Naruto VS Sasuke | The Honest Truth

who is stronger naruto or sasuke
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hello everyone it is your house set the programmer and today were talking about something a little bit more basic however I have seen some people throughout the community especially like on my friends videos like say like Clyde the weeaboo talk about say Sasuke slaps Naruto or they have certain misconceptions about how the final battle in Shippuden kind of went down and this will be a short and brief video to kind of just solve it for the community know its one of those videos that will be on YouTube that will always be there to answer the question so I feel like it is important to kind of talk about kind of like the planetary Naruto video which I do suggest and as always if you have never seen my channel or youve been watching for a while maybe you come back to my channel please consider subscribing I always do novel content and I have a lot of big projects planned for the future throughout the story of Naruto hes seen the rivalry of Naruto and Sasuke developed into some godly proportions nobody was really anticipating at first however this rivalry has numerous stages of both naruto and sasuke surpassing each other from time to time this rivalry seems to reach its peak during the end of the war as they both reached the conclusion of their seemingly fatalistic final clash as Indra and oestrus reincarnation in which it was somewhat apparent that Naruto was blatantly superior in terms of power and in fact it was almost like Naruto was a hard counter to Sasuke and his abilities Naruto hit harder had danger perception to avoid attacks was immune to Amaterasu could tank Chad or ease to the face was immune to genjutsu had a seemingly limitless pool of stamina and could even create thousands of clones that rivaled himself in strength it was so bad that even though Sasuke was trying to literally murder Naruto with all his might Naruto just played offense and tried to befriend Sasuke was still holding him off and even stalemate in him Sasuke had to resort to absorbing all the chakra of the tailed beast even stealing Narutos own chakra just to tie with him and even got worried and desperate to absorb more Bisou chakra when it was them 1v1 again it could then even still be implied that northa wasnt trying to kill him so how did this happen even

back from the five cog a Summit Naruto sent something different about himself in Sasuke after he became a sage he sensed that Sasuke he sensed that Ames ro needed more than just raw power to stop this for good that overpowering him might not be the end of their philosophical conflict he would just reincarnate in the problem one in end many people get this confused with Naruto saying Sasuke is stronger than him however Naruto and hagoromo clarified later on that this is not what Naruto meant at all throughout his years in Shippuden Naruto gradually began to understand Sasuke more and more in their final battle was more so sasuke and naruto comparing their struggles and how much naruto really understood sasuke for naruto it wasnt really about slamming his power level against sasuke and never was since the cog a summit as payne changed Narutos perspective entirely to the point that Kishimoto himself stated that Naruto would need to go through an entire war to even understand Nagato and let alone Sasuke Sasuke then gets a little insecure about this confrontation and goes on to obtain the eternal mangekyo sharingan by transplanting his brother Itachi XYs into himself and this gives sasuke a very substantial power up to the point that sasuke is relevant against the ten tails in rena Ganju beto whereas before he was more so a match and superior to the Reika game and naruto obtains a powerup by learning to harness the chakra of the nine tails powder he still doesnt have mastery over and what does have to have many more Titanic struggles than Sasuke to be a rival to Obito and truly obtain his nine tails powers however Naruto did more than just obtained the nine tails powers he mastered it and harnessed it to the point that it amplified its abilities beyond its norm having going through so many more intense and grueling fights than Sasuke and having to evolve it so much more it makes sense that Naruto would gradually begin to surpass Sasuke even mastered Sage Mode even further and gained the support and chakras of all the tailed beasts as well in order to actually grew so powerful that it made Sasuke insecure and begin to shake and anger even while a lot of chakras being used to help others including Sasuke himself it this forced Sasuke to resort to using jus to even bite next to Naruto so

