Responsibilities of a Manager & Supervisor

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leading managing and supervising is like a balancing act on one hand you have job skills and on the other you have people skills Ill talk about the importance of understanding this balance in this video hello im stephen goldberg bringing you practical tips and ideas on leadership team development and personal performance in the workplace understanding the inherent skills required to become a good leader manager supervisor is crucial for success in that position you need to balance both the job skills and the people skills in order to succeed on the job skills side you have things like planning organizing scheduling setting standards establishing procedures ensuring quality so all the systems that you need in place in order for the department to run smoothly in order to control things have measurements on the people side you need to be able to develop the interpersonal skills to be communicate to understand people to motivate them train coach evaluate them all these types of skills are really important so the key is to understand that these are the skills the responsibilities that come with the job of leading managing and supervising

and learn to balance the two nobody goes into a supervisory or leadership role that is naturally good at everything so its important to know yourself understand where your strengths are is it more on the job skills side or is it more on the people side and you need to choose what do I need to improve upon on both aspects so setting goals for yourself perhaps one related to the job skills and the other to the people skills is really crucial that you continue to evolve but first of all its about understanding that these are the skills that they must be balanced in order to have success in the department and in the job in my last article and video I talked about the problem of promoting an employee to a management position and often the skill set requirement is not often properly explained to the employee especially in small businesses so its crucial that if youre a leader promoting somebody to one of those management or supervisory positions that you make sure that they understand the expectations of the job and that youre clear to on

what you expect from a manager or supervisor its also important that you provide the right training and coaching to a new manager or supervisor or to an existing one if they havent been properly trained for this role and often I see even in companies where they have experienced managers or so-called experienced managers Ive been in the role for quite a while theyre not assuming their full responsibilities of either the job skills of the people skills or theyre not properly balanced and this creates problem in the department so for now start by understanding the responsibilities that come with the job of manager or supervisor and determine where you need to improve start working on one or two at a time not more Ill go more into these skill sets in future videos so if youre not already subscribed please do so now if you like this video give it a thumbs up share it with others heres another video thats related that you can watch raised now check out the article thats related to this video on our website thanks for listening and well talk again soon

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