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welcome thanks for having me so how would you describe Letterkenny its its its a melting pot of small-town life you know youve got its its its true to where I grew up in listable Ontario the groups you kind of have in the town in high school mainly youve got your Hicks youve got your skids youve got your hockey players so the the three a typo here okay the Hicks are the farmers obviously the skids are the ones that smoke outside the convenience store often listen to goth metal you know like dress goth and then the hockey players are bar there are the jock aspect and where did you fit in I was I was a jock I was a hockey player but I was president of co-president of my student council so I kinda I got along with everybody right okay I was yeah I was in the melting pot for sure did you have ambitions to make television too right at that time no no I I came up playing hockey I played four seasons a year Id played junior and I thought that you know like you you play that much in hockeys just just all you know you dont really think about anything else you know you plan to like go pro or you plan to like try to get a scholarship and you dont really think about whether thats reasonable or not because youre just always playing you dont have time to think about much else its its its school sleep and hockey so I guess up until I was 18 I thought that Id go on in hockey I thought that Id do something maybe get a scholarship in the States and my dad just kind of sat me down one time and said you know youre living away from home youve been living away from home for two years we you know like is this really reasonable you know youre not a big points guy youre youre kind of a corner guy a mocker and it just became apparent that I really didnt have a future in hockey so I had to start thinking seriously about something else and the only other thing that that I was good at I think was acting when I say good its my marks indicated that I was in school you know I had a ton of fun doing it but I didnt realize I had a passion for it at

the time I realized that when I got into the business okay I want to get more into the nitty-gritty of the show but first I kind of want to continue with this so how did you make that first leap into the into the business um well you know in in in a small town its um its not really common knowledge that you that you could that there is a film business you know you dont really realize like that what the avenues are involved you have no idea you know theres small-town theater theres theres theres a lot of big theatres in small town Ontario you know so thats what you know of the arts if you want to be an actor youre going to be in plays you see people in movies you dont really know how they get there you dont really know how youre going to get there but I was at the University of Waterloo I lasted for I think less than half a semester and I started taking classes off off campus and I asked my teacher for advice and he says pack your bags just go go to Toronto or Vancouver youre taking drama classes yeah okay off campus because in theater school at University of Waterloo sometimes you dont do any acting until your third year Wow yeah so I want to get at it right away and thats what I did I quit school and and I mean my parents were pretty terrified at the time its a small town list well 5,000 people and so when I had quit school mom has people coming up to her at the gym saying like oh my goodness I heard about Jarrad Im so sorry like like somebody had died you know like but yeah its uh it was stressful for my parents and and myself at first but things came together for me where did you pack your bags and go to I went to Vancouver I went today yeah because of because of hockey I hadnt really done any traveling and and so I thought it might be fun to go to a place where I didnt know anybody and and you know you know thats the the old romantic idea of going west you know okay you talked about your moms reaction the community reaction what about your hockey buddies what did they think of you going off with dreams of oh they they they certainly

took it out of me quite a bit you know like its uh you were talking about Twitter earlier and trolls hmm the hockey message boards for junior hockey in Ontario are just horrible the things that people go on and say so towards the end of my playing days I was playing junior C and Kincardine Ontario for the Bulldogs there and I was so bored of the game by that point it was so robotic I just did anything I could to entertain myself and that was fighting you know fighting kept kept me entertained and I got to hotdogs and a bit and and someone went on the message boards and you know Im 19 years old at the time Im in you know University of Waterloo and and they were chirping me about being a hot dog and that I do that on the ice because Im overcompensating for my failed acting career you know like I hadnt even gotten started yet Im already Im already hearing about it so yeah you know that aspect of hockey like really prepares you for the critical aspect of the film business you know used to it yeah okay I want to get into this into this show you also play the lead role of Wayne yep tell me about Wayne Wayne is white Wayne is your classic old-school value you know hes hes a silent killer you know you see hes a small-town guy does the exact same job every day on the farm and usually does it alone so he has a lot of time to think and I think that thats where the wit of you know those those nuggets of wisdom that you get from from from small towns and in Ontario or anywhere you know it comes from people who just like have a lot of time to think by themselves you know and I think that Wayne Wayne really prospers from that its that thats where he gets his when its interesting because that is disappearing isnt it yeah time to yourself to think and the show definitely shows the idleness you know hanging around the barn eating chips on the side of the road selling vegetables and you drinking beer why did you want to show the idleness the boredom for lack of a better term well the one I guess the the one thing that I really like is just the peace and quiet its its really nice when

I go home to Listowel just just how quiet it is you know Ive lived in Vancouver in Toronto and Im in Montreal now and Id say the biggest hustle is is in Toronto but you know I go home to Listowel and its its just its quiet at night you know like theres theres theres theres no commotion outside theres no sirens its how do you find time to think when youre in the city you have to be in the city most of the time now yeah well I have noise cancellation headphones and I have those on like I go through triple-a batteries like once a day on those things you know so thats that thats how I write thats my process and then I usually have you know a very Canadian show on the TV on mute something like Canadian Pickers you know just cause its so Canadian I dont know if youve seen that show but its its so cool because everybody is just so nice you know they go they look through somebodys like attic or her basement through their collection theyre looking to buy something cheap and sell it for more but when they leave you know youve got the people saying hey those were really nice guys I hope they come back this was great then you got the Pickers and theyre saying like hes a really nice guy it was a really nice guy hope we see him again it just it makes me feel good and it it really contributes to the creative process of Letterkenny so you draw some inspiration from that and also from straight blocking out the noise yeah tell me about Letterkenny problems well that started as as an anonymous Twitter account that my pal Jordan Behrens been my best pal since since we were three four years old we started about Listowel Ontario and the problems that people might face there but we did an honest anonymously nobody in town knew that it was us and then it got to a point where we had 1,500 followers theres only five thousand people enlist well thats a pretty good percentage of the population paying attention and I said I think that we can shoot this and hed be pretty funny but wed have to blow our cover people in listable you know back home where her parents live you know would know he said no dont worry about a green light I think everybody

having a laugh and and and I agreed and we shot it and it worked out pretty well but for Nathan Dales and I the my co-star in it daily and I had been putting stuff out on YouTube trying to make comedic videos for a couple years at that point and Letterkenny was our third concept and it certainly wasnt the one that that we thought would stick but were sure glad it did Im guessing its resonated a lot with small town folks big time yeah what have you heard back well Id like to I like to think that the biggest Letterkenny fans and in the world are enlist well you know I think that you know its just people like people like to laugh at what they know I think and I think even in the city everybody knows somebody from from Letterkenny you know everybody knows that guy just says theyre kind of weird accent you know like it it definitely exists there do you ever worry about your big city fans laughing at the small town life rather than laughing with a kind of small town life not not particularly I think small town people laugh at City people as much as city people laugh at small town people so theres a theres a bit of a given take their that that Im comfortable with youve talked about small-town life in terms of having time to think think up witticisms and stuff being kind of key to the comedy what else do you think it is about about these places that that gives big laughs theres an innocence theres a charm theres theres theres something you know but dont know at all you know I I remember like I remember when we would drive to the city as kids one of the things that dad would always point out would be the Mennonites working in the field and how hard they worked you know and I think theres just as curiosity theres something that you dont know about it something that you really admire and respect about it and you want to know more about it but Letterkenny you know like as much as its small town Ontario small town Ontario is small town Manitoba small town Saskatchewan even small town Wisconsin small town Idaho so I think everybody knows somebody from there theres something universal there well best of luck to you Jared hey thank you very much for having me gladly

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