from this point Sasuke was already resorting to meeting outside help even fight alongside a nerfed Naruto as somewhat of an equal this isnt even to bring up the fact that this might be purely hacks and speed related only in terms of relativity and that saves Naruto even thought the Kyuubi app could put a dent into Obito with the Rasengan and could even take a fire style attack for modern without even any protection though I would go on to say that EMS Sasuke by comparing to QB chakra mode plus the sage mode would be more relative to that than sage Naruto its just an example Naruto and Sasuke then get doodoo Don by a live Madara and then comes hagoromo to save the day and for all intents and purposes you could say that the six paths amp the god was so astronomical of an increase that the differences between sasuke and naruto spaces would be almost barely mattering percentage-wise to the point where Naruto goes from being able to output enough jewels to destroy numerous continents with Killer Bee Im being able to output planetary levels of energy versus Obito using the data books and some of Bhuttos own feats that scale around 10 to the 32 jewels to contesting beings that are going to destroy entire time-space continuum with stars and numerous less fuel bodies in them even low-balling is saying that the realm bust with the expansion through sticking orbs are only large planet level would still make naruto and sasuke previous levels pretty abysmal although if they are still there also to anybody curious about the plan to level calyx and all of that dont worry about debating it or contesting it on this video if you want to learn more about that like I said I do have a video going into kool detail fall big brain detail on why they are planet level and beyond and that will be in the description Sasuke was then revived by Kabuto and Naruto by six paths Obito and while this may have slightly amped them it wouldnt be much of anything as Kabuto didnt even give Sasuke that much chakra as combat it wasnt even tired or out of his sin jutsu and obito was still wielding his true seeking staff and was able to instantly calmly Sacher out of the Kahui realm when modder appeared this could imply even if Naruto got a bit of

Obito six paths chakra and be a way more massive than Sasuke however theres no evidence he really gave him anything but the nine tails other than moderate stating that it must have been obitos fault that he was able to kick away the truth-seeking war although this doesnt inherently have to be true as we know Naruto got six paths to be able to do that from a hog aroma although it is pretty interesting that madra thinks that Obito could have given Naruto enough power to kick away his true sticking orb so from here we have NART it with the chakra of all the tailed beasts being utilized and six paths and jutsu versus eternal mangekyo sharingan sasuke with a six paths Rena GaN now while it cant be assumed hagoromo gave an equal amount of this chakra to naruto and sasuke there are still disparities between their power-ups the six paths and juicy form in the data book is mainly described as subconscious mastery and universal awareness now not universal as in understanding the whole universe just universal as in can understand most things whereas with the Rena gone its constantly described as being naive incomplete and not being able to use its full abilities at least in the words of Kurama and even Sasuke himself this is why Nara toe despite losing most of his true seeking orbs and using a ton more chakra in combat and kaguya was rivaling a now more masterful and matured rena gan Sasuke Naruto along with six paths also gained the ability to use the chakra of every Bijou rather than just forming a vague bond with them and this is why hes referred to as the jinchuriki of all the Bs you bye Sasuke ant hagoromo as well as being able to fly regenerate recharge all of his chakra whenever Kurama charges it for him and use his true seeking orbs that surpasses be sudamas or Bisou bombs and power and casual attacks whenever he wants hes even shown using these even in normal strikes versus Kagura and hes able to actually counteract her with them speaking of the jinchuriki of all the beasts has one of these abilities the boil release from the five tails which gives Naruto enough power to keep him blatantly over power cockier the same kaki that was obliterating Sasuke Susanoo and even rivaling Naruto plus his true seeking orbs being punched around meaning at almost

Naruto could have absolutely annihilated Sasuke without even using his own Kurama avatar if he was at full power or blood lusted even with Sasukes only real notable hacks he teleports a Chidori into Narutos face but its not even powerful enough to pierce his skin and no clash after Sasuke absorbs a ton of chakra from the Bijou and naktu observes all of the chakra can find in nature you could still make arguments that Naruto could have amplified himself with boil release or that his tailed beasts Ross and shuriken would have been much more powerful if he utilized his original set of nine true signal orbs rather than just three so you could imply that it almost might have used three times the true seeking orbs which would have been a substantial difference in conclusion Naruto should be superior to Sasuke throughout the entire war really the only rivals naruto and naruto is extremely fatigued after having to fight Obito and moderate by himself and then also protect the whole shinobi alliance from the ten tails and as adults you could argue they are equal and power may be using some portal guides however narcs are still hard counters all of Sasukes abilities as I described earlier so even if they are equal as shinobi may be versus other people Naruto still counters all of Sasukes hardest-hitting attacks unlist Sasuke has something up his sleeve and this of course doesnt bring in to the fact that of course Naruto still has that super 6 past nature Ross and Churkin and Sasuke doesnt have that 10 tails ability so unless Sasuke has something crazy hes not doing anything anyways guys I hope you enjoyed the video like I said I just wanted this to be one of those videos you can go to on YouTube if you ever wanted to know this basic question and you dont watch many of my videos to begin with where you can just show it to people that are curious or kind of debating about it so anyways hope you enjoy please subscribe if you havent already and like I said if youre interested please check out you know the planetary Naruto video or narcho vs. all of the Hokage that was doing pretty well right now so other than that till next time you know oh my oh no sobbing a sign on aniseh India emailing a heritage site you know just

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