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funny hopping all the way through IV out middle if you are connector through from IV a little newer connector like a G demon one of the most notorious players in counterstrikes history food became notorious rose to fame because of this video in the video hes bunny hopping bunny hopping is present in all counter-strike games but in counter-strike source it was ridiculous bunny hopping

basically works you have to be jumping at the same time while youre moving from left to right and moving your mouse in a very specific wave its whats known as strafe jumping while youre actually jumping a little complicated but Truman became so good at this that players were constantly raging at him calling him out and thinking he was cheating literally all the time

extremely infuriating to actually deal with because the players are moving so fast that you actually cant hit them and theyll get to places before you expect them to meaning youre never prepared for when food is gonna show up around that corner so professionals and casuals alike started adopting the plugin called z block now z block was designed to limit how fast you could

go while youre a bunny hopping and a lot of professionals and casual users once again thought that bunny hopping was dead as soon as z block became kind of normalized became mainstream in counter-strike source but with this video foom shows us that that wasnt necessarily the case and honestly it just took more skill to pull it off if anybody had the skill to

able to do it it was food his skill gave birth to this piece of internet history which was since then been saved on hard drives across the globe and you know immortalized on YouTube although may have taken it down a couple times the most recent iteration of the video was posted in 2010 and since then has received about 4.7 million views

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