python ImportError: No module named requests

no module named requests
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let me open Python terminal then in both requests module so here I am getting in both are no more you named quickest so I will show you how to fix this issue so there is different options so first you can do like this sudo apt-get install Python – quickest this is a first

option or you can do like this sudo pip install request okay or if you are using a virtual moment firstly you can you are activate the virtual environment then you can run like this pip install request so there is three options option 1 you can run through a PD kit installed Python request

or we can use sudo pip install free ghost so if you are using virtual environment first activate the virtual environment then one pip install request so here I am going to use this option option 1 okay its done then let me open by Thunderman all then do in both quickest see is working

so let me remove this pseudo pip3 apt-get remove then opened by Thunderman and endo in both just so Im getting CML let me use a second option sudo apt sorry shut up pip install because which is not installed so I will be installed click past should I predict a digital Python tip okay

now let me try to install a custom model using pick command sudo pip install request system only the cost forgets duck now let me open personal then go in both quickest say its working so you can select one of this option so this way we can fix this in bhatura no module named precocity

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