Roger Black on: How He Became Yucko the Clown – The Matt Riviera Show

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Riviera Riviera yeah the Yucko the clown is to me its a household name in comedy I think everyone knows at this point Roger how did you come up with Yucko the clown man how many bought Emmy bottles of Jager did it take it was bourbon was a Yokos drink of choice no I just dont stand it was myself and then I wanted to you know get a little crazier with it and people not take it you know take the act too seriously so I was like you know

Ill just look like a clown you know nobodys gonna take a clown serious so I could say you know all those will not you know take it too seriously like I was coming out of a clown if you follow up a really crazy punchline with a horn honking like if you take that seriously you got to be crazy how did you come up with the look of yuck Oh the clown I mean theres kind of a unique it it really to me it really fit the character because it

looked like a comedian kind of sleazy clown that would be hanging out of outside of an adult bookstore or something well when I first started doing it it was a really clean almost shiny costume is like a shiny almost like a shiny pop but I was like you know Im gonna be a dirty clown I cant ever watch this thing so that was one thing just kept getting it dirtier and dirtier I would you know mustard stains uh you know booze all over it you know just anything and

then a lot of it was its like mix and match there was this a costume shop called young mans daughter his brother in Athens Georgia and I just basically went through that whole you know costume department and just picked up you know a big bow tie and and that was it just kind of it all just kind of fell together and I just never watched it again so and that held were you when you created Yakko and started that 2728 yeah that was like 2000 right 99 2000 I

guess because it was so been doing it for 18 years and I used to joke when I like when I first of all know sir I was like Im 47 years Im a dirty clown and and now Im 46 about seven its really not fast I mean time goes by really fast it seems like I mean those stinker vision shows I watched seemed like that was just last week yeah thats fun to do Wacos celebrated its 30th birthday it up in New York and were in stinker vision me up

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