Romeo and Juliet Data Analysis: Who’s responsible for their deaths?

who is responsible for romeo and juliets death
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lets talk about Romeo and Juliet so a question which is often posed by which I mean never ever posed who exactly is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet now the first one to suspect of course is Lord Capulet himself first of all hes the one who actually threw the party which you know led to a bunch of meeting behind fish tanks and love at first sight and he never stopped wonder huh we just had a giant fight with the Montagues and these guys just showed up in masks thats not suspicious which of course left Tibble getting mad but well talk about that later he was also the one who tried to get Juliet to marry Paris what she didnt want to do which led to a whole bunch of other problems then he made the marriage goes fast as humanly possible so he can get as

much money as he could as fast as humanly possible Im beginning to think Lord Capulets sort of likes money and then he was like well if you dont get married Im gonna kick you out of the house and thats why she had to go to church take me to church Ill worship stupid gods and say sorry for life Im getting in trouble cuz I married this guy and then theres this guy Tibbals know all exchange was pretty much just like Im gonna stab you no you cannot stop him then I will stab you no dont stop him hi stop him anyway my friend no he has stopped dude are you okay Romeo I hate you but dont worry I hate all the other guys too now Im dead hey you you killed my friend now I stab you back and then they got spotted by samuel l.jackson about

those freakin windows man you stab someone now were gonna dropkick you into the next town over as punishment so then they tossed him up and he passed by Friar Lawrence hey dude can you kill me no way man and thirty-five fine Juliets tower and drops off this game of Twister but still suitable did you know that there are about to use at the party I mean seriously how do you think that was a good reaction at all like okay you came to our party thats a huge disgrace its not like you want to have some fun because were not fighting anymore anything no its a huge disgrace youre trying to offend me Im gonna stab you what the heck what okay moving on im on spaghetti its ready and now for our number one and final blame person anakin skywalker wouldnt mean Josh already made that metaphor damn

it Josh why does this always happen to me yeah okay so its Romeo we already all knew that I mean come on this guys a murderous psychopath whos also emo he posts like song lyrics to his Facebook along with selfies he says that theres drama going on and then says I dont want to talk about it first of all there was the whole love at first sight deal I mean come on seriously you saw her through a fish tank you were in love you said dang girl and then followed her through her own palace come on come on he married her after like a day then he wouldnt killed Thibault anyone killed himself thatd make her kill herself which by the way was not a rational move at all just saying so he goes to the whole of the plot I mean the whole of the wall thats

what I meant to say and then he goes over to the tomb and that suddenly boom its Paris whos come to mourn for Juliet and now he is ready of fight it pretty much just went like this hey man Im here to kill myself you better get out of the way wait a second I dont even have a partner to film this with why am I even doing this well lets just say that Paris is dead now and Romeo went on to go kill himself all right all right but really if he hadnt been so headstrong and emotional about everything he did then most of the stories events at least the bad ones probably wouldnt even have happened so thats why hes in the number one slot so I guess thats gonna include this analysis video thank you for watching it hope you enjoyed catch you on the flipside

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