Must Have Replacement Parts Kit for Elite Controllers

xbox one elite controller parts
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whats up guys welcome back to unbox junkie my name is Matt and today we are looking at the snakebite elite kit I actually hunted this down because a few weeks ago with Miley controller I noticed an issue and it was a big issue it was causing me a lot of heartache when playing a game the original joystick started becoming loose and it can actually turn now now whats happening is that theres two separate pieces here you see this align that inner piece is separate and what happened was I guess theres glue on the inside and it started becoming loose so that causes a problem because whenever Im actually using the controller my thumb wants to just slide so annoying absolutely annoying these are all the parts that come with the elite controller there are extra thumb sticks but they dont

have pairs to replace what youre using so my only option really was to go with this much larger one and I dont Im not a big fan of that so I think this is gonna solve my problem ooh nice so nice heavy-duty pouch now this kit is only 25 bucks its got four stars out of five so its pretty well rated oh yeah look at that oh they look almost pretty much identical in those okay I could tell a little bit of a difference in quality this has like a coating on it theyre actually powder coated metal heres the original so you can you can see the difference oh yeah they got brand new grips see heres the larger one thats the tall version Im not a big fan of that oh yeah Oh huge difference I get a fresh

new grip which is fantastic and its not sliding around ah lovely so you can see the original one the grip on the edge has worn down oh yeah oh Im digging that yeah see this is a winner okay so this is everything in the kit so youve got two different D pads one is your standard D pad in there metal and then youve got the two tall sticks youve got the two short sticks are standard really these are the more standard size and then you have to sort of medium ones but these have the rounded edges and then of course youve got the little paddles that go in the back youve got two short ones and then two tall ones and you can actually configure them in different ways if you really want to I mean you can you can

put the tall one at the top you can put one here it just depends on how you want to use this alright guys that is it Im gonna leave links down in the description below as usual check this out if you have an only controller and if you dont have an only controller in your just said Im gonna leave a link down below for this as well I highly suggest it I use it all the time on my xbox this is the only controller that I use and its also the only controller that I use on my on my PC when I use a controller on my PC for games this is definitely an awesome controller I highly suggest it number one best controller ever but I leave it in your hands but as for now get out of here

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