Police video shows domestic violence call where woman was found beheaded

what is a person called who commits an act of violence?
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Seattle Washington its a domestic violence call a man with a large knife is standing between officers and two children and two adults hiding in another room but what theyre about to witness will probably be one of the most shocking crimes of their careers whoa I just want to warn you what youre about to see and hear is extremely graphic but it shows you what officers go through every single day across this country I am confident that once those officers

kicked in that door they were not expecting to see what they were about to see it will forever be etched in their minds absolutely once again I just want to warn you what youre about to hear and see is extremely graphic lets head back to the scene the suspect has a butcher knife and the officers are trying to identify and save any potential victims watch what happens when the officers finally kick in the door the blurred out bloody image

to the right is horrific the officers noticed a womans head has been severed from her by now theyre trying to process a man with a butcher knife and the bloody scene just inches from their feet they have to remain as calm as they can and attempt to get the suspect to drop the knife but dont forget theres hostages and maybe more victims the suspect keeps the night closed and is still not complying with the officers orders one officer tries

to clear the apartment looking for victims when the suspect grabs the knife again they open fire even though hes been shot the suspect then throws the knife of the officers in the engine the officers rescued the two children and two adults from the apartment the suspect was declared dead at the scene wow that was insane and I hope that those police officers got some mental health help because based upon what they saw and what they heard is going to

be difficult for them to process you know a domestic violence call is one of the most dangerous calls a police officer can handle because you never know whats going to happen behind those doors there it could be like a powder keg of emotion thats about to explode at any moment and I salute those officers for what they have to deal with every single day thanks for joining us for another edition of street survival police shootouts caught on camera you

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