Python Tutorial: How To Convert Number Types In Python

invalid literal for int() with base 10
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hello and welcome to another tutorial by learn by tutorial calm and today were going to talk about converting number types you know we got integers and floating point numbers and what happens if we want to convert them well theres a built-in function or actually two building functions for that so the first thing I want to do is we discussed this in brief earlier in a previous tutorial how to get the type that a certain object is and we do that by doing type parentheses six parenthesis now we want to know what the type of object numbers are sixes so get returned is gonna say classes and manager so its an integer so lets try this again type six point zero well see what that object is its a floating-point number so type gives us the ability to know what type of object it is so we could also do something like type and then we can do a dictionary and itll tell us dick for dictionary that we could do type lets do true return its a bully all right so this gives us the ability to check the types but it doesnt give us an ability to change them so say we want for example a user when they use when we use the input

buildin function it gives the user ability to give us an input but it always comes back as a string so to convert that to a say we ask a user for a number say how many times did you go to the store last week and they put in 3 well its gonna come back as a string but we want it as an integer so we can do some math with it so lets say we want to convert a string to an integer so we go I aint int int and well say the user gave us a string of three we close out the parentheses we return it returns an integer pretty cool right so what happens if the user gives us a floating-point number or six point seven or our programming business a floating-point number we use int to get that number convert it to an integer now it always rounds down so if we put int its gonna round down to six now say well I wanted to round up well we could do that too well first of all if you could do you can use round and do six point seven it close it out and youre gonna get seven all right thats another way to work around it its gonna give you

a seven Ezard as an integer all right so thats one way to do it or you could actually do in switch I dont know why you would do it this way but just for knowledge sake you can actually do it this way you know return seven still okay now say lets see how about converting it to a floating point number so say the user gave us three again so we do float and its in a string three and we want it in a floating point number so we get we use float building function and it converts it to a three what about an integer so just float 6s Maryland three times six point zero all right so four converts the number or the string to a floating point number it converts a string or a floating point number to a integer now what happens if the user gives us a floating point number in the string and we want to convert it to an integer so if we do it now this is not gonna work seven points five parenthesis now we cant convert a string that contains a floating point number I also wanna stress this is not considered a floating point number its actually just sitted a string its not a floating point number

by sate that wakes it looks like a floating point number and were compared we convert them to a floating point number here that would be a floating-point number thats actually an object that contains a floating-point number this is not this is a string object okay so if we go int 7.5 were gonna get an error it says in Val literal for int with base 10 so basically saying we need in the string we need it to be an integer and thats the only way you can convert lets say well what happens if I want to convert my users input to an integer well we can do that okay so lets say the user gave us the floating-point number 7.5 first thing were gonna do is int parentheses hello parentheses then were gonna give the string 7.5 close out the parentheses close out the parentheses what were doing here is were gonna convert it to a floating-point number which is gonna give 7.5 then were gonna convert it to an integer so we hit return there we go alright or we could have used round to get the floating-point number if we dont give rounded argument so if you did it round float 75 do it this way hit return we get 8 so oh here we

go into all these roles rounds down the 7th and 8th all these rounds up so heres proof that intz gonna always round down and Ralph and Ralph will round the proper way its supposed to unless the fraction doesnt meet up like weve talked about a million times before all right so uh anything else I want to show you oh yeah when we go back to int here I just remember I said this is a string not a floating-point number lets just take a look at that real quick lets do type 7.5 yeah its a string all right its based off of whatever is indicated on the outside so like I said earlier I said this was a string it is actually string now what were doing here were converting it to a floating-point number because float can handle a string that looks like this all right int cannot so we have to convert it to a float which is 7.5 and then convert it to an integer which is 7 all right and it always your on sale and it youre always rounds down if you guys have any questions leave a comment on youtube or on our website at learn Python tutorial comm dont forget to subscribe and well see you in the next one

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