Origin Launcher Not Loading (FIXED) / How to fix origin not loading

origin wont load
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hey guys my name is mo and youre watching techno right whats going on guys welcome to technorover technology is done right so today im going to teach you on how to fix the origin does not load error so basically when you open up origin you get this it like nothing looks like what the hell are you doing that what are you trying to do okay so what were going to do is were trying to help you to fix this so if you have been tried uninstalling and reinstalling origin back I would highly recommend you to try that first before you get on to this step ok so ive tried and it didnt work for me so what im going to just going to do this and hope this works

so you know close origin and then youre gonna go to your taskbar and shutdown origin that will click on quit origin okay so make sure you dont have origin open there so now what youre going to do is youre going to go to your windows taxpayer type in run or you can press on your keyboard windows key + r and to open and then youre going to type in percentage program take our centage so thats the basically that what that is and youre gonna go to the origin folder inside here okay origin folder and then youre going to highlight everything except the local content folder okay so this is important but others all you can delay so delete that some files wont be able to be delete so you just

going to skip it okay so youve done that now were going to open run again this time were going to type in percentage half take in one space AppData centage oh thats too sorry about that okay so this will take you to the roaming folder and youre going to find origin here and Im going to delete that folder okay so after that youre going to go to AppData as you see just now you was in roaming youre just gonna click update I hear and youre going to go to the local and also that youre going to find the origin folder and delete that okay video recycle be empty everything okay so now youre going to restart your machine and Ill restart my machine and get right back to you guys

okay guys and Im back Ive restarted my computer and havent done anything yet so we lets open origin and see if it would okay so it will ask you to sign in first because you have deleted the cache and everything so make sure you know everything I hope I do okay I did okay guys and you can see that well thats it so it takes a while to load but you eventually get everything back no problem as you see games are all here and everything its easy its simple and its fast so if you want the details in a written order or in a typed order I have a file notepad file which will be linked in the description to my Google Drive you can download this file which it

all the stats on what you need to do to get back origin up and running so basically thats about it guys if this video helped you please let me know and Im glad I helped you if you have if it didnt work you can put that down the comments and I will trying to find other ways to help you and I think thats about it guys if you want to know how to restore and backup games from origins yet you can go to the right top corner there which has a card right now showing you directing you to the video now I will show you how to backup and restore games in origin so basically thats about it for me guys so please rate comment and subscribe and Im out

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