Phil Lester’s Q&A at VidCon is (finally) Up!!

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Im Taylor Lorenz and we are here at VidCon and I would like to introduce you to Bill Lester Im glad we got matching yeah we totally planned this sanim is like the signature of VidCon look it seems like my phone charger onstage all right well so Phil thank you so much for coming all the way from London for this Im so happy to be here I always feel very British where Im speaking of Americans all the time Im like oh Im aware of my accent oh well Im gonna be looking at my phone Im not texting Im actually see the Instagram I can see the dog video Im trying to get you from really low angle here so first first of all everyone I treated out earlier you know peoples questions for you and I feel like 80% of them or about Toni asking where he is and whos watching him okay thats the whole thing I dont know about Toni and I bought a set where you can grow a shrimp from powder and it was only meant to live for about six weeks powder yeah its like the little eggs are in the powder and theyve been asleep underground for thousands of years then you put them in the water and they grow into a shrimp and I thought was gonna die and then I was like Im gonna go to VidCon I cant just leave this shrimp in my apartment to die so I bought a full 50 pound tank for it to live in and then I had to buy a machine that feeds my shrimp everyday and you set a little clock for it so at home theres a little robot feeding my shrimp youre gonna come home and this shrimp is gonna be like 150 pounds yes like on your couch its gonna be in the bathtub like hello Im here where have you been yeah so you know I know you have a lot of merch and yes another another thing people wanted to know about your your merch collection is are you gonna sell vases vases Oh see we say Vosss Ballss thats the thing I mean I like a glass of water so why go back for more when you can drink however giant one okay its a glass yeah its a large squash this is too small this is like a bimbo so youve been on YouTube forever yes forever what is the dawn of time diner YouTube what um what has been submit what has been some of your most memorable moments on YouTube youve owned like one video that really stands out that you really loved oh the whole thing has been an adventure and its one of those things where you dont realize where its gonna go so I just started making videos for fun and I just didnt know it was gonna turn into this big thing who would think thatd be a convention all about people turning on a camera and chatting to it and then uploading it so that was a big surprise I dont its really hard to pick out one memorable moment of this entire journey because looking back on it the whole thing has just been incredible and more than I could have dreamed of happening yeah its like a blur its a blur its a wonderful blur so you know youre kind of in the news a lot recently and for coming out yes so what what made you decide to come out now you know what made you take the place well that was a thing because it was a strange one because Id already come out to my most of my friends and family like quite a while ago but it was one of those things that having on the internet I was like I dont know if I want to share too much of my private life but then I also thought that my story might be able to help other people so I thought you know what why not why not just do it and let everyone know Im gay yeah so speaking of VidCon again yes how many times have you been to I I was trying to think about this earlier I think this might be my eighth VidCon like every sentence you say were just gonna hear like thats a lot of VidCon Aang that is so much it has only been around for 10 years I know and thinking back to my first ever vid con I was so nervous to even come here but also I was really excited because that way I hadnt been invited to the one before and then I got invited to this one I was like wow I I feel like a legit youtuber now and I had probably the worst hair of my life as well that was a great great impression to give everyone what would you say whats been your best VidCon so far I said honestly I think the first one just because Ive never really been to America to me all of these creators that I watched and I was like Anthony Padillas over there and it was like its such a big deal to me all of these people that are doing YouTube and I was still quite new to having a big audience and then seeing how far other people were taking it it was crazy so that was my next question as I was wondering if youre ever starstruck by anyone oh my gosh Im that that was a big one when I first saw Anthony back in the day I was like Im such a big fan but you dont want to be that person no I was just like alright how you doing Wow hes unfriendly I think I played it too cool but were good friends now so thats nice yeah and also I hung out with Sofia Nygaard this year and weve weve chatted before the other VidCon and we talked online sometimes but theres something about her videos I just find so relaxing Im just like if Im in a bad mood I just want to watch someone melt 400 candles together into one candle and it just really fills me up anyway we hung out with her and Tyler and also simply neurological and her sister so its just nice to be able to see friends that you wouldnt normally get to see because no one comes to London Im so far away there they have started doing a London VidCon now but I think only a few Americans have dipped their toes into it so far they need a VidCon exchange program yeah you know youtubers everywhere and yeah I sympathize I love to watch the soap carving videos oh my gosh the soap carving the slime like my Instagram feed you know it recommends you videos it is all just dipping fingers into Wow yeah I have tried to make slime and it went actually surprisingly well if anyone needs a slime recipe check out my video I think its hard to make glue all over ya theres glue theres chemical reactions happening that you dont want to be happening its very sticky is a whole thing so speaking of memorable videos and you know what videos are really memorable that youve made have you ever had a really great time making a video or what videos you have the most fun making and its been a whole journey of making videos I think I did one which was a tour of my brain which was a lot more artistic than I usually have which was involved me cutting out things out of cardboard and opening mysterious brain flaps which is not a word I thought Id say today that was quite a crafty one and also I think the coming out video is actually quite a big deal to me too to make that and thats probably one that Im proud of for making but also one that I was quite nervous to post obviously as well did you spend making it I mean like if you saw Dans video he spent months making his video about his sexuality and that was like a whole process but I was