Options bulls betting on tech, utilities & casinos

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lets talk about some unusual activity were ready to do that and were having some issues over there at the scrub there we go okay lets just go to you guys alright I dont need to read this oh I told you we have a we have a supersize the dish because we got one two three four five Johns with a five lets start with Aveda whos got it lets do it thats me unusual activity Scott and weve had it for basically two weeks now several different days weve seen unusual buying in eBay today with the stock right around $38 they were buying the 38 and the 39 calls the 39 s were

the most interesting to us these are regular July expiration 39 calls what about 5000 of them as you can see yesterday theyre buying them again today I bought these calls I already owned eBay Scott Ill probably be in these for a week to ten days next one cob this one to see the numbers on the right oh sorry Petes pay man Im doing my best bro its like breathe in Consolidated Edison coned down about 55 cents today theyre buying calls in here in a big way buying 88 87 and 89 calls we had thought wed highlight these June 87 calls these are a very short term play but I loved it

as you can see trade about 2,000 a day Im in these Ill probably be and Im one to two days okay very somber three quick update on JD talked about it last week very strong activity in JD and today it popped pretty significantly to about 28 and a half or so judge the options almost doubled from our entry I took half off Im going to continue to stay in the other half all right Pete youre up number four yep Im gonna hit you with this one MGM now this one just about a couple of weeks ago Scott this stock was trading much depressed from where it was you can see right

there on the chart they were buying the 27 strike calls originally in there in July well now theyre rolling out buying the August 30 calls they bought over 5000 of these paying about a dollar 10 theyre selling out of July rolling up and out in terms of these August 30 calls I love when I see that Im in these calls I think its a great opportunity if this thing continues to blow up to the upside that could really really these could double very rapidly we get close to $30 a share I got one equipment as well k well now k web is gonna be an interesting one for you I had

this just a little June 3rd take a look at this move since jeans on the right side of the move well were trying Im trying to show you drop your jacket look at this thing the way its making a move now everybody you stand over I want to tell you why we trade options this is a great move if you bought the stock youd be excited right hey man I made 5 percent a little over a week these options are up over 70% in a little over a week thats why you trade these short-term option to the upside all right good stuff yep have a seat lets do it you you you

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