Python 3 How to convert string to bytes

typeerror: a bytes-like object is required, not str
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hi my friends today I am going to tell about how to convert a string to bytes okay first go to python dermal and Here I am using Python 3.4 then first we have to create a string okay this is our string then next I am going to convert string

two bytes and the syntax is by its brackets the name of the string comma in double quotes husky and this syntax is only a work in Python tree okay next I am going to print that term it is bite the if you need out here look at here it

is B it means it is bytes in a doubt I will show you the type of that data here it is bite okay and Im going to convert that data to a list okay then L contains these values these are the ASCII code for each character in that string

okay and one not three for G 1 1 1 4 and go 1 0 0 4 and D then it out I will show you you know that the representative characters for 1 Note 3 1 1 1 and a 1 0 0 okay using CH our madam see H

1:03 it is d next see H bar 1 1 1 it is oh okay Oh 3 HR 1 double 0 it is d ok using bytes and this index is bytes and name of string coma ASCII this is a syntax for converting your string to a bite okay thank you

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