like no Im gonna keep mine low-key and Im just gonna sit down and have a chat but still when I was editing I was like should I say that is that okay is this coming across right and then yeah so its still take me a while to first of all pluck up the courage to film it and then secondly post it was like I dont wanna press go whats gonna happen everythings gonna change honestly it was like the reaction I had from you guys thank you and also my peers and also friends I hadnt talked to for years but was sending me messages saying they had an impact on them or it helped them so it was actually a really good feeling and I was happy that I posted it yeah so you know I think people had a few questions about England okay I guess you know you know you can be our British and bass I will be the British ambassador today yes so what are some British things what are some British things that we should know here in America like are there any kind of like British youtubers slang well one thing about Britain is sometimes Ill say oh Im from London and theyll be like oh do you know my friend John and Im like no its actually quite a big place so its all its usually a lot bigger than people think and theres a lot of places why a lot of people think England is London when theres so many of the places in England like Im from a distant town in the north where we all talk like were from Game of Thrones but Ive lost the accent now but yeah theres theres so much more to it than just London and I think of anyone visits they should totally step their toes outside of the big city what would you say is the biggest difference between like British youtubers and American youtubers oh I dont really I feel like a lot of youtubers and now theyre not doing similar things but I wouldnt say theres a huge difference because YouTubes like a whole creative platform now so people arent just vlogging anymore theres short films this whole this whole feature films on there so I wouldnt say Ive noticed a huge difference between the two yeah I you know I know theres probably some creators out here in the crowd among these fans channel here was a YouTube channel oh its a lot Wow so what advice would you give to people that are just discovering YouTube or just you know deciding to post their first video but they might be a little bit nervous what would you tell them I mean its always quite a nerve-racking thing so if youve already posted a video then well done youve already done the first the first thing and Id say do something that you want to make dont look at what everyone else is doing and think wow I need to copy that I need to be like them I need to do this because thats successful because if youre not doing something that fulfills you creatively then Im not sure its gonna be something youre gonna want to stick with and it shouldnt all be about the views and the numbers and think oh Ive only got ten views on my video and if you think about 10 people thats thats like quite a few people to have a chat to and if its a hundred people thats like imagine if theyre like all in the room with you its thats quite a lot of people so I would just say make something you want to make and dont focus on numbers and instead just focus on the impact youve had on one of the human and that might be important to them and thats enough what are some things you hope the YouTube like never changes about YouTube ooh what would never change I know its hard I was thinking about this myself yeah one thing I I dont know I I just think theres such a great creator community ah yeah so I hope that you know people can still come to VidCon in 20 years ya know I hope so and I hope it stays a place where people can be freely creative and upload something that theyre proud of yeah yeah so you know YouTube also takes a lot of time its a lot of time and effort yes yes Matt Lee you do so many things youre touring you got a book you know you got Tony Tonys the biggest pop you know how do you how do you balance YouTube with the rest of your life and all these other projects are you back on I mean its always a bit of a juggling act like there are some youtubers theyre machines and they will upload twice every day or something like that but I dont upload as often as the standard algorithm would say if you upload twice a day then this is gonna get you the

most views but its just a fact of trying to juggle everything doing some good scheduling and also not worrying if something isnt on your channel for a week or two weeks because everyone knows that I am doing other things as well so Im not always just sat there not doing anything you know theres always theres always something going on Im not I am lazing about sometimes I mean lets be real so what are some projects that youre looking forward to working on or oh I dont want to be the guy thats like mystery project but and at the moment I am Im working on some bigger things but its quite a strange position to being so I dont fully know what they are yet but I can say that Ive written part of a script for something which which if it does get made will be really exciting and I have pitched it out to a couple of things thats what yeah I dont like to be mysterious but I am working on things but its one of those things that Im not getting too excited about it because obviously its not a given that is going to happen yeah do you have any kind of like dream projects like Oh like you know Ive always want to start in you know space movies oh my gosh my acting is terrible so I would never star in a space movie I could be a robot maybe a robot in a space movie Ill play the robot Phil would like to answer another question Thank You Oscar Oscar Academy are you out there no I think dream project would be something with like maybe some kind of movie with a bigger budget where I wasnt necessarily in it but it was something that Ive made and I could see creations from my brain being made by the people I think that would be great so you have a lot of fans here obviously a lot of fans online too how often do you keep track of like your fan accounts like are you one of those kind of people like the youtubers that like reads every single message do you follow any fan tumblers no I mean I obviously look at my @replies on Twitter and I love to see especially the creative community out there like some of the art that you guys make is incredible so thats thats really nice but I think its when there is a community like that I think its good to just let them do their own thing and not be like some kind of person looking over and checking in direct and things like that because then it becomes something thats not theirs and its like Im checking on what everyones doing which is probably what they dont want anyway you know yeah they want you lurking on yeah yeah so if they at reply me then Ill see it but if they dont then I wont I think there are places that you could go on the internet you could see people talking about