MATLAB How to fix common indexing errors with for loops

index exceeds matrix dimensions
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I get a lot of variations on this question in MATLAB now if youre just doing a looping index that goes from I equals 1 to 10 then its pretty easy to use that I as an index into a vector where you might want to store results later so if we take this and evaluate

it if command window you can see we get the results that were hoping for however if we change this slightly where our index goes from 0 to 10 there can be some problems because when we say be index 0 that doesnt make sense and so that doesnt work very well in this case one

thing that you can do is simply add 1 to the index and now that works just fine so in some cases you can just modify your looping index by adding one subtracting one doing whatever it takes to turn that into a nice integer that you can use to index into your matrix now heres

a another variation on this where we would be using a loop of I count by 0.5 up to 10 and of course when we run this when we get to see index 1.5 thats going to fail and so what is good to do here is maybe well say III is equal to 0 and

of here III equals III plus 1 youll probably use better variable names than I do here but you get the idea now when we run this oh lets make that index there that runs just fine so this should give you some idea of some common looping index problems in MATLAB and how to solve them

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