Macbeth: Looking at the Thanes (Lennox, Ross and co. AKA ‘Meet the C-List’!)

who is lennox in macbeth
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hello this video is going to give you an insight into some minor Lady Macbeth characters those real c-listers the things now a thing is a Scottish King and theyre mainly big parts you know theyre not massive important to the main narrator the plate my Watson hes still impassioned academic you a new book might tell you if I the only reason Im looking at all its just in case the examiner tosses out some obscure small extract the features of things you know dont my students thinking well it was this div Caithness and why dont mr. teller mention the first full of these things will look at is Lennox so when the captains singing Macbeths praises that one seemed to or Duncans doing something similar in that one scene for this Johnny Lennox hes always there somewhere in the background to denote the Kings followers and he gets a few words at the feast in act 3 and doubtless his suspicions of Macbeth like all the characters present there stem from i-best hysterical behavior on Steve Banquos ghost interestingly although he calls my method tyrant in this throwaway scene at the in the back 3 hes still loyal to him in act 4 in fact early night before he tells Macbeth that Macduff is fled now Lennox his most prominent scene hes probably act

2 scene 3 just after Mike Bettes killed Duncan but before the bodys been discovered and Lennox his dialogue here alluded to the chaos in nature thats been kicked off by Mike Bettes actor Reggie sight dramatic irony means of course that weed in the course of the natural disturbance and Lennox does not now see the scene play to ramp up tension Ive also seen it play 4 laps in fact recently The Globe Theater you had Lennox get a few chuckles off the audience coming across as this right eager beaver lat you know honk it on with himself clearly oblivious to Mike Bettes anxiety now weve set up a way theyre peddling Lee Smalley state roles to have these central characters in the action but they do get their own small throwaway scene to themselves in Act five scene 2 or think is hes talking about for 30 lines or so nice to see that informs the audience that Malcolm Lincoln some and the English soldiers hes conscripted are all primed and prepped and ready to battle Macbeth they also take time to praise Malcolm and vilify or criticize my Beth and in fact with a bit of spadework Ive dug up this plant-based or floral image wake him up Beth – weeds presumably because weeds are unpleasant and they attempted choke off healthy

plant life just like my Beth tried to choke off dont kill these childrens Michael claim to the throne Ross is another c-list part to make is less of a Thane a more of a messenger boy like postman Ross postman Ross postman Ross forever given people news this fella in that Twilight has to be good news unless donker know that Scotland beat Norway a buckle and a few scenes later hes telling my better whose promotion the Thane of Cawdor second half of the play and old poster Ross tends to be delivered only bad news he tells my bad he tells my dog that his familys dead thats an old soldier know that his boy died too he may even tell Lady Macduff that for that her husband fled and hes a lot like Lennox really hes Ross for three main reasons a hes a background figure the record said the Kings fathers be the edges away from Macbeth and towards Malcolms camp when his suspicions are aroused and see he – as a conversation little short sweet morning like – after the regicide that shows the effect of Duncans murder on natural order he tells of an owl killing an apex predator like a falcon and that symbolizes the inversion of the place social hierarchy got those lowered down the food chain the

owl or Macbeth being freakishly unnaturally successful Rosss conversation here brings up one of the creepiest images of the plight the horse is eight each other whats a fantastically bloody gruesome image of anarchy and chaos being let loose on the world if Duncan cannot rain chaos will and sweet jumping johnnycakes it doesnt get much matter does it the feral livestock taking chunks out of each other if Ross and Lennox are c-list these fellows are Zed list they get very few lines of dialogue presumably during the background with Duncan in those scenes in act 1 scene to scene 4 and scene 6 they might also appear at the feast scenic 3 as I say the things get their own scene together Ive seen two on with Lennox they talk about Malcolm coming and they trash talk Matt Beth is this unloved abundant useless King and Angus intends to chill about with Ross not so much Angus gets a lovely line in this scene he says that my best title is King now hangs about like a giants robe upon a dwarfish thief translation Macbeth hes unfit to be a king hes inadequate hes a grotesque parody of a real Manik also in this little same scene at 5 scene 2 or with Lennoxs fara weed in the jury you got this Caithness Johnny Piper

was some medical imagery depicting Malcolms goodness and Macbeths evil Macbeth is East making it a sickly Scotland hes corrupt and infecting Albright narration so paging dr. Malcolm Malcolm is the medicine or the cure hes all like sneaking from the end of the tunnel hope arriving and all of them here hes put theory into practice crystallizing some of those ideas that Ive mentioned this with your own things into an honest-to-goodness example responding to that close reading part a question drinking and heres another winner Ive just accounted more of my theories into effervescent practice responding to a close reading question thats the improvin is gonna rock an examiners world right then cocking off time our last glimpse these boys comes at the tail end of act 5 well I seen the plain fact and theyre back doing their while or the king thing for milk just remember these things are marginal characters I mean sure they might offer up the off insightful comment but all of Italy the little more than human props you know stage dressing just to convey a sense of Dawkins onto our Chilis a gaggle of faithful for us so we can leave our Caithness as our mentees are anguses all the other knuckleheads chocolates and Hanovers to their literary lives I wish you the very best look in that example

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