you and things like that but thats never been of interest to me because I just like people that are interacting with me directly you know that make sense yeah so whats your favorite I dont want you to ply your phone right now but just off the top of your memories dont what whats like your favorite meme whats the last name you saved lets be the last meme Ive seen or saved oh why dont you like the last meme Ive say anything involving a dog is my go to meme so if there is a Corky involved thatll be saved on my phone immediately that is a very British answer a cookie I know its my favorite dog so cute their little faces Iona said I want to eat them I dont want to eat one but you know I emotionally want to eat one yeah its kind of unfair that whats the other one the Shiba Inu or always in the memes I feel like corgis are underrepresented the quote 20:19 is a big year for the cork I think theyre theyre making a comeback would you ever get one I I mean I would love to get a dog but yeah but a dog is also a huge commitment that you cant take lightly so I dont want to just get one and then not be able to look after it properly so I need to be at a place in my life where Im like dog time I have space for you maybe Ill see if Tonys still alive when I get back and then I know I can look after a shrimp maybe I could move on to a another animal yeah yeah Tony watch the dog youll be fine robot to watch the dog yeah well they could breed to make some kind of horrifying shrimp dog Im sorry on that note we have some fan questions whoo so Im gonna pull out some questions from Twitter are they from should I read theyre out oh yeah lets say it lets say their names all right so first weve got I dont even know if these are their real names okay one is called nachos 12 days until try guys whats that name human Lester human Lester shoutout to you they actually had a question about Tony – theyre people are very concerned about his well-being I dont know why they dont trust this robot that you know I should have got one of those pet cams where I could have maybe the live stream to while I was away I hope hes all right yeah you should live story to the fans they keep track yeah theres actually someone to sign the desk our apartment like the concierge guy and I was like I do have a shrimp the apartment so every emergency save the shrimp lets go to one from fantastic DNP okay thats Connors Court DMV they this is marked important all caps exclamation point yes so I need you to answer honestly what socks do you have on right oh my gosh I dont even know oh this is very appropriate for the u.s. Ive got waffles with little bits of butter on top which is actually betraying my love of pancakes so you know yeah is that appropriate for VidCon or what do you mean its perfect for America we dont really do much of the waffles and pancakes back in England whenever I come here Im like inhale all of the butter yeah thats amazing thats sad we need you need you need to be the one to like popularize waffles in I know Im gonna start my own waffle stand if YouTube fails right in a couple years or shuts down Phils waffles open up 2020 I think you heard some customers yeah thank you and the next one is for the only reasons about tea eh okay are there any awkward interactions youve had that still give you gives you flashbacks abusive this day oh my gosh I mean if you watch my videos you know my life is a whole series of awkward interactions but there is one I think Ive spoken about this before a panel so sorry Ive already told you but I was on a train and it was completely full Id got on this train I was like so full theres nowhere to sit except there was a seat next to a woman who was asleep and I was like okay I mean shes asleep but I might just sit down quietly I need somewhere to sit was like a two-hour journey anyway so I sat there for about 30 seconds when all of a sudden her hand went onto my leg and started rubbing it and I was like whys whats happening why is she asleep is she like sleep reaching out to touch my leg until she looked at me and screamed because her boyfriend had gone to the toilet and she thought that I was her boyfriend theyd come back to the seat so then she looked at me I was like oh my god Im sorry and then her boyfriend was like looking at me cuz hed come out the toilet now I was like all right mate whatd you do my so I was like Im sorry this is such an awkward misunderstanding I dont know how to explain it I was just like awkwardly backing off down the train carriage so thats why I now have a fear of trains yeah thats that always whenever I think about awkward moments I theres a lot but thats always like the a star like secondhand embarrassment yeah like Ive got back sweat now thank you so the next question is from at amazing chance 33 and no spoilers because I have not seen it yet somehow oh my gosh wait how did you feel about stranger things 3 oh is anyone find a strange things no spoilers no spoilers I have not seen this yet Im on SEPA sewed three and I am loving it so far yeah Im not someone that binges shows I cant watch it all in one day I need to not watch it all in one day because then ill be sad when its over so I like okay ill do like two a day maybe are you one of those people that takes like one bite of their Halloween candy know with candy Im like no but Im loving the summer theme of stranger things and I feel like already its a much stronger season in season two I dont know if that is yeah people agree with me and Im interesting to see where its going i-ive seen the scene with the rats thats all Ill say which is quite disturbing theres a rat see creepy I feel like you need to be a guest on stranger things I would love to be a guy some strange again dont wanna ruin it with my acting but maybe I could be some kind of alien Id be good at that aliens and robots I figure okay the next one is from @o figlio a o ph e l io la figlio dispel these out because theyre very hard to pronounce and so shes asking is there something from the new era of youtubers that you wish you had during the OG youtube era oh my gosh the new era Id say fast internet because back in the day back in my day no Id make a video and then a computer to give to give the video to a horse and it delivered it no it took like four hours or five hours to upload a video oh so Im like a big one would leave uploading overnight so–but to be able to like upload something a bit faster I take that what else would I take from now I dont know maybe my knowledge and wisdom of not being a, 17-year-old thats fair yeah um what do you do oh whoa sorry this is from tan out at TA and o UT t a te n tan Alton what do you do during a creative block Oh see this can you get through it having been on YouTube for so long theres obviously gonna be a time where Im like I literally have no idea what to do and I think anyone in a creative industry is going to have a creative block and it depends on the person obviously but