RequireJS Tutorial 3: require Function

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what is going on guys my name is Michael and welcome to your third required Shias tutorial in which well be covering about the required keyword well I said that I would cover the configuration file in this tutorial but I guess I missed this one so yeah so before doing the configuration file lets just quickly hop over to what this require keyword is so as I told you that data mean accepts the configuration file of your application and for now it is just a config dot Js which is a blank file and yeah so after this script loads itself that is this require – one two – then it would load this one and since they are in the same part so I dont need to just add GS or something like that and the next thing Im doing is Im using the

require again so what required does is it would load a file as just like you are adding a file out of script SRC so this technically means that this bunch of code here means that we are doing something like this only but youll say that hey we already did that in the slides so what is the use of this code right here so Ill just show you that in a minute so right here what I told you is that this script file would load itself first and then this config dot GS right here which does not require a dot Js extension so you can just make use of this as config and not config dot Js so what happens here is that this is an asynchronous call so when this required – one – two loads this asynchronously calls this config file

so that means that it doesnt restrict your JavaScript code below this script tag from running so for example lets let me just show you a quick example so that its more clear to you just add a script and an alert and lets just open the inspect element and reload now pay attention to here this alert just stops the execution of this page unless I click on this okay button so here we can easily see that for now just three dot HTML and require – one – two is loaded and there is no reconfigured GS file loaded yet so when I click on OK you can see the configures loaded now so if I want like if I want to have some method from or some variable from this config file and I try to use it just after this file then it

wont work because this is odd I told you is asynchronously loading this file so the code below this script might or might not run at times see you might not take any chances now what about that with this if I write a lot in here and then I reload then as you can see this conflict not gist is already present so if I can show both of these together hello it before require keyword and alert after require keyword and if I reload this now as you can see the before require keyword fires before the config dot JS file is loaded and this after require keyword is immediately fired after this conflict GS is loaded so this is kind of a callback function you can see which will be fired when this file is loaded and dont worry about duplicates require GS will

know whether your file has been loaded once or twice and it will decide or accordingly so even if I remove this code you can see that require GS would still load the config file right here because of the state of Maine attribute and if I kind of removed this as well then also require the gesture load the config file as you can see now this config file right here is loaded because of the JavaScript code this one and the previous one was loaded of data main code so yes you need this data main attribute if you want your config file to be a configuration file and well be looking at how to program a configuration file in require.js in the next tutorials so so thats it for the story alar if liked it then dont forget to subscribe and thank you for watching

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