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okay this is Bobby Brown and youre watching rewind that with new edition back home Im really wishing was on for three weeks in with us and webmaster / were 14 15 16 year-old kids from the project were on the road now getting something that we never heard of called per diem which was $35 a day much more than that $1 that was pulling on our moms coattails to try again so we werent paying as much attention to the overall picture coming off the tour and really waiting to see this big lump sum of money that youve accumulated is what I was expecting and when we got there and they said we didnt have any money it was surreal you expect for us to split a check for $1 87 v are you serious about this I was so naive that I

didnt believe that anyone was putting it off so when they said you got expenses you got it salaries you have to pay this person sound like whatever it was I was like okay well that make sense oh its its thats thats when my first thought of you know not being in the group you know wanting to be solo started that it was that quick Ricky and Bobby grant on my side of the projects and they came to tell me and I was playing a basketball game and it was like it man I heard theres only a dollar 87 dish down to throw to me you know they cant be coming to my clip with that and so Im sitting nothing like damn why why is yall mad like I got two dollars in my pocket like Im not Im not really understanding the

frustration the record company that put us out streetwise record shortly afterwards claimed bankruptcy so there was nobody or anybody to the food to try to get the money back so to this day no we havent been able to receive any royalties from the candy girl success we never saw our 150 heir of the dollar 87 you know I mean my 37 cents I still dont know where the hell is that Ill tell you what lets put it to a vote care goals in favor of fire Brooke raise your hand randomize your hand no no we never want to fire proof again it was one of those things in this business where you feel like were a kids will be felt like things would just beyond our control and when its being presented to you in a way like look its either this way

or theres no way you know either you make this decision to move forward with this person or the whole thing is this long its not going to happen I didnt want Brooke fired but I wanted to I wanted I wanted things to be right I love Brooke I beloved Brooke you know for a long time you know I was the one who told them about Brooke pain but yeah my mom was she was in shoes and sister when she started check she was like I was a sad situation that my uncle wasnt going to be around and they were trying to put all the responsibility of not us not making money on him but he was truly fighting for us at the time I didnt really want to see anybody go you know I was one of those guys that if you started

with us in the beginning thats this was our team this is our crew this is the guys who was putting into work early on who believed in in it early on you know before any successful business guys you expect to be around when they stop succeeding I just kind of went along with what the majority and the parents are saying was the best thing to do I still dont know what Brooke did wrong you know what I mean like he gave us so much that was right that he didnt control the money for to be 187 so he shouldnt be our fault itd be different if he picked up the paper and he took care to bills the hotel Boom Boom Boom and he came up short but that doll 87 was his money too get a we get paid so thats the truth

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