for me it really helps to talk to someone Ive having one now will you talk to me but it helps Ive got Dan I can talk to him about like what do you think of this idea or what do you think I could do with this also I will this sounds very off-brand but I will go out for a walk and just clear my head and or if something is really blocking your brain and you cant think of it just stop forcing it and maybe try thinking about something else or go to sleep and try again the next day because you cant always force an idea and then if youve done that the next day you might be like oh there we go brainwave I know how to do this and wake up with an epiphany yeah what okay this is from compromising PML Oh compromising its gonna be how was it performing in front of 5,000 people for 80-plus shows for around a year oh my gosh that sounds so nerve-wracking yeah I mean going on tour was probably one of the most incredible experiences of my life first of all I get to see so much of the audience why every day is a new audience and but also its quite a nerve-wracking experience because youre going youre going I want to say you dry now this is quite scary are you a biscuit maybe no but you you never know whats going to happen but also the good thing for me is that I was performing in front of a crowd that already knew me and enjoyed my videos and that that was kind of a warm fuzzy feeling rather than a ah theyre going to attack me and doing a presentation at school kind of

feeling so I think the first show was scary but then after like show three or four I was just loving it so much I didnt want it to end did you have any people that like followed you on tour like from multiple cities or countries there was some theres some familiar faces especially in America because we were on a tour bus so we could go sleep on the tour bus that wed wake up in a new place but someone else could drive to the next place and come see the show again but the good thing about the show you should totally get the DVD by the way if you havent yet spawn the good thing about the show is each one was quite different because we had a lot of segments that had audience interaction so that wed have this website where you could fill in like different answers so like we did a truth bombs thing where people could roast us so that was refreshing for us so because each day we didnt know what was gonna be on the screen behind us so I kept the show fresh but also how to rewatch ability for someone that might have been to the last one yeah this is from at requite Love has there been a point where you wanted to quit doing YouTube like it did it you just never feel like too much and youre just burnt out and you want to know not necessarily YouTube I had a bit of a I dont even want to be on the internet moment I I dont know what year it was but basically I was in a very embarrassing car insurance advert and it was one of those things where back in the day I dont know if its like 2008 or 2007 but just the idea of being on TV was really exciting even if it was in some kind of weird car insurance spawn and I dont even know if I got paid for I dont think its like they were just like you want to be in this although yeah sure so I sent him a clip what I didnt know is they put this advert out Id say every 30 minutes on British television every ad break had my face in it and it was the point where people in the street that didnt know me from YouTube well I oh my god is the car insurance guy and it it got me quite like nervous to go outside because I was like people are recognising me from this annoying advert and I didnt realize how annoying it was at the time because I thought it was just took me some kind of in joke with my friends but it just turned into this huge thing where everyone was recognizing me from this advert so at that point I was like maybe this might not be for me if Im not enjoying this kind of attention if my youtube gets bigger what if its the same but you dont realize that the difference between people that enjoy my videos that Im happy to make and then if I see someone now in the street theyll be really nice and not like laugh of me thats really funny I feel like youre probably like a meme before I wasnt me I was literally The Annoying car insurance guy this one is from at bun something H yeah she says I have very bad social anxiety do you have any advice by the way love you so much oh thank you love you too and bad social anxiety I think thats thats not something Im like qualified to give proper advice on but I do suffer from anxiety myself and and I think its just something where what helps me is I think when you have that kind of social anxiety youre always worried about what other people are thinking about you and how youre presenting yourself and what theyre thinking about you and what their what their feelings about you are but what Ive realized and the what is important to realize is everyone has their own thoughts and anxieties going on in their head all the time and theyre probably not thinking all those things that you are thinking about yourself theyre like oh and what am i doing tonight oh I need to do that work oh theres Rachel oh yeah but I need to think about that but theyre not like wow I hate her hair wow I dont like that what Im thinking is about them and its just your brain is lying to you and making something bigger than it actually needs to be thats why Id say so Id say just try just to focus on yourself and what you want to do and just do something you feel comfortable with but also dont be afraid of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone every so often just to give it a little test because you might be surprised of where you can go next question is from at space plums she wants to know if these plums yes a lot of space up here this robots aliens do you see theyre gonna storm area51 I saw this storming area 51 dont do it are you gonna I was gonna ask if youre gonna join I dont want to get shot theyve got lasers there and stuff army but both I mean once they get the alien now who knows whats gonna happen I would totally look after one of the aliens though I love the meme about the alien thats in the doorway have you seen that like my alien when Im up at Saraya Im eating cereal out the box and its just like hey no alien meme today its really good thats really funny it reminds me of like the FBI agent thats what its like yeah oh my gosh Ive got a new thing for my computer where its a sticker and it goes over your laptop but you can slide it back and forth yeah so now FBI cant watch me anymore theyre just have to watch your YouTube videos like every yeah yeah yeah they dont get directaccess to listen through the microphone but they cant watch yeah well space bums wants to know is your gaming channel coming back oh yes the gaming channel wow I love I think that was one of the most popular questions that we got asked games and Im so happy people enjoy the gaming