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whos my competition huh so soda pop by the way who are your favorite twitch couples say in chat Greek Rican food for sitting naughty and most people okay [Laughter] wait give me fake curse probably hold on curse I kinda have a little announcement I just want to be completely transparent with you guys as you know I have a beautiful family and the wife to be kids and I want to be transparent that Ive been unfaithful and Ill probably be taking some time away to focus on stupid fucking mistakes man imma take go for so long okay I gotta go hold on is nothing but dying from here so uh I cant go up no matter what I do I cant go up so itll be rough for a while unless I I if I stream hey I wont make this into a mixed own stream Im kidding Im kidding I guarantee you next stream of if if someone hits 200k on his next stream Ill suck a goddamn dick I will literally suck a dick on fucking my freak hands or some shit it just wont happen and yeah you gotta suck a dick and wait if you dont do it we we wont be watching Mitch thats all I gotta say you either do it or we stop watching I mean a lot of people already did stop Im kidding its banter settle down settle down chill anyway uh first day back ugly yesterday well how do we do lets see if I am the mo if I stream the most of a streamer I tell the award ceremony wherever I will damn your guarantee I wouldnt streamer of the year whos my competition huh soda pop dont make me laugh not a fucking chance in hell Iran shout to you dog hes laughing at you homie he said so done laughter you fucking Meatwad watch my show Saturday honest you you probably helped make Tyler one how do you feel about that pretty fucking good man I dont think Ive never even fucking talked to or met Tyler one but let me tell you if he

can if a goddamn spin-off show of Tyler one show can fucking you know compete and like fucking wreck me and shit ggx fucking taking over if that can happen then hes a fucking legend you dont say like that thats like a thats like a burger Andy fucking beating goddamn reckful and viewership like if I just want to know what the fuck I want to hang out with Tyler wondered whats going on can I go lift weights showing that person hanging there it makes you think god he could have really actually just done the whole thing I dont I dont think I dont think he knew he was gonna get fucked over or I guess you didnt get fucked over I dont think he knew that he was gonna get that much hate I really dont think so yeah well hes a moron for I doing but he gained a lot of subs out of it as well so I think he overall benefit but I mean if I was him and I was getting already 5 million views per video every fucking day I would feel personally Id be like I dont need to do that I dont need to show a fucking dead person on camera yeah thats like if you probably just he just spaced out in his little world dude every day just puts on his gay little Wiggles show every day would you say youre in a position similar to like like you dont do things any extra crew I dont know I dont want to call myself a drama streamer because its not what I am but like okay when you think of Mitch Jones the stream or what you think of what do you personally think of please dont say drama mental problems yall come on dawg what the fuck okay just like as a streamer no drama seriously like your whole chat spamming it but I do I do think of the law a little bit but thats because I shit back as well you stole my power back okay that was a good fucking power back Ill show you right now Amazon

look at this power banks it was this one this one this was the power bank he fucking stole it 30 quid and I remember and you want to know why I knew it was my my power bank because ice preside and use this a leaked leaked I know Ive leaked a hundred times ice preside and use this in Iceland and he dropped it and there was a scratch right across the logo and I Mexican Andy said thats my power bank I bought it off Amazon I said are you sure I guess yeah a hundred percent sure this is my power bank you must have lost yours Im saying you know what I cant look I saw the scratch across here I was like listen man you can have it Im not gonna sit here and argue with you I helped him when he was suicidal I talked to him every night I let him cry and any throw me underneath the bus because he wanted to reconcile with geisha but he basically was like he didnt even like geisha he told me that he hated her and he wanted nothing to do with her that he wanted to be close with me off stream but pretend to be close with geisha on stream and you know like that that caused like some beat between us and then because I wasnt accepting of it he took me up to the rooftop that night that geisha came over for that date and he asked me to be his girlfriend and I told him that I just wanted to be Bros and I think I think when youre a content creator and youre thrown up in front of people you have a lot of people that look up to you and you know Ive said some things that I regret you know what I mean but pressure happens and I cant take it back I can only learn from my mistakes not IRL streams thats not what Im saying the IRL stream bar has been set way too high man theres no way Im going to take a fucking Hitachi and put it

against some fucking cameras badge all right I have like a moral standard that I follow for the sake of my well-being and stuff all right Im not that desperate for money yet who knows though who knows who knows maybe Ill get addicted to something and then were fucked and then Im gonna have to beg you guys for money but were not there yet stupid man costume donated $5 says I want you to fuck my wife who told you guys um I might stream on Sunday I think Greek is having a mental breakdown or something I dont know I know what type of them I look MIT is the worst pk I ever met you know Jordan Im gonna get some in your Twitter no fucking damage this stupid bitch dog shit streamer as well they dont hear terrible streamer howd your stream doing fuckface doctor what is this if this is the new face of twitch then twitch will be bankrupt in a month lets give my man a favor this motherfucker dude banning me from their channels their views dropping I wasnt joking seriously ban him yeah a big Chiefy thank you for the prime Salus thank you for the prime as well dude welcome nice car Ill ban him there we go fucking retards its on the front page of their shit ass subreddit now its literally the worst fucking subreddit ever this is why theres no point in ever talking about anything when it comes to this shit its so bad cars gone theyre like theyre its such a shit subreddit they just go there to this talk shit about everyone it blows my mind how that is still a subreddit that is alive its literally pure shit its not my fault he looks like mr. bean yeah Im doing a desk creaks coming back Im rapping Im fat yo man they used to call me fat but Greek God fuckin brings it to another level man he needs to do stuff like that cuz he cant actually physically leave his computer chair so he just needs to send out he just he needs to

to grow his audience its alright though man some people accept it I dont my hey man it works right he gets 12,000 viewers like I said I respect him and he works 12,000 viewers that is as successful as fuck stream but you know people suck dick and are successful its the same thing literally the same thing so I fully respect it it worked its kind of like how do I put it you know how like when something big happens on Twitch you guys always have to ask every streamers opinion on it because its like whats rational Greek inserts himself into the conversation all the time so like you need to bring him up or he needs to be the center of attention and that allowed him to gain an audience of fucking morons but whatever though because theres a lot of years on completely fine youre just like oh hey whats up man while youre suddenly you know promoting your shit but fuck you I dont stand for that anymore our school I dont give a shit bro youve been watching me for twenty years or over fucking oh no lyric what are you doing wait what is he saying here oh no what you either had this is how you just how you this is how you get big on Twitch cuz getting big on Twitch is really difficult now its extremely difficult because you have to filter in the tinny streamers so essentially as a new broadcaster on Twitch lets say day one you start its a little bit is about the game you play youre not gonna play fucking Starcraft 2 and get 20,000 viewers right so obviously it depends on the game you play but you have to work like five to six hundred five to six hundred viewer range one viewer to five to six hundred viewer is so difficult because you have to battle titties that is so difficult well no ones beats porn I dont even beat porn no other broadcaster can beat porn so like even softcore porn and this obviously isnt all soft female of the broadcast theres amazing female broadcasters

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