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a client who is blind is said to be experiencing:
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Sex is about giving and taking but you just think about taking Like if today I dont want, I wont give but what if they want? then youll have to do something that some other girls do very well Its sex labor Of course, they cant always satisfy us There are times that you need to satisfy them Have you ever faked orgasm? Oh, faking orgasm. Yeah #FakeOrgasm ♫ Trên trần gian mấy ai cho tình yêu mà muốn phí hoài ♫ ♫ Hãy học cho đi trước khi nhận lại hết tin yêu như ý thơ ♫ Hi everyone that is watching “Love Is Blind” My name is Nguyen and people usually call me Stephanie I’m 26 years old and I’m an event organizer I really love Hip-hop, so I’m also a Hip-hop dancer I love visiting various places as well as shopping and wearing fashionable outfits I’m strong but sensitive as well My favorite slogan is “Something great wont happen twice” Mean.. When it comes to love, there’s no going back I’m looking for a guy from 26 to 34 years old He should love discovering and have a strong personality Both mental and physical strength He should be someone who knows how to take care of himself and how to care for others And he should be a bit adventurous so we could do something together Until today, I’ve had a lot of questions Because there are so many things to know within a relationship But I didn’t have any guru to ask – And then, ah, you’re here! Have you ever been stuck with the thought of wanting a single life yet also wanting to be together with someone? Well, most girls are like that For women, being together with someone is very desirable because we always feel insecure We urge ourselves to find commitment within all kinds of relationships so we can rest assured So that thing lies on the brain hemisphere of reasoning But we still want fun, we still want to go to places, experience things We still expect romance from relationship so it’s true that there is a conflict of thought The thing is whether the cause of such insecure feeling comes at the right time Instincts and desires of a women is like a kindergarten Every kid wants something Some want to eat, some want to pee some want to play So the mother of the house is ourselves We can only choose one at a time With your age, with your height with your employment being an event organizer that interact with others a lot then your instincts are usually on hold About insecure feeling, you’ll always be insecure! When it comes to fertility, who knows how long it would last? Why don’t we just get married now? So yeah, those are questions that you’d find yourself asking a lot but it’s fine. Maybe some other times we would think about it Do you think that the modern society makes people more open-minded? I find cheating very common around me I’m not sure if people are too open to do so For me, that issue mustn’t be easygoing At which level? The level of which we flirt, date, have dinner together, have some drink or milk tea together? Or the level of which we sleep together? I can’t accept sleeping together Maybe it’d be fine if it’s just flirting What about having dinner together? Well, I think… – Just eating, not sleeping! What if it happens regularly? – So there will be some risks True! There must be some motives behind It mustn’t be coincidental like one or two times So just have lunch, just to make sure No, lunch and dinner are different. – Lunch may be for business It looks like each one having their own office lunch There isn’t much time to talk, 1-2 hours later and people will have to get back to their office And it’s usually hot during lunch, being too close may irritate us So there will be no risk of sleeping together Nobody would get close during lunch. It’s be very irritating So having lunch together is a much more innocent and harmless form So would you accept that your partner may have lunch together with another girl? It depends on what I found after investigating what they talk about during lunch Wow, there is an investigation? – I, I… As if they would tell the truth In some way, I’d always know what their concerns are So for you it’s certain that in a relationship, sharing interests both mentally and physically is a violation To be honest, after having experienced being cheated myself, I felt more open-minded I wouldn’t be too against it… – Oh, so you must thank the one who “cheated” you Because I was hurt badly, but I also came to understand more, became more experienced so I accepted that But I still feel that isn’t something we should do People always find to resist such desire. Men are born like that. If we happen to know that our partners fail to resist the desire then we can still forgive them It’s like our nature of being insecure then it’s man’s nature… I don’t know which comes after which? Women are insecure so men are lascivious or vice versa? Women can also be lascivious and cheat We’re talking about people, if the want to cheat then they do so Isn’t it about men or women? It also depends on physiolog Body structure, genetics? There are lascivious women but they are not common There are also women who