channel and we did we took a pause from the gaming channel using the word hiatus which always seems like a bit of a dramatic word but the thing is Dan wanted to obviously take a break because he didnt want to do any YouTube videos for a while he was planning this video about his sexuality and that was such a big deal for him so I was like okay well if thats the case we should pause everything for a bit but also I think when youre making something even if its really gray and people love it you should always have a pause and think about what do you want to do with this is this gonna last forever hows it gonna work so the truth is we havent sat down and had a full chat about whats the gaming channel gonna be now but its something that were really happy people enjoyed and also in the future because the thing is with gaming people comes to gaming channel because they like watching me and Dan do things I feel like the gaming part of it is less important than the funny bands I know some people like the video games but if you think about its more about being a comedy channel than it is necessarily about serious gaming were doing level seven of this game so I dont if it might come back as gaming or it might even come back as something else where me and Donna trying something new because like we havent spoken about this properly yet so that might not be a thing that happens but its just we always want to be evolving and trying different things so the answer is I dont know its still on a hiatus but Im very glad that you enjoyed what we made so far in it what are some games that you love to play like do you still play games on your on your own yeah I mean Ive been playing a lot of apex Legends which just is me I go around Im so terrible at it but and I just get shot by lots of people but then in the one out of 50 games where I killed someone Im like yes and I also played hollow night recently on the switch that is an amazing game if anyones got a switch I was also rubbish at that by finished it 100% so Id recommend that hollow night got it yeah you loved it everyone loves it so this one is from PJs forest kid DJs always good whoo have you seen any celebrity dogs yet oh my gosh theres so many dogs at VidCon I cant tell which ones are celebrities and which ones arent theyre all so cute yeah i-ive seen some dogs I Ive also seen this celebrity Pig has anyone seen in the pig what theres a pig theres a little pig here a little what are a big one is a massive pig weight like a hog no like this big I dont know if I have too much coffee at Starbucks and Im like imagining this pig I saw a pig was a celebrity Pig and not just a pig attending grace Helbig took a picture with it so if you go to Instagram theres a pig there and I saw that pig but I just had this crazy starbucks tie-dye Frappuccino so I try and call that I was like oh theres a pig am I seeing things Ive had too much sugar by the way that is a weird drink wait I was gonna ask Ive seen people like tweet about it what does it taste like it tastes like skittles and banana at the same time is what I said but then the cream is very vanilla II so its its a lot its a lot happening I dont know if that sounds I like I give it four five oh thats a burst on my first sip I was like yeah but then I drank the whole thing whats your usual like go to Starbucks order anything with lots of sugar so I always go for the crazy Frappuccino yeah yeah so this one you kind of already answered this but Ill just give you another opportunity if theres any other words of advice oh of course you would give Im so this is from night ni a mhh 1408 waiting the whitening what word of advice would you give to two young kids even those not starting at YouTube like what what are some things that you wish you knew as a teenager some things I wish I knew as a teenager is probably to not stress out about really small things that are in your head on that day like my world is ending Im so stressed about this and maybe think what am I going to be doing in a month from now and is this particular thing Im really upset about or worried about going to be a big deal in a month or a year and just try and picture yourself beyond that really stressful day like I really hated some parts of being at school and I was like this is gonna last forever Im gonna be at school forever and I hate it but then if you just think oh actually in two years Im not gonna be there anymore its like oh this isnt my life forever so Id say that what were you like as a teenager like what was your vibe and my vibe I was very shy but but if I was with people that I knew well I just I was pretty much the same as I am now I would just say really weird things that came to my head but school yeah so its very quiet so this one is from at dream fill I feel like a lot of these are just stand names is that actual name yeah and they want to know your YouTube guilty pleasure oh we already covered slime we can apply severe melting candles together and I really like watching cooking videos because I dont watch its weird because I cant really cook very well if youve seen any of the baking videos you would know except the brownies if you ever meet the brownies they are great but apart from that is a bit of a train wreck but I was watching I was he called Jonahs kitchen has anyone watched that yes and he makes these really intricate foods foods bakes with his cats watching so you got cats and also its crazy they do video they just sit and watch him making these cheesecakes and he was spinning sugar and the cats was like there are some well-trained kittens or theyre CGI I havent figured out yet

they rope us its so hard to make cats care about anything that he is doing well thats great yeah what do you have like a go-to thing that you cook at home like whats your like dinner I I go pretty I go about as far as getting a jar and pouring it on something Ive moved beyond microwave food though so Ive advanced but also I really love a takeaway thats like thats my guilty pleasure in in in British speak thats takeout take its takeout or delivery deliveries both they bring it to your house yeah I got a little confused about that thats okay [Laughter] okay so um am oor DNP a mourned amore they want to know what is your favourite piece of merch like I mean yeah whats like whats like something from your merch that you honestly like would wear every day well its not something to wear but Ive been working on this candle but I released and I I was so obsessed with getting it perfect I think weve had like 30 different samples of this candle before the finished one came through and it was all about the smells like getting that perfect fill smell that sounds weird but is the whole thing so I could choose the glass I could choose the wax I could choose the scent I could choose the box so I was just like okay I want to get this right so I was having smells delivered to the house we were sniffing all these different