Nude Outlined Winged Eyeliner & Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Oh todays video is going to get into Yale and all that Im wearing right now I know if its kind of unusual but I was feeling like doing something a little bit more different today I need two really simple brown smokey eye but interesting the regular black winged eyeliner I decide to do an outline news winged eyeliner goodness wont name the shadow part is actually really easy and if you like the work you can definitely wait with a regular winged eyeliner or no eyeliner at all its up to you but I really like the more artistic version of this work and I really hope you guys like it so please dont forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you havent already see you guys so much for watching and lets go hearing started I realized so I already applied my foundation and other eye concealer I want to talk today mainly on the eye makeup because I mean its going to be the most fun part from the whole of the day so yeah just jump straight to the point first Ill go ahead and fill in my brows with grease and Ive already fused brows in medium brown is going to kind of give them a little bit of shape now mostly using some concealer to clean up the edges all right so brush again now lets go ahead and jump to the fun part Im going to prime my eyelids with the shadow base by Sigma its called fresh weight applying it with my fingers all over my eyelid it kind of reminds me of the Microsoft ok paper but a little bit more creamy I thought I liked it more than the Paint Pot and Ill quickly go ahead and say it with some safe dollars this is the oil new to this color Ive been using this so much lately Ive been using it to set the my under eye concealer my I have based my entire face Im basically using it for everything its a really nice color its really thin Howard so now you have a really nice smooth base for a child I will take this brown shade by makeup geek its called ten lines and Im going to fight for my eyelid and Ill use the makeup addiction light shader brush slash now bring it very slightly above my crease a little bit and then on the bigger blending brush this is the Mac 217 Ill take some of this

I shall again by makeup geek it coat beaches and cream and Ill use it to blend over the edges of that branch I shallow into the trees Rison taking this darker brown shape just to see the difference this is the shape that I used all my eyelids and this is the one that Im using right now this one is called mocha and it again binary cookie we have a little bit of a difference this one is a little bit darker and its more of like a cool toned brown shade I use my finger supplies oh my eyelid again and again taking that shadow quad which is in cream on the Mac 217 are used to diffuse all the harsh lines right so this is a really easy neutral eye makeup but Im thinking about doing something a little bit more unusual very I want to do on wink newest outlined eyeliner kind of sounds complicated and this is going to be the first time Im doing that not not exactly the first time just let me show you something I did this look not that long ago so I kind of want to do something I guess but I dont want to smoke out the eyeliner I want to outline it instead so lets see how it will turn out I think that it will be super super cool so yeah first I will make some concealer Ill use the Maybelline fit me in number 15 Ill just take some of it on the back of my hand like that and then Ill use a really thin angled brush with Weaver three-one-seven Im going to take some of the concealer on it and Im going to do is Im going to basically do a winged eyeliner dont worry about the edges they dont have to be absolutely perfect because were going to cover them up with some black eyeliner Im going to show you what I mean and what you want to keep in mind is that you want to do it a little bit thicker than what youre usually used to do because once we outline it that will actually make it to look a little bit thinner you really quickly want to go ahead and share it with some face powder or a new eyeshadow just whatever you have around because it can very easily transfer on your eyelid and mess everything up you take not really cool you can stop here but risking to mess it all up and when I plan it if youre

doing this work with shadows different than brown decay youre using black blue purple just whatever color you can think of before you apply that concealer you want to go ahead take a make up life and remove the shadows where youre going to place the concealer because it can snow I can kind of blend with the shadows and it wont come out really new it really is blue and you apply concealer on top of it it can make it look a little bit muddy which you wanna wear that you want to make it look really nice and nude so how do I in mind if youre using charles defined and brown right now lets go ahead and Ill find up Ill go with my favorite essence with eyeliner in the brush in years of life is the Sigma yo 6 hours you can be really precise with it Wow I have to get really close to a mirror to that and I think that the lines came out a little bit quicker than how I had them in my mind but oh no I really like it and Im not sure if I want to I suppose I should today well see about that lets just first apply some mascara and after that I will see so when I add them or no Ill go ahead and curl my lashes first and then Ill call them with the benefit theyre real mascara if you got Ill go ahead and go on some faux lashes but our use of a flash once we have by house of lashes theyve called Bumby so lets go ahead and put them on all right so worried off camera except were going on the other watch is I want to get and I draw a thin line over the lash band so that I kind of cover it I had to go really close to a mirror that it was kind of difficult to to do it far away from a mirror to patient that eye makeup Ill go ahead and apply some of that Sheryl Crow sterilize that I also use on my eyelid and Ill bring it along my lower lashes the brush Im using is Sigma e25 I get and change up the stage makeup really quickly I want to really intense contour and blush and all that stuff but I want to add some bronzer and highlighter so first what Im going to do is Im going to take some powder on my path and Im going to apply it right

the area that I will apply some of the bronzer and the highlighter and by doing this the powder is absorbing the excess oil that I have on my skin right now and the power that I will apply onto with the bronzer and highlighter want to come out bachchi Ill go with the milk chocolate brother by Too Faced this one is my all-time favorite so Ill take it on the Ziva one to seven brush and Ill just apply it on my cheeks and also a little bit on the top of my forehead for holiday Ill go with my entire Beverly Hills Sun dips glow kit and the other high tech called scammer this one right here I will apply it with the Murphy and 501 you also take it on my nose and my Cupids bow aha then I go into my eyes in the brow bone with this white matte eyeshadow again by makeup geek its called white life so I think that this is pretty much enough for the face makeup I mean the eyes are kind of unusual so its okay to keep the faith the eyebrows and the lips a little is more neutral so that all attention goes straight to the eye so on the lips you can go it something really dark brown lets say chocolate brown would look absolutely stunning with this book but Ill go with something more in neutral because as I said before I want all the attention to go to the eye so Ill go with this lipstick here by Murphy its called virgin and its really really pretty nude color and this is a facial guy I really hope you enjoyed watching this video I was being creative low-sided from time to time if you throw me for awhile we probably already know that I really admire people on Instagram and on YouTube like everywhere that theyre doing more creative looks that theyre doing more unusual stuff because lets be real that looks something really easy and if you decide to recreate this work surfers like me I would love to see your equation guys I really hope you guys like the end result I love how this will turn out please dont forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you havent already now that you guys you can also follow my instagram facebook twitter and also visit my blog on the link to abuse it down in the description box thing guys so much for watching and see my next one

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