never feel insecure. They just let them be But they are not the majority, either Most of them don’t need to have many different sexual relationships They are satisfied with the one and the only Men are easily distracted and manipulated There’s no need for love, it’s just a matter of chance There’s no need for consideration But we would want something fancy like candles, music, background resort, roses… So perhaps women always feel that they can meet a typical guy like everyone else, then he would cheat and we would be hurt It’s all about the mentality of women Feel like Dustin knows how to use the word “understanding” Understanding is the first step to help our partners resist – I understand you Men would often look at women’s breasts We don’t call that thought-cheating but we just need to know that Men aren’t born with that, so they want it and they look at people who have it And even looking at it isn’t because they really want but perhaps they’re afraid of it getting bursted? So we understand to be forgiving and relaxed in a relationship So you’re looking for someone with a certain level of maturity and consciousness There’ll be times you fall for some romantic guy who knows how to satisfy you I guess you really want that But it also comes with pain and insecure feeling You said you’re busy so you want to feel secure in a relationship Such fixed thing in an ever-changing world Customers? Agencies? Clients? Guests? Celebrities? Among all that madness you want someone normal – Exactly Wow, I’m so talented I graduated the “guru” course Very valuable, right? Any other questions? There should be harmony in sex But would it only exist at some moment? Or must it always exist in a relationship? If the relationship is lasting nand marriage is coming then the harmony in sex is just something that belongs to youth or when it comes to marriage it’d play a minor role Brace yourself, girl Everything in the universe changes, even sexual desire Regretfully, if only it were as romantic as the first night There are always some thoughts in the first night, or the first phase, like This may be just an one-night-stand, what we have here is just tonight If you already visit Da Lat 2 times, you’d be familiar with all the mountains in the third time There’ll be less “wow”, “ah”, “oh” and less surprises There’ll be less exclamations So how would we handle that? Mission, obligation Perhaps it’ll be such Honestly, I had a relationship that both of us were caught in the flow of the society Then we all felt exhausted and didn’t have such desire anymore Or things repeated day by day like a loop So I felt very… bored How long did your relationship last? – 3 years There were so many new things to know in the first year I had too many things to do together But when the second year came Well, I had to focus on my career I had to build relationships around me, meet those people, and… There were many times that I were too exhausted after work, I just wanted to rest, not thinking of anything Have one of you guys ever thought of improving sexual relationship by other ways that you could find on Google? That’s something not many Vietnamese would think of Actually, even Google is just for reference Because each relationship has their own distinct features For example, you always renew yourself, you never think of yourself as boring But perhaps both of you love work so much Then it’d be boring. Or there are times like you’d repeat it again and again When you work with a client as an event organizer is it true that if there is a trend, for example, all events must have a certain number of celebrities or this, or that You’d be forced to always innovate, my concept and format must be new and creative That’s one of the top priorities that I have to do So why don’ you make it the top priority in your relationship? Our lovers are our most important clients who don’t pay So why? I always ask myself that. Despite being your guru I’m not someone completely matured to know everything I still learn a lot and there are times I ask myself that why do we never treat our lovers as our best clients we ever have? Or in my position why do I not treat my lover as a VIP audience sitting in VIP seat being the most loyal audience I ever have? I am an artist, you’re an artist Your audience is your lover, you only have one to perform with But you don’t think so, like today I sleep together so that I enjoy or today I’m tired so I don’t want to Sometimes the artist has to stand and perform even if there’s only one person in the audience So why don’t we use that mentality? Maybe we have something else in mind, but we still try our best because that’s our instinct Because that’s our pride of being a woman, we must be the queen in the bedroom Sex is about giving and taking but you just think about taking Like if today I dont want, I wont give but what if they want? then youll have to do something that some other girls do very well Its sex labor Of course, they cant always satisfy us There are times that you need to satisfy them Have you ever… faked orgasm? Oh, faking orgasm. Yeah #FakeOrgasm And You can’t say no There are times we feel that we need and we have to do it Sometimes we’re so tired we just want to stop But we still have to adapt or make something happen Because if we don’t do so then both parties will be let down If that drags on for a long time, it will endanger our relationship That’s why I mention Google You can Google about some activities… some support…