things and why it was like a full chemistry lab it was crazy yeah how do you even decide that like do you have a smell like I did when they send you these smells do they send you like little pieces of flowers and stuff does like like smelly jars oh yeah a little sense so I picked one that I felt like it represented what I would want in a candle like it was theyre very summery planty fill smells but they dont smell like literally me for just like the essence of me yeah that sounds very relaxing and soothing how did you pick the color what color color is is a very bluey greeny colour which is also please dont burn your house down so this one is from at soft boy howl soft boy howl they want to know some favorite tour moments especially to those places that you guys have never been before I mean I was so lucky with this tour because I literally went all around the world I got to see so many places Ive not seen before I went to Mumbai I went to New Zealand I really like New Zealand actually likes it supposed to be beautiful its beautiful you see it youre like why why does anyone live anywhere else when you see the Rolling Hills from the Lord of the Rings youre like what is this place of beauty so thats definitely somewhere Id want to return I love that but yeah I feel like that that was a year of my life on that tour and just living on a tour bus and having a crew that became my friends and its weird youre like its like youre living with 20 people and then when it finishes I think this is probably the same as being on a film set when you finish this thing youll just like bye and they go on to the next job and youre like dont go friends just live with me in my apartment and so I actually took a bit it wasnt it wasnt like morning but it just took a bit of adjusting to be like oh okay Im not gonna see 20 people every day do you guys have reunions or anything yeah yeah we should we should we had a reunion with a couple of them but I think we might have like a 1 year reunion where we all hang out again was there anywhere that you booked on your tour just because you wanted to go there why I wanted to go back to Vegas because that was really fun but I didnt work out yeah about to go to Vegas thatll be fun and but were like New Zealand was one of them who really wanted to get yeah its just so far away its so hard to get to especially when youre bringing things over its like how is this gonna work but thankfully we figured it out and also to get to go to Manila as well because there was so many people saying come to Manila and we didnt know that was possible but to finally get there whos credible amazing yeah never been to Brazil I feel like people are always like come to presume yes Brazil as well yeah yeah it was so good thats amazing um is there anywhere that you didnt get to go on that tour that youre like man I got a tour we would have loved to go to Mexico weve tried so hard but it just it just didnt work out this time but its somewhere that if I get the chance I would love to visit yeah so this one is from b99 how all they said what inspires you the most oh Id say other people inspired me the most just seeing what other people are creating and just consuming media that people have really worked hard on i I watched PJs videos and hes such a creative guy and you can tell that he really loves what he makes and just seeing people being I guess breaking from the YouTube mold and just making something creative that really inspires me is there any way that like you you you go to seek inspiration I mean like I know you yeah you touch a little bit about this like yeah weeping on it what to do when you have a creative block but is there anywhere that you like go like go to find ideas like do you watch their YouTube channels you go on tumblr what do you do oh going to find out it thats thats a tough one it I dont like sit in an art gallery and cry while staring at blank wall but I just I just try to watch as many other peoples videos or just TV as well like theres so so much good TV at the moment like stranger things youre just like theres so much inspiration here that I might be able to take somewhere else but yeah I think its just watching other peoples videos like jenna Marbles shes always got an amazing idea Ill watch her just like give her dogs treats for 25 minutes and is better than an Oscar movie so yeah shes a good one to watch if you need a bit of inspiration what are their TV shows are you watching oh I like Im always back on Buffy I watch that a lot Im on Brooklyn nine-nine at the moment which which has been incredible Im on season 2 but that is a dangerous binge watch because Im like oh my gosh Ive watched four of the episodes now I havent done anything but its really good I love the characters I think its great like a Netflix person like do you just go on Netflix yeah I never watch real TV Im just always on Netflix or anything on Amazon any of the things Im just like yes yes recommend more things to me or house like home shows as well like house decorating it was a kind of trash ball so amazing I watched selling sunset on Netflix oh my god my favorite show I really recommend it to you and yeah watch it and then youre like oh my god krischell like theyd be so mean to her I watch it like three people I watched it with my parents on holiday for some reason anyway I walked past the Oppenheim group like in LA and I was like oh my god theyre in there I turned into a bit of a fanboy for sewing Sancho just since it seems like most of you guys dont know if you want some full reality trash in a good way is that its these like beautiful real estate agents in LA that sell like mega mansions and that everyone is so beautiful that works in that office yeah it kind of hurts your eyes I mean thats LA too but it also kind of made me think I could sell houses theyre kind of like having lunches most of the time its loving lunches and then yeah and youre letting million dollars like yeah whats so easy Ill just you know who wouldnt want to buy this yeah 18 million dollar house so anyway so at baby djh baby DJ wants to know how do you look after your mental health in regards to social media oh thats thats the thing I think sometimes there can be too much of social media and you dont want to be looking at it as soon as you fall asleep as soon as you wake up and so for me I think like I said earlier I just try and consume things that I know will make me happy so Im not always on the Instagram feed like trying to see the most beautiful people or Im not trying to see like indirect people talking about me where Im not meant to read it and sorry I think its more just knowing what I want to look at and also checking yourself and thinking does this make me happy do I need to look at this every day or not because especially like I only follow a few things on Twitter because I dont you dont want to maybe wake up and the first thing you see is some intense political stuff or people