Remembering The Cast From The Honeymooners 1955

who is the last living cast member of the honeymooners?
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jackie gleason The Honeymooners with the stars Art Carney Audrey meadows and joy Randolph oh boy I am weather out robbing home yet homie it kind of late isnt well here behind a little while he stopped off at the doctors on his way home from work its doctors facing wrong well nothing serious said its just that well if you noticed in the last couple of weeks how ralph and flying off the handle at the slightest little thing and been so nervous and irritable lately so nervous and irritable lately oh lets face it hes never been 100% on the last a pop I cant he remember when I seen him smile last time I seen his piece when he was trying to fight him well was not account of that nervousness I thought he should go to the doctor Im thinking maybe the doctor could give him something you know they would calm him down well hi everyone hi Rob and some sweets for the sweet oh thanks Ralph and how are you my pal o mine house I think that doctors doing pretty good so far mr. Hyde here is fast becoming dr. tickle whatd the doctor say Ralph Alice that back there is a genius an absolute genius I am never going to be nervous for the rest of my life well what did he do its so simple that youre not gonna believe youre not gonna believe this it gives me an examination saying since the reason that Im nervous is because I could aggravate he says you know you get aggravated and right away you blow yourself and you get nervous so it gives me a little thing to say that whenever Im steamed up I say this little thing and Im not nervous well like what as I said youre not gonna believe this here it is he says whenever I get steamed I say this pins and needles needles and pins its a happy man that grin then I smile to myself and then I say what am I mad about and it works I couldnt think of what I was mad about and Ive been aggravated several times tonight you mean you tried it out already why certainly I was aggravated as soon as the doctor gave me the boat but the really tested to really test it I came home from the doctors in the subway and I want to tell you something if you want to test the cure for aggravation just get in the subway oh that is the Aberdeen Proving Grounds I wasnt in there five minutes before I was aggravated a million times some Dame had an umbrella around her arm kept poking me in her ribs another guy was carrying a rosebush sticking it in my face another guy had a piece of wood in his shoulder hit me in the back of the neck every five seconds but I just stood there yesterday and I said pins and needles needles and pins its a happy man at grins then I smiled and I said what am I mad about and believe it or not I just couldnt think what I was mad about father would be nervous again oh Im so happy Ralph well suppose you get my supper Im going to wash up all right well what do you think in I dont let me cut out that if this pins and needle things work and really calms Ralph down I think that I should be presented to the UN as the greatest instrument known for PETA Oh mr. Johnson how do you do mrs. Grandin hello mr. Norton hey Johnny boy Roger a little early this month mister job well yeah youre not due for another week to collect all right well Im just not collecting the rent Im just going around the building and giving out these notices oh uh what to say oh I have one for you too mr. Norton Oh mr. Johnson lets notice as youre raising the rent it does I hope I dont say the same thing well you see this its time that I went out in the rain Commission and they gave me information to

raise the rent 15% my reasons are right there in that notice I know this would happen as soon as a war in it boy now Ive got to give these out to the rest of the building hey hiya Johnson youre just the guy I want to see well this is perfect well Im very worried I have noticed mr. Johnson that youre a very nervous guy you know you just cant calm yourself every time you come up here to speak to me you get upset nervous well pal I got the greatest fuel for aggravation that was ever invented well mr. Crandall only take a minute might change your entire life now look if you ever get nervous seeing your aggravate it already have to do is say pins and needles needles and pins its a happy man at Grants then you put on a big smile and you say to myself what am i mad about and believe me you wont be able to remember what youre mad about I just wish I had something to aggravate me right now they are off maybe this will do the trick all right a little test pins and needles needles and stamina the happy man its crazy whats working like a job look at a light spotlight good ill what am I mad about they raised the rest 50% its not me man explained they were now suggesting there is a perfect example out of pins and needles things work he fought upon him with himself he fought this battle and he won the battle now hes going to go in there for a few seconds and hell think it over get calm cool collected in a couple of seconds hes going to come out here refresh what a new look out our life I wouldnt see no one to you Im not gonna get a sign not one thing dies you mean to tell me that youre still not willing to give up I said it before and Ill say it again that landlord is bluffing laughing hes bluffing he put us out into the street sure hes put us on the street thats part of his plan thats part of his club hes trying to scare us well I dont scare that easy this has gotten way beyond the five dollars extra month this is a whole new thing this is Mike over right now what do you think were gonna do Ralph what do you have in mind where are we going to move all this furniture dude were not gonna move in anywhere were staying right Aaron and straight Im afraid yes on the space look he wants tea apart hes got a right to put us out of that but he doesnt own the street they belong to the taxman and were staying right here and as soon as he finds out that were blocking his doorway youll hear have changes stone dont worry about that all right now all right you want to continue this crazy fight of yours with the landlord you go right ahead but I dont want any positive now until we move back into that apartment Im packing my things and going over to my mother go ahead just like you to give up go ahead over to a warm apartment Ill stay here Ill hold apart I started this twice now get out [Laughter] all right all right Alice Ive given up the fight were going in there and Im gonna pay him the fly dollar increase in rent what I want you to understand something Alice its not because I want to do it its not because Im afraid of a cold and Im hungry all that Im embarrassed by fail out here dont think it is that Alice does it is it you want to know what it is Ill tell you what it is and you know what it is this woman I know what you know what it is Ill tell you what it is you know I know how we you get virus and needles needles and pins a happy woman is a woman Oberon you Oh

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