– Some cave (pun) haha No, support instruments like… Let me see… There are times that one party feels tired but the other doesn’t so we can use some support instruments Our body is full of surprises – True It can come from different forms and different way nwithout the need of the other party’s strength It also doesn’t need us to fake orgasm too often, for example So it means that there are may ways to overcome sexual slough in a relationship But we have to maintain it and maintaining it is a routine, a serious job People usually laugh at it and call it sex worker’s job but no, they’re professional, they make a living of it and they know how to handle themselves in the best way And we ourselves have knowledge, success, financial independence but we’re very bad in such thing We should be ashamed of ourselves If we’re tired today, we only have one position Starfish position Exactly, exactly And then our boyfriends complain We say “You must be the only one that understand me, seeing me in the most tiring time so don’t demand anything from me” We’re not playing it fair Are you a girl who’s willing to come home together then sleep together? No, I’m not that kind of girl Even if my emotions are surging… Because I think I only love having sex with my lover And I’m very careful, although I’m very open-minded in a relationship But when sleeping together I don’t feel too open about that It’s like ‘yeah, you can’t just meet me once and know every inch of me from inside to ourside’ I’m that kind of person, I’m not too relaxed You’ll need some time to get closer Because it feels like if the first time happens, there would be no problem even if things don’t go well But you yourself would feel a bit embarrassing It’s like that guy doesn’t understand you much but why he should see too many things about you and you don’t feel happy about it The searching step in “Love Is Blind” is Do you look for love or for blind? I look for experience It means that I don’t look for a particular outcome But I’ll find something in the process when joining today show It means yeah, in that process I’ll find something I like It’s not that I come here to look for a partner or a particular outcome She’s looking for blind – True, I’m about to say so, it’s blind So if you want to experience, you’ll be a little blind. Let me have a blindfold on you and guide you Thank you, thank Dustin! – Good luck to you! Hey guys, my names Mark Braun Im 23 years old Where are you from? – Canada Ive been living in Vietnam for 2 years now which is crazy to think of that Ive not been on a blind date before so Im really excited for this experience and Im a little bit nervous to be honest but lets see how it goes Like a little but about my character, Id say Im a motivated and driven person and right now specifically Im focusing a lot on work and my career and try to develop that So when it comes to relationships I dont have a lot of time to be honest and that seems to be kind of a bit of a difficulty You know as wanting attention and time is understandable and deserved in a relationship but right now A good, healthy, balanced Lets see if thats possible to find I dont know And a date, first of all easy to talk to the conversation can flow easily The experience that they’ve been through, their mindset how they perceive things they’ve travelled they’ve worked in different industries been exposed to multiple things reckon in life I think that’s what makes them, you know true, true character and a real person A good sense of humor is definitely important to me as well able to, you know, joke back and forth Sometimes, some of my comments cuz I’m quite sarcastic as well some comments might come across as mean a little bit mean, rude, or degrading even at times But honestly it’s just my humor so I hope I can find someone that’s you know, give and take Right, and not always take things so seriously What I don’t like in a girl You know, there’s fine line between confidence and arrogance So I like confident Confident is definitely very attractive Arrogance is where I don’t It’s a really big turn off for me And I don’t wanna be in a conversation with anyone at that point I’ve never been in a serious, commmitted relationship in that sense, though Is it good? Hello, Xin chao – Hi My name’s Stephanie and what’s your name? My name’s Mark I just wonder where do you come from? I’m from Canada Could you public relations on social media? Which ones specifically? Maybe we don’t need to like post a social status maybe a photo of it or some hint on social media So anyone of our friends can know it But what kind of like photo, video or anything Which one do you prefer? If we were like revealing a relationship status Somehow it’s really important but not too important Like I still need an evidence like I’m currently having a relationship with my boyfriend so maybe other girls won’t touch my boyfriend