shouting each other arguing and I think a lot of it can be a negative space but there are ways to make it more positive for yourself yeah if you could only have one social media platform for us your life not YouTube what would it be oh my gosh just one I think Id probably go with Twitter you know because thats where that is where I interact with my audience the most and thats thats I think the most important thing yeah Twitter is kind of crazy though sometimes its so hard to follow yeah its a lot coming out theres a lot but also its thankfully from the community that watches my videos it sort its usually quite a positive things if I check my @replies Ill be like someones made this amazing drawing so thats always a nice feeling yeah do you have any like um bedtime rituals you know for your phone at night did anyone try and use that screen time thing where it came out right its a few of you theres a thing that like switches off your Instagram Xfinity or half an hour or something so its like okay Ill give that a go Im gonna be one of these people every day is like your time has run out I might keep going so that failed and I Im really guilty of it though I just stare at my phone until I fall asleep which Im not meant to do youre meant to like switch it away read a book so maybe maybe Ill try and be better by Im really bad at it they sell little beds like little mini beds for your phone oh my gosh thats like black marrow yeah why dont ring I think that you should have an away message for your phone like I always want something thats just like you could just like mark and just be like Im not by my phone right now yes thats the things youre always on it or wear all the time and everyone is expecting a constant stream of communication but no one ever calls me thats the thing I dont like phone calls so whenever that happens Im like what my phone has that function I didnt realize yeah thats always terrifying I assume as a telemarketer and yeah do so at Nemo 23 underscore 95 wants to know any airport fail stories oh my gosh the at the this Jen like theres always a thing with our travel to any kind of convention this time was pretty impressive so we got on the plane at Heathrow in London and wed sign it for a while nothing was happening real Im sure we meant to have taken off by now this is really weird and then the pilot came on the tannoy and hes Australian whos like good I seem to have a bit of an issue like well what whats that he said in my 20 years of flying weve never had this problem before but there appears to be a wash bag on the wing whats a watch or what like that with peoples toothbrushes and stuff in like a toiletries bag on the wing of the plane this was a two story plane and theres literally someones toothbrush bag on the wing so like what happened did someone just like eat their toothbrushes onto the wing of the plane so people are getting a bit worried like

why is it there how did it get there and the pilot was like I dont know whats happening I dont know how were gonna get it off because the thing about a plane is really tall so we were delayed for two hours wifes at sat on the plane well they have to get a crane to get someone to raise up and just get this bag off the wing and we were thinking that theyre gonna be in one of like those suits to like figure out whats enix we didnt know whats in it a few people were starting to panic but we were kind of just finding it slightly funny I dont know why anyway they retrieved it and it just did have toothbrush and toothpaste it shouldnt just take it off and then it would like fall off the wings Ive been a fun game like see how far it got yeah until like until it got too high and then you dont need to land on a cat or something do you thats true thats that would explode by a washbag from 30,000 feet yeah that would be dangerous yeah forward but you dont want to see them anything like you dont want to see anything on the wing of a plane no no no when we were driving actually there was a lizard on the car and I was like please dont fall off so we have to stop and then it crawled back in the car right come on Larry just get off the car he crawled into the car no he was like in the underneath where the windscreen wiper it was like a pet but we didnt want it to die so we had to release it he just wanted to go on an LA adventure you know yeah do you have you had any memorable la adventures hey I went on a hike because like which is a very la thing and a very unfill thing and I went with Dan and we didnt know that a hike involved actually walking up a really steep hill we thought it was just one of those things you go for a little wander but we went to the Griffith Observatory and it was like it was like that yeah thats not us thats like not an easy hike no it was not an easy hike and also I am the palest person ever so the Sun was beating down and I was like this is a lot thankfully everyone has tiny dogs so thats a little a boost like an emotional boost every time you see a dog when you would going up the hike but it was good Id recommend it actually a hike you need to you need theres like contraptions with like the little like cookie at the end of a string oh my gosh you know but its like a dog yeah definitely and then I wanted to just sing the whole of lalala and when I got it so Sophia underscore FA you are SCH wants to know what so far in your career are you most proud of what am I most proud of Id say definitely the two tours that weve done Im so Im just so proud of them especially the most recent one like when we worked on the DVD it was just such a great feeling to see kind of what weve achieved and also the audiences reaction to it as well when we were filming it I was just so happy with it and then when I showed my mum she had a little cry and I was like ah Ive achieved something thats nice yeah so Im proud of that are you planning another tour not at the moment no I think that that was that was the one for a while but I would never say never I mean I would like to its just one of those things that it will feel ready to do it when it when its ready to go Im not thinking I need to go do it now but maybe in the future yeah yeah so we have about 10 minutes left nine minutes left and I thought wed take a few more questions from Twitter okay so lets see what we go I know if theres any you dont want to answer just say pass okay all right behind Oh lets blow it out I think before you came here I was telling you most of the questions when I put out a call for questions I was like you know what do you guys want to know and theyre just all like why are you so awesome oh you have a lot of amazing fans yeah so lets just check the hashtag amazingphil videos anyone sent one in lets see this person wants to know do you have a tick tock I do I I think I was about to say no but my friend Brian he was like you have to install this and experience it so I did download it I dont actively make tick tocks I was