Python: Solving ValueError: Too many values to unpack

valueerror: setting an array element with a sequence.
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hello everybody welcome to another Python video tutorial in this video what were gonna be talking about is this value error too many values to unpack what is it what do we do to get this and what do we do about it so the easiest thing to show you guys is just by example so literally Ill just call it example and the way that youre going to get this is when you try to unpack variables from like a lit something like a list in Python you also will get it whenever youre unpacking say a numpy array for example same same story here so

example as you can see this example is a command its common delimited its got you know if you set example and then brackets 0 oops 0 like this it would correspond to 1 1 would be number 3 2 would be number 4 and so on and so when you unpacked you can unpack these values into and so instead of saying like lets say x equals example 0 you can unpack and then like Y write equals example 1 and so on you can unpack the vet the values straight into the variables really quickly by doing something like this where X Y a equals

example and now the problem with this though is we have four values here and were only specifying two so lets go ahead and specify even 3 for example so what its going to attempt to do is its going to attempt to take all the values here and just like store them into these variables but the problem is it has one too many so what youll get when you run this is the following write value error too many values to unpack but if you said X Y Z a and then you run this you wont have any problems its fine and then when

you go later to you know access these variables like print X print Y Z X a and you run that you know theyre stored and so the other time that youll see it in what you wouldnt want to get confused by is for example lists within a list like this so lets say X is one two three four five why is three and were going to run off the screen so let me just give them like three variables in each list three five seven and then Z na can just have one one value lets say so you can still do this right

so so when I run this there you go youve got you know this new list right so anyway um thats basically basically all it is to this whole value error too many values unpacked basically you just tried to unpack from some sort of variable that had too many values corresponding to how many variables you were feeding it so thats pretty much all you need to do is just add another variable figure out what youre missing in the list so anyways hopefully that was useful for some of you guys as always thanks for watching thanks for all the support subscriptions and until next time

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