That’s obvious And you think that social media is the best place to do that? Becasuse these days I think everyone gonna be very curious And one of the best way and the fattest way to know it is via the social media So I think it’s the easiest way to do it Yeah it’s understandable but I think when it comes to social media But because like the more I grow up I don’t polish too much on social media Because it’s like a little bit childish so maybe I still prefer like some kind of Instagram story Or maybe just one photo on the anniversary day That’s maybe enough Everyday? – No, of course not Because I think my social media is still like for my working status Or because I also use social media for my job as well I’m a fashion blogger And I prefer to post my outfits and my event photos on social media And all the photos about me and my boyfriend That’s so weird, you know You know social media is very powerful You can use it for entertainment but a lot of people use it for work purposes I definitely do use it for both entertainment and work purposes So I think it’s something to be conscientious and aware of I’d say that’d be the best way to put it to be aware of it I’m not saying I’d say like “No we can’t do that” or “Yes we have to” I really like the word “discussion” from him Like in a relationship we need something in mutual And maybe discussion is a kind of “respect” Like I really wanna know my partner if he wants to do it or not And I want him to know if I like it or not So it’s very important to have this kind of discussion So maybe it’s like too make ourselves feel a little bit more comfortable after that Now let’s start with the first game Jinx Challenge Umbrella or Raincoat? 1… 2… 3… Umbrella? – You got one point Apartment or Single house? 1… 2… 3… Single house – You got two points Just one more point you win this game Favorite pet? 1… 2… 3… Dog – Argh, you win And now, Steph you pick one Yeah pick the box This one? – And choose one card Gift exchange That means looks for the other’s gift behind your chair Give and change Alright Okay – That’s a surprise Damn It’s a great book Ive read it before Oh really? But youve read it before already – Yeah, Ive read it before better we have the same test – Its… Does appearance matter? I think at some point it’s kind of important but when we get to know each other day by day and through the time I think it’s not that important Like most of my relationship appearance doesn’t come first Because I need someone to talk to and someone to get to know my soul Appearance doesn’t make me feel happy at all I always try to make myself look better but it’s because of myself rather than it’s because of my partner I agree definitely When it comes down to a serious relationships or relationship appearance is definitely not the most important aspect And we all grow old and our appearance go through multiple phases It’s gaining 5 pounds here or losing 10 pounds here or getting old wrinkles one day and bags underneath your eyes Something with the character of an individual or like you said, like a soulmate It speaks much larger volume With that said I do think self-care and outer appearance is still very important I don’t want to completely dismiss it I think especially in a relationship there’s still needs to be that physical attraction That needs to be there… especially, initially I’d say so I think everyone here always want to look the best in our partners’ eyes So it’s a part of motivation but first self-care is really important I think so too Self-care is definitely important that’s one of the things I also preach to be honest But for yourself, like confidence and doing it not just for everyone else around you And self-care is important It’s excercising regularly of course hygiene… or whatever it may be I just don’t want to completely dismiss it that’s all I also think that self-care is like we might or might not have a relationship But self-care is something that we need to be aware of it And to do it day by day Because when you can take care of yourself then you can… be strong enough to take care of the people that you love like our parents first and maybe our lover yeah maybe our friends as well Kind of agree with you For example, Steph, what are you expecting a man behind the curtain to be wearing on such an occasion like this? To be honest prefer him to be himself maybe just at first be clean and neat is enough to me because I still want to know the real him I don’t need him to be over, too much over cause after that I might feel like “Oh my god”, Why did he do it, he just be himself and then It’s easier to get to know each other. So… How long have you been a fashion blogger? – I think I started my fashion blogger in 2014… but I’m only a part-time blogger because I still have so many things to do, so many things to focus on. Actually, at the moment I’m event organizer but the blog for fashion is always there and I’m still planning to make it reborn again and I think i will launch it to the public soon in many months, I think! Now, this is “Fruit catcher” You have 1 minute to score 15 points Each fruit worth 1 point. We gonna start form 3… 2… 1… Yes! Not so hard…No. Hmmm, your right! I’m right, right? – Yupp Yasss! Yeah, that’s perfect! – Alright, I know what to do now Good! We really not bonded I think