just curious I was like what is this thing I want to be in the loop have you have you like where do you think of tick tock its a wild world so its so different to anything Ive been used to Id say the closest like cousin of it was probably vine which I loved when it existed but there are some tick tock compilations Ive watched theyre actually really funny so there is some stuff on there thats good yeah those are good yeah yeah its like tic TOCs that keep me going in the day that kind of those kind of compilations if you need tic TOCs to get through the day you gotta watch more YouTube this person wants to know if your mother is ever gonna get on YouTube my mom I I actually made a video with my mum I think its like five years ago or something but I think that was enough for her because someone recognized her in the shop and she was like oh I didnt realize this would happen so shes had her taste of Fame but now shes got shes enjoying the anonymous life shes like no shes like no half channel anytime soon she would be a great youtuber though shes hilarious yeah what does it take to be a good youtuber do you think I think is its being genuine I would say because its very obvious if someones pretending not to be themselves but also just someone thats got something to say I would say so yeah yeah share your creativity yeah theres no rule anyone could do it yeah this person wants to know what collab would you love to do they havent had the opportunity to do yet oh my gosh theres so many collabs Id want to do yes a fear would be great Id love to do one with jenna Marbles one day it was really fun climbing with Anthony last time I did a Danville or a rat or an Tacna a Dan Anthony or a rat competition so maybe they could have a sequel to that or something yeah have you ever filmed a video but not uploaded it ooh thatd be a rare thing I think the only time I think that might have happened is if you film and then the memory card crashes or something like that I did one where I did that personality test with the million questions the INF J or ever and I filmed that for like two hours and then I realized it was super boring no one cares because theres so many questions so yeah would you remember the results I remember I was in one of my recent videos Mike I remember what the result was INFP people always say like Im n Q whatever but I cant and qjl yeah as introverted northern friendly person and what do you think your fan base would be called if they hadnt already named themselves it have named themselves that is an impossible name themselves well theres theres lots of names going out there the fandom with a pH yeah yeah yeah thats a good one though its a play on words well done yeah yeah yeah thats you got it I feel like you have to make it a pun thats the hard thing and theres only so many like puns only so many buttons that you can do I would I think I think one also suggests one which I dont know people use is like the fanatics the fanatics like dont use it then all right 90% of these messages I have to tell you are just dogs and like pictures of corgis I mean thats just my my feed anyway all right why you love Twitter I would love Twitter if this was my experience of Twitter its yeah its like a lot of dogs a lot of corgis great you know what I feel like yeah some people asking who would play you in a movie oh and maybe Benedict Cumberbatch Wow I like some people say we share a similar feature but I could never work out what it is when you now I see it like I totally see it Moriarty I dont know if its the eyes or the forehead maybe somewhere yeah cheekbones yeah thats a very like Im just like you dont think about someones cheekbones but when you see two people the same cheekbones youre like wow there is so yeah Benedict Cumberbatch probably this one might be a little hard but if you had to pick a quote for your senior yearbook what would you what would you pick pick a quote or like a motto like do you like a motto that gets you through a motto there is never too much candy thats the first one that gates my head thats really thats a thats a really good one yeah are there any kind of like fun dances that youre into taxes no I mean dance on stage no protect tax our first tour offers tour we did a whole dance routine at the end of it you did yeah and that was one of the hardest things for me because I people have got two left feet its like Ive got no feet when I try and do any kind of movement so we had two days with a real choreographer who works with like West End shows and every time you could just see this disapproving face no Phil try again Ive never sweated so much so yeah dancing I will not going to be on Dancing with the Stars Im not gonna be on Strictly Come Dancing like Joe sugg its just not built in time its so intimidating and terrifying yeah it was in the show it was so ridiculous and far away from our comfort zones it was funny but I think actually trying something my actual dance yeah it would not be a good thing so um you know a couple people were asking youre so big now and they were like you probably dont experience rejection anymore have you ever been rejected for you know a collab or something that you wanted to do no Im like out theres always the especially like at the moment Im and what advice would you give to kids well I wouldnt take it too hard because like everyone is busy and theyve all got their own things going on and some people might not realize how important this is to use if youre like hey did you want to collab and someones like oh sorry Im busy you might have been like working up to send that message for three months and they didnt realize but I still get like those rejections now like I submitted a pitch for this thing I was working on a different idea last year and Id spend weeks working on all of these ideas that could go into this this show I wanted to make and then we just got the email back that was like sorry thats not what were looking for and so I okay put that in the bid lets stop you know what I do like they have all these lists online if you google of like you know ten famous writers that were rejected oh my gosh I I love reading those though because it would be like some big person and some you know that I dont know theyll have gotten a letter being like no blame and then they go on to make like some amazing movie yeah I think a rejection also will lead to something else happening as well so it might be the right thing even if you dont realize it at the time yeah yeah any parting words are read to be out of time but any parting words for the fans I mean thank you so much for coming to this because I know theres so many exciting things happening at VidCon so for you guys to sit here with me for an hour it really means a lot so I hope you have a great time for the rest of time youll hear thanks for watching my videos and have a lovely day yeah thanks very much

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