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hey what is up guys ink is here and today we got a unboxing for you guys – wireless mouse from on you can get a close up for you guys its in color black cuz the little USB thing has batteries my first time using wireless mouse kind of used to the wired ones this has a powerful 2.4 2.4 gigahertz wireless county connectivity scroll wheel and where this its open it

up got my nice sharp knife Philly I dont damage the item its fun not the correct way to cut this to find another opening this looks like a fingerprint magnet as you could see thats some stains right there thats what my thumbs nice small Mouse nice and shiny black its a lot of fingerprints though got that wheel about that look this with the wheel off and on but in the

little red motion some sort of thing and bring out the other piece I can get it out got this little USB things of all right think everythings correct and we do have two batteries the batteries right there I think you just add them right here try that out open it up a little bit back two batteries right here so should get that again not sure if Im putting this on

right okay one low and I think I got it stuck in there but whatever I play there was this band I think lose this band to bring it out thats whatever so we got it look at this tile make she try to come oh my god I almost broke this thing was like seven bucks so doesnt matter I think I didnt mess it up no thats it so you turn

it on like that and then armed you have to connect that off nice click sure it dropped in to extra buttons on the side if we brought him up and down I see Im already sure I scroll back Im gonna give this a 3.5 out of 10 thats it for today guys so Ill see you on the next one make sure to smash that like button and subscribe peace out

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