should focus on it! Keep going!! Yeah, keep going!. No, your right Right Yes! Yess! Yessss! Yeah, I like it We’re on the roll, we’re on the roll Yup, Yup! Awsome! Perfect Time out, time out How do you get? You Count? Oh my god, I didn’t even count. Let’s see it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,… 14, 15, 16, 17 Yeahhh! Now you got the present please open the box and chose 1 card. Sneak peek So it’s like the image of your eyes? Find it! The first time I see it I think this is the eyes of an old uncle, like the old man, like 48… I’m sorry about it, but like… I don’t know! No, it’s ok, I won’t take it personally I mean… Ouch!, a little bit I’ll get over it eventually it’s just a picture, it’s not the same Someone’s eyes is completely different in the real life it’s just make me more curious Culture clash in an international relationship? I’m definitely into it I think like immediately make a person more interesting, for me at least. I’m immediately and automatically attract, actually not attract I just say entreat and interested in an individual if they are form a different part of the world where I’m form To me it’s automatically something that I can learn something form and experiencing something different For me, it’s not a big deal at all because I really like to travel around the world get to know different kind of culture different kind of cuisine as well. So I realize to know more about the people to know more about the human kind. And it’s really interesting to know and to learn and to adapt to a new culture. Because it evokes my curiosity its not a big deal at all I think its a must, because But obviously we need to take time for it like maybe our family won’t like it or maybe because we want (30:57) first but I think love is (30:59) at all, and we will find a way to know how to adapt it, and how to accept it. Are you religionist? – Yes!. Do you mind telling me specifically? – Actually I’m catholic. I would not consider myself religious I did grew up in a Christian home and Christian upbringing but right now I see more problems come form religion I don’t know, perspective change. But right now that’s kind of where I’m had I don’t have anything that against a specific religion but… I do find it extremely interested I feel like a lot of… How long have you been catholic? Because my family is catholic so I were Catholic since birth already because you think that religion is something very complex at the moment many things happen around the world But I think it’s more about like how we’re conscious but to be honest like religion is more like to make people live better So what kind of religion is not important than how you live with it I feel like it’s pretty simple and it’s more like common sense to be like genially decent and good human being like general things ike don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal etc, et cetera I don’t think religion and the stoking fear upon the individual or multiple individual is a good way to bring that across It’s seem like religion use it more like a controlling menthol And use fear as a controlling menthol If do this, this will happen If you do this, this will happen, right? Okay. Game number 3 Giving different flower names in English in 30 seconds. Ten names. 3…2…1…. Rose, Daisy, Peony… – Tulip, … Apricot… – Dandelion, orchid, poppy… I’m out I think we’re all bad at this game – Bad, bad players Yeah Drink Drink? – Yes That’s alright Should a man prioritize is career or his love life? I will think more about the balance but it depends on the age of you like, in different state of your life, you need to prioritize lots of thing. Like from the 25 to 27 or 28 I think all of my friends will focus more on their career. They need to develop it, to make sure that their life is stable enough to take care of themselves to take care of their families and obviously to take care of their girlfriend. And may be, to the next state of their life. When your career is, like, much more stable The you can be focus more on your family and focus more on your love But to be honest like we need to balance each state. When you focus on career but you don’t forget to feed your relationship with love, caring… One of the words that I really like that is Stephanie used is balance Definitely one thing that I’ve lear and I think it’s really important. Exactly what you said, right? Here is the thing.. There is a point and state when you should prioritize focus more on career so that you can yourself, your partner And especially, your children if we talked about family. It’s really important to be financially stable and being able to provide a good life for the kids. I think it’s very irresponsible to not do that What do you about sex on the first date? – It’s better not to do it on the first date. I think can actually make it better and more enjoyable if you wait a little bit longer. I’m very open and honest about that. Okay, maybe I’ll go with it just because I’m single and I’m not in a committed relationship. And if I’m physically attracted to