Python TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not iterable

typeerror: nonetype object is not iterable
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this video discusses about type error nan type cops it is not high trouble so let me create a list items is equal to 1to we can loop loop through this list like Forex in items and we can print each elements similarly we can hide

right through a double and print the element and similarly we can hit right through through a string and we can print each character so all these are possible because these object has a say magic method so this list has a magic method called double

underscore ITER double underscore so this method makes this iteration similarly in double also you can see this tighter method then in Dictionary C but if you check the nun nun type object that it does not how this item added so if you try to

hydrate through an N type object like this you will get the error type erupt and type object is not high trouble similarly if you try to hide right to an end up jet you will get in depth it is not a trouble and float

object float ability is no toy trouble then boolean boolean is notable because all these objects like boolean does not have this high term mother and hint is not how thats why we are not able to I tried to hide right through these objects okay

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