its my Google Chrome and heres how it works so Ill go ahead and open up the menu and you can see I have a whole bunch of shortcuts that Ive already set up and you can add

more just by going down to the bottom of the page and clicking the Add button and you can set up your new shortcut and we may just just use T Y and Ill say thank you for your interest in your students progress thatll set up the first line of response to parents who email

me about their students progress report and so Ill just save those and now in my email I just started having t-y youll see that instantly the rest of the sentence is filled in and I have much longer shortcuts set up as well and here you can see I have one I just type in

and then fills in the rest of that message so you can save you a lot of time with replying to email its called the auto text expander for Google Chrome just takes a few minutes to set up your shortcuts and for more tips and tricks like this please check out free Tech for teachers com

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