it. Why not? But when it comes to more seriously committed relationship. Like I wouldn’t… If I did that, I wouldn’t want to have the serious relationship with that individual So normally, I like the man who’re dominant. But if I like him too much I will give him a signal I will initiate doing it What is an example of the signal? I’ll take a couple drink when were getting closer in physical and we start to whisper to our ears Maybe, I dont know… May be the physical touch I dont know…and skin-ship Yeah, maybe…then I dont know whats coming up next But yeah, that may be a kind of signal Actually, I wanna kinda go back to the sex topic and also the religion topic Because you said that youre a Catholic How do you think about premarital sex? People living together before marriage Thats one thing that I have been encountered living in Vietnam actually May be we can try in a short time of our life, like, may be just a short time. Because its really important to know how well we can get a long with each other. If we dont know anything and then we step into our lifes marriage status There are a lot of more things that we didnt know And then we will more struggle about it. Its okay to me but I dont like to live together before marriage. To marriage, I think its quite long I want to live, like may be half of a year. Thats alright. To me, I still need time for myself after that. Yeah, definitely, space is extremely important, its just, uh… one thing that Ive been encountering To be honest, living in Vietnam… Especially when it comes to the religion and family that I really want to and I do respect. But theres something that I find a bit personal difficult to it because its normal to get to a next state of relationship And become more serious. Like you need to spend more time with an individual I work a lot, right? But so I like how else can spend time More time with an individual if youre not living together, right? Thats when you get to know like the real person, right? I like the good and like you said I think thats really very important before marriage. Just a good discussion. Now I am going to dim out the light and then you have 10 seconds To decide silently by drinking a shot if you want to see other drink a shot. If you dont, just wait until 10 seconds then go out. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4… And stand up, please. Alright. Hello – Hi Mark. Nice to meet you. I think I heard a thought of my friends that it really comes to the right thing A common voice? I surprised with the English because my Vietnamese is not very good so I’m happy. It is out of my expectation because he is kind of blonde I thought he is in black hair. Black? – Yeah black hair. I dont know I don’t know I just get it. And he maybe a little bit I dont know Maybe he looks a little bit older but now he looks really young So a good thing or bad thing? Everyone love to look young far from that a good thing. I just surprised with your height, for sure like youre much taller than I expect What make you think that his hair will be black by judging the voice? Actually, when I was in makeup room I heard that you don’t want to change… your cloths, You want to wear somethings you like so I think youre little bit conservative So maybe black hair looks conservative to me rather than blonde. So do you prefer blonde or black? – Actually, I dont prefer anything Yeah, I just go with the flow. I wasnt being too difficult in the backroom, by the way I just want like casual so that youre too fancy. So this is Tequila Traditional Who want this? This is Adict. cosmetic for both of you choose. Of course, I choose this one I drink too much already I drink too much already so… And this is helmet to protect the head from USAID PATH HEALTHY MARKET Hope you enjoy the date. Thank you Dustin Thank you very much. ♫ Love is blind baby ♫ Bye guys ♫ Love is blind baby ♫ ♫ Trên trần gian mấy ai cho tình yêu mà muốn phí hoài ♫ ♫ Hãy học cho đi trước khi nhận lại hết tin yêu như ý thơ ♫ Okay, done with another couple those two love birds are talking Seems like the first impression was surprising Miss Huyen!! No problem What do you think of this couple? This couple was more unexpected than I thought at first, I was afraid whether these guys could catch up with each other Because I see that Trang is a bit more open-minded and Mark is a bit more shy This is Nguyen, Nguyen but not Trang Alright, I don’t know where the name Trang comes from – Trang is the one doing the make-up – Oh my god Those guys are still talking cheerfully, I think they will have the second date Yeah, maybe, because the first time might not really be a serious date But everything can start with friendship, right? Just hang out to have some fun – Yes That’s also how people can move towards a real relationship I cant wait to see theyre with each other on Facebook. Yes, yes, yes! Bye bye Don’t forget to subscribe to Dustin On The Go To join Love is Blind, fill out the casting form in the post below and send a minute self introduction video to our email [email protected] Dont forget to subscribe Dusin On The Go channel for watching more episodes See ya!

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