Minecraft: How To Make A Custom Menu Background Tutorial

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hello everybody and welcome back to another minecraft tutorial in this video Im going to show you how to make a custom menu background like the one you can see on the screen right now this background is from the hermit craft server here is what it looks like in-game and you can see that our background is a seamless panoramic shot of this location on the server so to create this custom menu background you are going to need the Minecraft 1.8 snapshot 14 wo freebie or higher and some very basic understanding of how to rename files and create folders on your computer so we are going to start off by modifying the profile you normally use on the launcher to do that select your profile and click the edit button then make sure that the resolution box here is ticked and change these two to 512 by 512 next you need to make sure that you have the snapshot 14 wo freebie or higher selected if minecraft 1.8 is out at the time of watching this video then just use that and remember to make backups of your worlds before using this snapshot but once you have made those changes click Save and launch the game so once the game has launched youre going to see a box like this this is 512 by 512 which is what we need to take those screenshots for the background and dont be alarmed things are going to be tricky to read here and its going to be difficult to see what youre doing but you can just click on the maximize button so you can make it take up the full screen like this and then when we need to take the screenshots later on were just going to hit this button and resize it back to 512 by 512 but of course dont resize the window because if you do that then youre just going to have to relaunch the game so Ive generated a new world and picked a location for us to create a custom background for our menu the reason I picked this place is because there are some hilly deserts some Plains some hills in the savanna and a village so theres quite a variety of things to see but this next bit that were going to do is optional we need to adjust our

field of view to get the best image possible now I would recommend doing this around 80 however the higher up into the sky you go you might need the field of view to be higher or lower if youre closer to the ground now the reason that we need to adjust this is so the edge of the screenshots that were going to take will line up with one another and if you take the time to do this just your whole background is going to look a lot better so what we need to do is press f3 so we can see our coordinates and Ive already typed up our coordinates here now notice that Ive put the point 5 on the X and the Z thats so we nicely centered in the middle of the block and also we put 0 0 at the end so the first 0 means that were facing south and the second one means that were level with the horizon so look what happens when I press this were dead level with the Rison and were heading or facing directly south so what we want to do when were positioned like this is actually just look at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen you can see there are free wood blocks down there and Im just going to go and point to them now its these three over here and what were going to do is look forward and then look downwards and were going to be seeing if the edges of these blocks line up so lets go back over there have a look at the bottom left-hand corner you can see and the free blocks so now what we need to do is put 90 at the end of this teleport command and were going to look directly downwards if I press f1 so the f3 screen isnt in the way you can see its not going to line up so in the first picture we were looking at these three blocks and in the second one we were looking somewhere over here and what we ideally want is for those to line up together so what were going to do right now is adjust the field of view lets go up to 81 and do the same thing again so were going to look directly forward and you can

see now that that line in the bottom left-hand corner is right on the middle of those blocks right across the middle there so now if we go and look directly downwards and press f1 you can see that the top of our screen is also directly in the middle of those blocks which means that our picture is going to line up perfectly so lets teleport back to that coordinate that means now we have the correct position here and weve also set up our field of view correctly as well so in this instance we are lets have a look 88 blocks off of the ground and were going to have our field of view set to 81 so we are now ready to take these screenshots what Ive done is Ive restored down the window size to 512 by 512 and were going to be using that teleport command again and we need to set these images in a space big order so what were going to do is change the 0 to minus 180 and then were going to be facing north now another thing you might want to do is change the game rule for do daylight cycle to false and thats so that the Sun will stay in the same position when youre taking your screenshots but we are now facing in the right direction one thing to note I am not touching my mouse because we want all of these images to be perfectly aligned so press f1 and then press f2 to take a screenshot and then youre going to press T and then go to the next position so were going to change the minus 180 to minus 90 and then just press f2 then press T to bring up the chat and bring up that one and change it to 0 and now were facing in the direction that we used to do our testing so were going to press f2 and then change that number to 90 and then take our last screenshot like that now what we need to do is change this number back to minus 180 like this and we need to change the second number to minus 90 and then press Enter you see were looking directly up into the sky so just press f2 and then the very last screenshot we need to take is

with that last number being 90 so the one before it still needs to be 180 but change that to 90 were looking directly down now I just press f2 and that is all of our screenshots taken so the next thing to do is to navigate to your screenshot folder on your computer so find your minecraft folder and just go into the screenshots and youll see the ones that we just took a moment ago what we need to do is rename these to panorama underscore and then a number the first one is going to be 0 and were doing the first screenshot that we took and they should be in the order that you took them if youre not youre going to make sure that they are so the first one will be called zero and then we just need to rename the rest of them going from 1 to 5 in the correct order so once those are renamed you want to grab all of these right click on them and cut them so that theyre on your clipboard and then were going to create a new folder this is going to be the name of the resource pack that were going to create so were going to call this custom menu we then need to go inside there and create another new folder and were going to do this a whole bunch of times so this one is going to be called asset and just double check that you have spelt that correctly and then go inside that one and we create yet another one this one is going to be called Minecraft we go inside this folder we create another one this one is going to be called textures and then we just repeat the process the next one will be called GUI then we go into the next folder in here we create one called title and then we go into that one and we create the very last one which is going to be background and then we go inside that folder and we paste those images that we just made so next we are going to navigate all the way back down to this custom menu folder and here it is you need to put a file that will be available for download in the description box thats on my clipboard

moment so Im going to paste this in and this file right here you are going to want to open with notepad so to open this file were just going to drag it into notepad like this and all you need to look at here is this bit custom background thats where we can change the name of this so were just going to give it the same name as our folder which is custom menu so we do that we click file save then we can close notepad and we go back to the screenshots folder so its in this folder we now have our custom menu which is actually a resource pack that weve built so inside there youve got the pack and all of those folders leading up to the screenshots that we took so lets go back to that custom menu folder and into our screenshots one what we want to do is move this to the resource packs folder so were going to go cut and were going to go back a level you can see the resource packs is here if you dont know how to find this folder you can actually go into your game into the resource packs menu and theres a button you can click that will open the folder which will be this one right here and this is where you need to paste that previous one so now when we load up the game you can see our previous one of the hermit craft server in the background what we need to do is to go to options resource packs were going to unequip that long which was called custom background and equip our new one which we called custom menu which is probably a little bit confusing but there you go just click on done and now lets take a look at what this thing looks like so you can see its sped up in the background we have created a perfect and seamless panoramic shot for the menu background so that concludes this tutorial if you have enjoyed it please do leave a like it will always be appreciated and if you are not subscribed then why not consider subscribing for more high quality minecraft tutorials but that is it for me this video so as always thank you very much for watching and Ill catch you next time

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